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Thunder GM has no plans to amnesty Perk

Old friend Kendrick Perkins made headlines last week for his underwhelming performance in the playoffs. Perk’s playoff impotence revived speculation that OKC would consider the amnesty provision on their center. Thunder GM Sam Presti says such speculation is inaccurate:

“We just haven’t considered using the provision,” Presti said. “I wouldn’t necessarily directly attribute that to any player on our team. Every team looks at the amnesty provision different based on their different circumstances. But it’s not something that we’ve really explored.”

When pressed, Presti went on to praise Perkins.

“We think Perk has a lot of value to our team,” Presti said. “He’s a member of a team that won 60 games and helped us to our third division title in three years. I don’t know that we can discount that. I’m sure he’d like to have had a better postseason. But I’m sure that’s pretty universal for the whole group. And we accept that.”

The Oklahoman’s Darnell Mayberry lays out numerous reasons why it doesn’t make sense for OKC to amnesty Perk. For starters, the Thunder are not a big market team flush with so much cash they can pay a player $18 million to leave town. Plus, Perk’s toughness and defensive ability are still valued in OKC.

But let’s be honest… an NBA GM worth his salt will never talk publicly about amnestying a player unless it’s the last resort. If Presti decides Perkins has to go, he’ll try desperately to trade him first.

Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee for Kendrick Perkins works in the Real GM trade machine. But that’s too steep for my tastes.

Maybe Ainge can get Presti to bite on a Lee, Fab Melo and Jordan Crawford for Perk deal. 

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  • MrCuret

    I wouldn’t trade for Perkins, I’d rather they’d trade those same players that you mentioned for Gortat, both have a similar salary but obviously Gortat is much better than Perkins.

    • Would take more to get Gortat – IMOP

      • MrCuret

        Not really, Phoenix is on rebuilding mode & Gortat is a FA next summer, I’m sure Phoenix would rather get pieces for him instead of losing him for nothing in FA. Also, Ryan McDonough (former C’s assist GM) is now the Suns GM & he helped drafting Melo, so must’ve seen something in him.

    • ShawnCVD

      + ten thousand.

  • The 1st deal is too steep? Great idea by making it worse! Dumbass! U shouldnt be allowed to have an opinion. Reading ur thoughts makes the rest of us dumber!

    • If you are capable of dropping the middle school insults and offering up actual reasoning why you wouldn’t make that deal… I might actually engage in a debate.

  • OKC`s season ended the moment Westbrook went down…no team was gonna overcome a loss of that magnitude.

    Blaming Perk for that is like blaming him for KG`s injury in 2009.

  • Double P

    The real question is why on Earth would we trade for perk? Is he supposed to be a chip to build around going forward? Perk is not a good player, a bad rebounder for his position and lacks any offensive skills. Way overpaid

  • dk

    just a thought–but any chance the team would be interested and seeing what Darko is up to this year? Still think it was a big mistake to not play him more than like 2-3 games and then to let him go back to Serbia. I understand it was to care for his ailing mom, but still think he could have helped the team and if he were actually playing, it might not have been so easy for him to just leave and go home. I bet they could get him real cheap like they did last year. Thoughts?

    • eddysamson

      I wouldn’t hate it, I was kind of sad to see him go. Problem is, Doc doesn’t seem to care to play his bigs, hes too addicted to small ball. Would having Darko really change anything? Having Shavlik didn’t change a thing in the playoffs and he was playing very well!

    • zippittyay

      “The Boston Celtics’ decision to free Darko actually had little to do with Darko Milicic’s mother, the former No. 2 draft pick recently told the Serbian news agency Novosti.

      Boston waived Milicic in mid-November, announcing that the center requested a release to return to Serbia and be with his sick mother. In reality, Milicic said, the move had more to do with his growing dislike of sitting the bench.”

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  • forever_green

    I respect that OKC is backing Perk…the only problem I see is that they’re counting Division titles.

  • lex luger

    OKC should look to move Westbrook for cp3. I’m sure clippers would so sign and trade because they would get back a great pg in return. Also they should amnesty Perkins and get a scoring big man like Al Jefferson. Get rid of Martin and get someone with more playoff experience to come off the bench. I think salaries could also work out with these moves.

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  • “Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee for Kendrick Perkins works in the Real GM trade machine. But that’s too steep for my tastes.”

    They have extra draft choices or maybe Perry Jones