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Your Morning Dump… Where Terrence Williams gives his side of the story

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Williams, 25, had driven into the parking lot with his son for what was described as a visitation exchange, and was approached by the boy’s mother and her boyfriend. That’s where the story diverges.

According to a probable cause document provided to the Herald, the woman told police she wanted to ask Williams about “disparaging” comments he had made about her other children, but he refused to get out of the vehicle. She started banging on the hood of the vehicle, insisting that they talk.

The woman told police that Williams then pulled out a handgun and pointed it out the driver’s side window at her. She said their son stepped in front of Williams and she backed away as Williams drove off, waving the gun.

Williams, arrested later that night beyond the Kent city limits, admitted to police that he did indeed pull out the gun, but said he didn’t point it at anyone.

He told police that he felt threatened when the woman started kicking the front of his car after approaching with her boyfriend, adding that he sensed a third person approaching from the vehicle’s passenger side. He said he pulled out a handgun and, holding it to his side, briefly stepped out of the vehicle, then eventually got back in the car and drove out of the complex.

According to police spokeswoman Det. Melanie Frazier, police had yet to recover the gun.

Williams’ attorney, Aaron Kiviat, had requested that his client be released on personal recognizance because of his ties to the community, including three children in the area that he supports. He also has a home in nearby Maple Valley.

His mother and several friends attended the hearing. Prosecution had initially requested $50,000 bail.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge declined comment yesterday. The Celtics, as always in these situations, are also investigating what took place. Ainge did say that he hadn’t talked to Williams since being informed of the arrest.

Boston HeraldTerrence Williams up on charges

As John pointed out yesterday, this has turned into a classic case of he-said-she-said.  Initially, we heard one side of the story and Mark Murphy of the Herald sheds a little light on T-Will’s side of it.  Murphy also notes that the story does diverge at a key point but there was still a gun involved near his 10-year old son.  This is a horrible situation to be involved in for all parties, especially the child.  Terrence did begin to show a more mature side during his brief stint here in Boston and given his past he needed to be extra careful.

Danny Ainge is smart not to comment right now until he has all of the facts surrounding this case.  With that being said, this could turn out to be one of Ainge’s easier decisions of the summer.  Given the organization’s history with how they’ve responded to their players getting in trouble publicly with guns, things on the professional side don’t look so good with Williams.  We’ll keep you posted with any new information as it gets released.

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  • Stephanie McGovern

    They ain’t gonna get rid of him you can tell that his x did this on purpose and had her boyfriend there to start beef. Charges will be dropped and shell file a civil suit and get some money from him. This was her plan the whole time but they’ll keep him. Didnt tony Allen get in a bar fight and someone got shot and they kept him I remember he had to go to court.

    • eddysamson

      I hope you’re right. We gotta keep him at least for the fact that he is a super cheap serviceable PG backup. Additionally he still has that lottery pick potential…I know its been awhile but he’s still got his athleticism.

  • Baby Mama Drama…Day 2

    TW : He spoke to police {presumably w/o his attorney present}…admitting he pulled out a gun {he essentially confessed to brandishing a firearm}…a plea bargained conviction is an absolute certainty.

    Ainge : He will follow the “GM handbook” by…issuing no comment…pretending to be gathering the facts…appearing open-minded…before unceremoniously turning TW into an ex-Celtic.

    Good News : Despite a strong effort by Terrence {.429%}…Sean {.333%} will remain the “Worst FT Shooting Williams” in Celtic History!

  • vitamin d

    I’m feeling twill wasn’t there to start trouble, but I can’t really explain why. I guess I just have a soft spot for all Celtics

  • ShawnCVD

    Um…time to get big picture here beyond sports. I wish people would stop having kids until they’re ready. It may be impossible to determine when ready means, too young is an accceptable barometer.

    TWill even though having significantly more resources than others who have had children too soon would be in a far better situation had he waited.

    Starting a family (or not) should be a bigger topic in today’s society. I’m glad to see anti teen pregnancy spots on TV and signage on the MTA in NY.

    I hope TWills kid is okay. I hope society starts understanding that children deserve to be born into healthier situations.

  • ShawnCVD

    IF she was banging on TWills car like that in front of her son she’s a disgusting parent. It’s all alleged right now so in time TWill may deserve some vitriol.

    Again this ten year old doesn’t deserve this nonsense.

  • ireally cant imagine him starting this mess, at the heat of the knicks and celtics game, he was the one breaking felton and jordan crawford up. he does seem like the guy to remain composed unless something is really threatening him

  • This guys good hope we don’t lose him.

  • He got a girl pregnant when he was 14 lol!