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Your Morning Dump… Where there is ‘major speculation’ that the Celtics will trade up or down in the draft

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics have the 16th pick in the June draft, their highest since they banked on getting a top-two pick in 2007 but settled for fifth and then dealt the pick for Ray Allen. There is major speculation that the club will trade up or down unless a prospect they desire lands in their laps.

ESPN draft gurus Chad Ford and Fran Fraschilla chimed in on the Celtics’ possibilities in this bizarre draft, which could be a gem or a dud.

“Their scouting staff has traditionally done a very good job in this range,” said Fraschilla, the former coach at New Mexico, St. John’s, and Manhattan. “I think they could go either way — they could go development or a European kid, a big kid that’s hanging around and they could stash overseas. Or I think there’s enough of those guys that we talked about, the senior or the guy that can be a rotation player, that are going to be staring at them at 16, that I tend to think they are going to do what they’ve always done and find the best fit for them.

“They draft basketball players, guys you can stick in Doc Rivers’s system, and they pick things up relatively quickly.”

Ford pointed out a couple of prospects who may fall to Boston, including Georgia sophomore Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, the SEC player of the year, who averaged 18 points and seven rebounds last season. Ford also noted San Diego State swingman Jamaal Franklin, who averaged 17 points and 9.5 rebounds as a junior. Franklin improved throughout his college career, a trait Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge likes.

“I know Danny Ainge’s spiel and he takes players based on how he projects their potential in the future, not necessarily what they’ve just done in college,” Ford said. “Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley are just great examples of that. Ainge loved them in high school, saw them in college, and felt like in both players’ cases, the systems that they were in did not accentuate the strengths that he saw in them as players. And in both cases, he got a player that was much better than where they drafted them because Ainge has a great ability to see what a player can and can’t do and be able to divorce that from what they did do in college.”

Asked about the potential of the 16th pick, Ainge said, “I don’t think this draft is particularly strong and I think there are some players with potential who are projects and there’s some players who have a chance to blossom into players down the road. There’s not very many that are going to come in and help a team right out of the gate.”

The Celtics are open to moving the pick, something they have done several times in the Ainge era.

“We could trade up, trade down, there are a lot of different scenarios that haven’t even been discussed yet,” he said. “Right now we’re just preparing and evaluating all the players in the draft.

Boston GlobeDraft prospect Shabazz Muhammed out to prove he carries no baggage into the NBA

We should all be a bit careful with our own speculation when it comes to supposed ‘major speculation’ when it comes to discussing possible trade scenarios.  Ainge has does have a history of trading picks and players all over the place during the draft so this shouldn’t come as a major surprise.  In 2006 he traded Randy Foye to Portland with Raef LaFrentz and Dan Dickau to get Sebastian Telfair and the immortal expiring contract of Theo Ratliff.  In the same draft, he worked a deal with Phoenix for them to draft Rajon Rondo and trade him to them for a first round pick in 2007 that they acquired earlier from a trade that sent Jiri Welsch to the Cavs.  Later in that draft, he also swung a deal in the second round with Denver to acquire Leon Powe.

In 2007 we all know what happened after losing one of the top two picks in the lottery.  Ainge drafted Jeff Green with the 5th pick and used that, along with Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak to Seattle for Ray Allen and Glen Davis.  Things were relatively quiet from 2008-2010 in terms of trading during the draft, but in 2011 there was the highly debated JaJuan Johnson for MarShon Brooks I’ll-pick-for-you-you-pick-for-me trade.  You could even go as far back as his first draft with the Celtics, when he worked a similar deal with Memphis, having them select Kendrick Perkins and Marcus Banks (they selected local product Troy Bell from BC along with Duke’s Dahntay Jones for Memphis).

