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Your Morning Dump…where the NBA is trying real hard to make it up to Cleveland

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Nick Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers have beaten the NBA lottery odds again.

The Cavaliers won the lottery for the second time in three years Tuesday, giving them the No. 1 pick for the June 27 draft.

Gilbert, owner Dan Gilbert’s bowtie-wearing 16-year-old son, was on stage for another victory. After he won it in 2011, the Cavs used the pick to take eventual Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving.

ESPN: Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Lottery, Magic get 2nd pick

Let me start by saying, I am not one of those crazy moonbats that think the NBA is all pre-scripted and David Stern is out to get the Boston Celtics like some fans (and scary enough, some writers on Celtics blogs). The idea of fixing games all for the purpose of generating more income is just a foolish concept and probably illegal on so many levels. On that note however, I have ALWAYS been very suspicious of the NBA Lottery process. The lottery just never seems to be legitimate and always seems to have some story behind the team getting the top prizes of the draft, whether it was Seattle/OKC getting a franchise player for their new city to come in a year, the Bulls landing hometown hero Derrick Rose with a 1.8% chance of landing that pick, or last night when the Cavs won the lottery for the second time in three years after Lebron made a mockery of them.

People cried fowl after the Cavs won the lottery the first time, thinking it was all just too perfect of a story that the Cavs would win the lottery the year after Lebron bent them over, but now a second time in three years?  Sounds real hairy to me especially given the teams that really needed the franchise player (Orlando, Charlotte, Phoenix) lost out while the team that has two in Irving and Waiters will now land a third and will match up really well with Miami….oh wait another conspiracy?

The NBA lottery reeks of conspiracy based on one major premise to me…the fact that the lottery itself is conducted in a locked, sealed room off limits to everyone . Nobody knows what goes on in there, and the NBA has known this for years now and have chosen to do nothing about it to eliminate fans suspicions. What is the big secret that we have to hide it? Would it not be better for ratings to have the ping pong balls pop up on live television, and when those first few teams come in, everyone is on the edge of their seat? If the NBA was truly out to make as much money as possible, this would be a ratings dream but considering they still refuse to do it, one has to wonder what the secret is. Is the lottery really just a chance for David Stern to pick and choose who gets the best players that will make for the best storylines or is this just another blowhard article?

The Links:

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  • I have a hard time believing all the other NBA teams, with all those millions of dollars at stake, would willingly participate in a rigged process. Not to mention the folks at Ernst & Young, who supervise the lottery, putting their reputation as one of the world’s largest accounting firms on the line by sitting in on a process that’s not on the up and up.

    • You are absolutely right. But I will have to hear an explanation as to why they keep the ping-pong balls so tightly under-wraps before I can concede that likelihood.

      EDIT: just saw the post from EJMaroun (thanks!); I’ll check that out.

      • eddysamson

        video of the picks has been posted…

    • Mike C

      AIG was a hundred times bigger than Ernst & Young and they didn’t seem to have any problem ‘Cheating’ the financial savings out of millions of hardworking people around the globe. Not sports related, I know; but your delusional if you dont think its possible. Reds Army should contact some of the students at MIT and see if they would be interested in doing an experiment on how ‘EASILY’ the ping pong dispensing machine could be rigged during the lottery. I say it takes them less than a week to figure out. Anyone else interested?

  • Ira Barrows

    I’m sure you weren’t being callous on purpose but doesn’t Nick gilbert look the way he does because of some sort of dread neurological disease? As for arrogant, his father is a BILLIONAIRE! It’s probably hard to not be arrogant.

  • the teams have millions at stake yes, but the league as a whole has billions at stake and making for a better league and landing players where they will be used / needed the most is far more intriguing than say…derrick rose landing in Phoenix when Nash was there

  • Your entire last paragraph is rendered useless by the fact that the NBA released video of the ping pong ball selection last night:

    • Guest

      It can still be rigged. This video means nothing

    • KGino

      It can still be rigged…machines can be told which balls to spit out when

      • Ummmm…what? Have you seen the machine that is used? How would you possibly rig that? And don’t say you can use weighted balls because if that was the case, the same 4 balls would be selected over and over again, and the process would never end.

        • KGino

          How could you possibly rig that? Idk, how can we send robots to other planets? I’m sure our technology has come far enough to rig a machine to spit out ping pong balls.

          How about if they WERE weighted, but Cleveland had the heaviest ball, followed by magic with the 2nd heaviest? I’m just saying, just cuz you see a video of something doesn’t make it real… Your mind should at least be open to the possibility of it being rigged.

