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Paul George’s outfit far worse than defense on final play

While Indiana coach Frank Vogel is taking major heat for sitting Roy Hibbert on the final play of last night’s Pacers/Heat game, it was Paul George’s poor defense on LeBron James that allowed the game winning layup.

But enough about basketball. George’s biggest mistake happened when he packed this:

I’d wear George’s getup instead of Dwyane Wade’s capri suit pants any day of the week.

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  • eddysamson

    As bad as it is thats awfully close to Celtic colors and as I was watching last night I thought to myself, I wouldn’t mind seeing this kid in Green. How ironic hahaha

  • Roy Boy

    I don’t know which is worse George’s outfit or Vogel’s last minute decision to sit Hibbert on the bench with 02.0 seconds left?

  • KGino

    I like the headline but the only way his outfit could be worse than that D is if he was wearing a skirt!!

    Everyone and their mama should know Leflop isn’t clutch enough to hit a mid-range jumper to win a game…why the hell would you overplay him and give him a lane to the hoop?!!

    • tvor03

      Lebron’s done it many times before. That 30-footer against Orlando in the 2009 ECF?

      • KGino

        Many times? Name more lebron game winning jumpers. ECF vs. Magic is the only one I could think of.

        • tvor03

          He had one against the Celtics just two months ago.

          • Guest

            for the game? Pretty sure we were tied when he hit it and there was still plenty of time left… i’ll have to look.

            I’m talking more, buzzer beater, walk off jumpers (like the ecf one)…especially when he’s down 1 and winning depends on him making or missing.

          • KGino

            you know, the kind Pierce USED to hit consistently.

          • tvor03

            Here’s one against the Warriors.


            I’ve now given you three examples.

          • KGino

            I commented yesterday after doing research Tvor… for some reason red’s army didn’t put it up. That’s twice it’s happened now and it’s starting to make me look bad!!

            My comment was about how the warriors one was the only other I could find as an example of a buzzer beating lebron jumper. The one against the C’s came in a tie game with about 15 seconds left… I wouldn’t exactly lump that type of shot in with the others.

            I concluded by saying that in his 10 year career he’s only had 2 buzzer beating jumpers to win games. Only one of them came from when he was behind by 1 point (the warriors game). That’s not exactly clutch when you look at other’s body of work. You obviously force Lebron to SHOOT with 2 seconds down one, because he hasn’t proven to be clutch with that shot. He has, however, proven to be somewhat clutch taking it to the rim w/ the game on the line. So why force him towards the rim?

          • KGino

            Also, I would not say 2 times is “many” times. Its twice.

          • KGino

            I also deleted some of my comments and they still popped up as “guest”?

            Not sure why some of my comments aren’t posting and the ones I delete are… RA please advise. You’re making me look bad in these discussions!!

          • Graham Brunell

            The “for the game?” argument is ridiculous. Pretty sure draining three-pointers against us in crunch time, on the road is clutch. LBJ is no Kobe or Pierce, but he has significantly improved in the fourth quarter, and just overall. The entire 46-point massacre against us in game six last year was as clutch as they come. I was at that game… whew.

          • KGino

            pretty sure forcing lebron to shoot is better than forcing lebron to the rim, which was my contention to begin with. I’d bet money he wouldn’t have hit that shot.

  • Chulinho

    He looks like he stole one of my grandmother’s rugs and made it into a shirt. That outfit is heinous.

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