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Report: Williams pulled a gun, son intervened

Terrence Williams is in a bit of trouble for allegedly “brandishing a weapon” during a confrontation with the mother of his 10 year-old son.  KIRO reporter Amy Clancy was at Williams’ arraignment today (that is her photo, tweeted earlier), and she has more details, including:

That image is frightening.  However, there is one thing working in Williams’ favor: 

Not having the weapon that was allegedly brandished is a big hole in the prosecution’s case.

Again, we live in a world where people are innocent until proven guilty.  We’ll update you with facts of the case.  I’m sure nothing will stop any of you from speculating or jumping to conclusions in the comments, but I’m asking you guys to be respectful when discussing this.  Let’s please refrain from gross generalizations and leaps of logic.


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