          • You’re seriously just trolling me at this point, right? Like, there’s no way you’re serious with that comment.

            You understand that there are not 14 balls in the machine with each team’s logo printed on one of them, correct? Therefore there is no way for Cleveland to have the heaviest ball, Orlando to have the 2nd heaviest ball, etc.

            For your assertion of rigging to be true, you would need to A) rig a machine that does not lend itself to being rigged in any way that makes sense B) do it in front of 14 people (one representative from every team) year after year C) make sure that none of those people are aware of it in any way D) prevent any leak of rigging whatsoever to the public over the course of many, many years and E) have Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four accounting firms in the entire world, place their reputation on the line as auditors by signing off on it year after year.

            But yeah, the thinking that the team with the 3rd best odds to win the lottery actually won it legitimately sounds much more implausible than that. Good call.

          • KGino

            I’m not trolling you man. I’m being subjective because you’re taking it as FACT that it CAN’T be rigged when there is no possible way for you to know for fact. And my words were “similar balls could have different weights.”

            I’m just saying, it IS POSSIBLE that it is rigged, YES. Do I know that it is? NO. Do you know that it isn’t? NO. End of conversation.

          • Um. No. You edited your comment afterwards. Your original post stated: “How about if they WERE weighted, but Cleveland had the heaviest ball, followed by magic with the 2nd heaviest? I’m just saying, just cuz you see a video of something doesn’t make it real… Your mind should at least be open to the possibility of it being rigged.”

            This is idiotic and I’m done arguing. Continue living in a conspiracy world where multi-billion dollar businesses like Ernst & Young have nothing to gain and stake their reputations on something as dumb as ping pong balls being sucked up by a vacuum to determine which college players go to play for which professional basketball team.

          • KGino

            You live in the pretty little box they built for you. I feel sorry.

            Again, I am not saying it is rigged. I’m saying it is possible that it is rigged. Anyone who is intelligent would agree with that statement.

          • KGino

            They didn’t post this comment, don’t know why.

            A.) Did you build that machine yourself?
            B-D.) The fact that you think it’s impossible to “pull the wool” over a small group of people’s eyes is laughable.
            E.) lol, yea cuz we’ve never heard of a big business scandal before…smh.

            The fact that you keep coming back to the Ernst & Young thing tells me all I need to know about your naivety.

          • LarryBirdsJ

            EJ man, they were doing this sh*t back in the 80s, you honestly think they can’t rig the lottery? I bet you think Tim Donaghy acted alone too. At least admit it’s possible or your as bad as everyone your trying to sh*t on here.


          • I have no idea why I’m even engaging in this because of entire assertion that the lottery is rigged is ridiculous but….

            Yeah, the thing in the 80’s worked because they only needed to draw ONE combination. I agree weighting the balls actually works in this case. But do you have any idea how the NBA lottery works? Seriously, watch how the balls are selected:

            Just for S&G’s, let’s entertain the thought that they weighted down 10 of the 14 balls so that the 4 unweighted ones were one of Cleveland’s combinations (this is the same way 8 of the 10 balls in the PA lottery were weighted). Fine, Cleveland gets the #1 pick when those 4 balls are selected. Here’s where your conspiracy theory falls apart. They then use THE SAME BALLS to determine picks 2 and 3. Yet, even though they’re using the same balls, those unweighted ones are not selected as a combination again.

            The equivalent to this for the PA Lottery case is that if you had to three separate combinations of 3 numbers each. The first number would have to be a combination of 4s and 6s, and then the next 6 numbers drawn would have to be literally any other combination that could comprise of any of the 10 balls in the hopper.

            Aside from the logistics of rigging it, why rig it for Cleveland? Cleveland was one half of the worst rated NBA Finals ( and is the 18th rated TV market in America behind other cities with teams in the lottery such as Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington DC, Detroit, Phoenix, and Minneapolis ( Is it to compensate Cleveland for losing LeBron? They already got Kyrie Irving and two other top 4 picks in the past two years. If it was rigged, why not do it for Orlando who lost Dwight Howard so you guys can keep the “Cleveland lost LeBron and got Kyrie, New Orleans lost Chris Paul and got Anthony Davis, Orlando lost Dwight Howard and got Nerlens Noel” conspiracy going?

