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Your Morning Dump… Where Terrence Williams might have f’d everything up

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

At about 1:55 p.m., officers were dispatched to meet the victim who resides in the downtown Kent area.

The victim reported that the father of her 10-year-old son in common, identified as NBA basketball player Terrence D. Williams, arrived to her home for a scheduled visitation exchange of their son. She said during the exchange in the parking lot area an argument ensued. The victim reported that during the argument Williams brandished a firearm and made threats.

Williams left the area prior to police arrival, but was later located and taken into custody.

Kent (Washington) Reporter (via SI)

We have to be sure this is what it sounds like.  Right now it’s “She said… Williams brandished a firearm.”  It’s one half of the very famous “he said, she said” debate… and we don’t know what he said yet.

That said, if true, then Williams may very well be gone.  The Celtics aren’t going to take too kindly to someone making headlines like this.  And if he actually ends up facing weapons charges, then I can’t imagine them keeping him around.

Basketball-wise, this sucks.  I was looking forward to a summer of Williams learning the ropes as a point guard, getting familiar with the system, and fighting to earn a spot as an actual back up point guard…. something we really haven’t seen much of in the Rondo era.   Now we’re looking at the possibility of the C’s cutting Williams over a stupid move, and losing that.

Of course, there’s no guarantee they cut him if this is proven to be true.  They might find another way to discipline him.  I’m not sure what they’d actually do.  And since brandishing a firearm is a lot different from using one, the Celtics might not feel cutting him is necessary.

We’ll have to wait and see what the outcome of this is.  If the story becomes Williams pulled a gun and threatened to shoot someone over whatever argument was going on, then he’s gone.  If the story becomes Williams got into an argument and his kid’s mom called in a fake report to get back at him for something, then this goes away as far as we, or the Celtics are concerned.

I just wish pro athletes were smarter about their guns.  I know these guys say they need to feel protected because they’re now targets… but you’ve got to be smarter about it.  This isn’t a music video or a movie.

Let’s see how this turns out.

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  • Are there any examples of any pro athletes using their guns to defend themselves? In what way is there any evidence that they’re “targets now?”

    • I dunno… I’ve just heard that from players before as justification.

      • Since when do comments have to be approved by moderators?

        • It’s a function of our new system. We’re still working out some kinks

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Vernon Forrest was killed in a gun battle that started as an
      attempted robbery at an Atlanta gas station. He was a very successful
      pro boxer with a good, long career; you’d know him if you followed
      boxing a bit.

      Antoine Walker was unarmed when he was robbed TWICE. One
      was in a SUV outside a restaurant in the early morning, but the other
      was a home invasion robbery where he was tied up. Eddy Curry and his wife were also tied up in a home invasion robbery.

      Antoine and Eddy were targeted because of their fame as Chicago athletes. Vernon Forrest was just a guy with a nice car and an expensive watch getting gas at the wrong gas station at the wrong time.

      Keep in mind, you don’t hear about everything that goes wrong in the news, but anything you hear in the news is going to be when something went wrong. ‘Guy carries a gun; people leave him alone’ just isn’t a news story.

      • Thanks for the perspective

      • Danno

        That’s because “Guy Carries a Gun” is usually looking for trouble in the first place. The only people who carry guns are the ones with over-active imaginations thinking they’re going to get into trouble where they need a gun, or thugs who want to intimidate people – like Terrence Williams here. Most of the world gets by just fine not needing to cower behind a weapon.

        • eddysamson

          You’re an ignorant idiot, sorry to say. My good friend carries a gun and you’d have NO IDEA. He always has a huge smile on his face, always laughing, super nice, works as a manager in a special needs computer lab at a university (only place he doesnt bring his gun), and you know what? He’s used it, only by SHOWING IT, twice to get himself out of dangerous situations and both times it worked like a charm.

          This man isn’t a thug, and certainly doesn’t have an over-active imagination. No, he’s a certified gun instructor who flexes his right to conceal and carry.

          • Danno

            That’s a nice personal anecdote. It doesn’t represent the vast majority of gung-ho fake tough guy gun owners, though.

          • eddysamson

            Maybe in your mind.

          • Danno

            You really shouldn’t be assuming you know what I’m basing my views on. You also really shouldn’t be preaching pro-gun politics in the comments on a story where a rich pro basketball player used a gun to intimidate a woman. There’s no excuse for what he did, and coming here to remind everyone “But there’s good gun owners out there, really!!” isn’t exactly going to make it look better. We all know there are some responsible gun owners out there.

          • eddysamson

            It doesn’t matter what your views are when you say ignorant blanket statements like:

            “That’s because “Guy Carries a Gun” is usually looking for trouble in the first place. The only people who carry guns are the ones with over-active imaginations thinking they’re going to get into trouble where they need a gun, or thugs who want to intimidate people”

            you’ve already said something that is false. Not only is it wrong, but it paints the wrong image for the larger percentage of people who carry guns on their person. Your statement is a reaction to Terrence Williams. That doesn’t mean his situation makes you correct.

          • frickenWaaaltah

            You judged the man guilty before you had any reason to so you have an obvious irrational bias.

            Now apparently we know that his son is testifying against him as well as the kid’s mom. While that’s still not the same thing as knowing ‘for sure’ that he’s guilty, it will probably be ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ aka good enough for the law.

            But it’s not like you waited for that information to come here to start expressing your own ridiculously irrational and biased anti-gun views.

          • frickenWaaaltah

            So what, are you going to claim that the vast majority of gun owners are running around breaking the law, pointing guns at people for no legally justifiable reason, and nobody is reporting them?

          • Danno

            No, but I am going to laugh at the idea that these guys consider themselves “targets” any more than anyone else. There are literally tens of thousands of rich people in the US who make just as much money as Terrence Williams, if not more, from all kinds of backgrounds and industries, who don’t use their public persona or personal wealth as an excuse to carry a gun. and 99% of them go through their whole lives without ever having a single time where a gun would ever be needed or necessary to protect them. When you decide to become a gun owner, you’re making yourself a target. You’re inviting trouble into your life, by assuming people are out to get you. and for some of these clowns, that power goes to their head, and they pull stunts like this. He’s an idiot and good riddance to him when the Celtics get rid of him, and shame on them if they don’t.

  • Just when you thought that the Celtics being Williams` 5th NBA team since December of 2010 was bad enough….

    Williams is 25, the kid is 10 = Williams was a 15 year old “baby-daddy”.

    So long, T-Will…we hardly knew ya!

  • I’ve never walked a mile in T Wills shoes, so I’m not going to assume anything or insult him. We really don’t know anything about him or his past (btw, being on 5 different teams is not really that unusual- the NBA is a league where people zoom from team to team and I really don’t think being a young father should be something that we use against him. He’s been nothing but humble and polite on the Celtics, and that’s the context in which we know him). I also don’t know if this is necessarily the end of his time in green- this is all depending on the severity of the charges of course, but if every time a guy got brought up on something like this they were out of luck, the NBA would be significantly smaller…

  • KGino

    Lets not blow this out of proportion, this dude was just playing in CHINA. He’s a dime a dozen bench player who hardly played for Doc. No big loss if he does have to go

    • Danno

      Not to mention, he’s a virtual NBA nobody. He wasn’t a target any more than anyone else.

  • ay

    Kinda feel bad for the kid, 10 years old, your dad gets to play in the NBA, but this is what life deals you, bunk.
    I feel like PP was a subject of assault a long time ago, but I can’t find that he has needed to brandish a weapon since then

  • eddysamson


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