            And lastly, no matter what the outcome of the lottery would be, one of you people would claim conspiracy. If Cleveland wins, it’s to make up for LeBron. If Orlando won, it’s to make up for for Dwight. If Charlotte won, it’s a thank you to Michael Jordan for making the NBA so much money. If Sacramento won, it’s a reward for the new owners buying the franchise. If Washington won, I’m sure someone would tie it to Obama somehow. You can go through a scenario like this for every single team if you want and make your conspiracy claim, and every one will sound just as stupid as the next. And in fact, Tom Ziller ( and Dan Feldman ( wrote similar articles based on this exact premise.

            And my last question…can someone answer me as to what result would prevent you from screaming “CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!”? I look forward to hearing someone say “Orlando winning because they had the worst record” as an answer to that question just so that I can laugh at you for making the case that the team with a 75% chance to NOT get the first pick not actually getting the first pick is the basis of your argument.

  • Stephanie McGovern

    I always loved the nba but over the years you realize how the refs have way to big of an effect on the game and any person watching can see that David stern or the refs always have a plan on who they want to win its no coincidence that when the celtics were good te Lakers were gonna be the team they would face in the finals they may not do it all the time but it does happens. Then u watch how refs let certain teams play physical let some players travel it’s starting to piss me off. So of course they want the caves to get the number oe pick cause Kylie is an up an coming superstar and now they no lebron has a huge decision at free agency. There thinking now about the publicity if lebron went back.

    • frank

      I always thought it was an odd coincidence when the celtics are making trips to the finals the lakers arent far off. we would have faced them in 2003 if it werent for the nets.

      • Buddy_Hinton


  • I agree with everything in this article but the #1 reason that I won’t read anything better than this today: “moonbats.”

    That’s a keeper.

  • CelticsKid34

    Its a foolish concept to think games are rigged or any sort of conspiracy occurs in the NBA… buuuuut i think the lottery is rigged… make some sense next time. The whole lebron never getting fouled thing, thats a conspiracy. The Kings not getting to the finals in 01, that was a conspiracy. Lebron traveling 30,000 times in last years playoffs alone and not getting called once. Conspiracy. You might think its far fetched but thats because your brain is one dimensional. You dont believe in corruption that has taken complete control of the world.

  • frank

    Eh, somethings fishy. I dont want to be that guy I just dont see how the team with the best odds has not won the #1 pick since 2004. Sure things like Cleveland in 2010 and this yr, and new orleans last year after losing cp3, make it suspicious. But how do these teams with less than 20% chance time and time again win it?

    • The best odds of getting a #1 pick are 25%.. that means there’s a 75% chance someone else gets it.

    • The system worked perfectly fine prior to 1985.

      The worst team in the EC would flip a coin with the worst team in the WC…then, teams made selections based on their W/L records.

  • Most people strongly believe the 1980`s was the NBA`s “Golden Decade”…when Boston & LA were the two most dominant teams.

    But, Nick would have you believe the 1997 & 2007 drafts were “rigged” to prevent a down and out {yet marque and iconic} franchise like Boston from getting Duncan/Oden/Durrant.

    Right, Nick…it makes perfect business sense for Stern to keep Boston buried in obscurity!

  • Dear Mr. President, There are too many states nowadays. Please eliminate three. P.S. I am not a crackpot.

  • Jason

    I agree that the NBA draft has always been a bit sketchy but this year for the first time the NBA posted a behind the scenes video to show how the ping pong balls fell. I would claim that the NBA is getting better at this. Here is that video:

  • Google kings vs. lakers game 6

    • Mike C

      EXACTLY!! I find it funny that all the posts here that claim NBA games, or the lottery cant be fixed have mysteriously decided to skip past your post with no rebuttal. “Get Real!” Presidential elections have been rigged; anybody rememer Diebold voting machines in 2000? Wall street, AIG, & the SEC all cheated every american citizen out of billions of “OUR” dollars, when the housing bubble broke in 2008. Do you really think it would be that hard to rig a few key matchups each season or ‘Fix’ the lottery. Trust me, if someone figured out the math behind credit default swaps, they can positvely figure out how to rig ping pong balls!!

  • pierce Hart

    They should scrap the lottery and give the first pick to the team with the best sob story and work their way down to the team they have least sympathy for. In all seriousness just scrap the lottery and do it NFL style. The draft concept could die out soon with the ever changing basketball landscape.

  • Daniel Mahoney

    The lottery is definetly rigged and has been for a long time. Lets not forget the Patrick Ewing bent envelope. Or just last year when New Orleans wins the Anthony David sweepstakes just a few months being purchased from the nba by an owner who promised to keep the team in NO. That’s not just a little convenient. That was most certainly part of the deal.