So this shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise, but it is intriguing considering this offseason has quite the cloudy outlook.   According to Ainge himself, he started to complete the puzzle by saying Doc would return as head coach next year.  This is vital more so in terms of free agency as well as convincing KG and possibly Pierce to return.  Doc also likely knows quite a bit about the draft prospects since they’re all close to the age of his son Austin, as he’s probably seen a lot of them play quite a bit.  I wouldn’t get too excited though mainly because of Ainge’s quote above.  At any rate we know Ainge is always out there making waves and making things interesting.  His overall track record is very good and sometimes you hit a home run, sometimes you strike out.  Ainge is at least not the type of guy to stand there looking with the bat on his shoulder.  It’s a good thing that his track record as GM is a lot better than his career batting average of .220! (although I’m sure many of you will disagree with that)

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  • Eddie Allen Powe

    In other news I dressed for a funeral yesterday because the Knicks went fishing

    • Roy

      God don’t like ugly and the Knicks aren’t cute. It all strated when Smith elbowed Terry and the Knicks dressed in black disrespecting the Celtics. I told people that Knicks weren’t going far, because their style of play isn’t winning. Jumpshooting teams lead by Melo and Smith don’t win championships. The joke hear in NY where I live is the Pacers are the Celtics on steroids. The Pacers are bigger, deeper and younger. LOL

      • Eddie Allen Powe

        What do Knicks and their fans know about winning? K-Mart made it a personal vendetta against us for no reason. JR Brick will always be a knucklehead. Those losers had no grace and they mailed it in after the 3-0 lead, Indiana showed poise and buried them.

        • Roy

          Let’s not forget the Knicks didn’t play well in the Boston series. The Knicks played and shot poorly in the first halvs of game 1,2,4,5 and nearly blew a 26pt lead in game 6. The Knicks barely defeated the rondo-less Celts. And I knew for sure the Knicks struggles would carry over into the 2nd RD against the Pacers. Jumpshooting teams don’t win championships. Too often the Knicks relied on the 3pt shot. You live and die by the 3pt and the Knicks died Saturday night. In reality the Knicks were a flawed team that caught a break due to injuries of Rondo, Rose, Granger, Sullinger, Barbosa and Bynum.

          If the Knicks weren’t in the biggest media market no one would care about them and they wouldn’t get as much media coverage. And the Knicks fan base are a bunch of overzealous trolls.

    • KGino

      The Knicks were overrated this year. They got the 2 seed in a very unhealthy eastern conference (rondo, rose, granger). It’s really funny that their fans assumed they would be facing the Heat in the ECF and stand a chance at that.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. No team lead by Carmelo Anthony will EVER win a championship! If he ever gets one, it’ll be late in his career when he’s in a diminished role.

      • kg215

        Lol +10000000000. It’s a joke that ESPN and other popular media calls Melo a superstar, he is not even close. Melo still only passes when he is in trouble or thinks he will get the ball back right away, he is still awful on defense, and he is still not a leader of the team. If Melo was really a superstar he wouldn’t need 30 shots to score 30 points.

  • zippittyay

    Oh great, take away all our fun trying to speculate who they will choose with the 16th pick. Now it could be anyone from the 5th to the 35th? What’s the fun in that?

    • kg215

      But that means you can speculate even more.

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  • pierce Hart

    Imagine the lottery wasn’t fixed and we drafted durant in 07. Him and Rondo together wouldve been unstoppable

    • And we might not have won a title yet. I’ll take KG and a chance for 5 years.

      • pierce Hart

        I think we would’ve still got KG plus I’d take Mr Playoffs and KD for a competitive 10 years than the big 3 era for 5

        • You’re right. We still could have made the trade that landed us KG. KD would look great in Green. I wish DA would have focused getting help for Pierce and KG the last few years like the Spurs did for their older players. KG and PP can still play like Duncan and Ginalbi can. They have a roster filled with young players that can play.

          • kg215

            But the Spurs are probably the best in the league at drafting. We are still top 5 or top 10, which is still pretty good. Danny has had some really good picks and some stinkers, if you look at a lot of teams they have almost all stinkers.

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  • (semi)off-topic alert!!!

    Cs & DA need to keep a close eye on Euro players (not only Americans playing abroad, like Christmas)! This goes for draft and for adding depth… So, although there is high-potential (high BB IQ in particular) from Croatia – Dario Šarić, I would like to draw your attention to two Croatian players that have already been drafted in the NBA:

    Ante Tomić – drafted in 2008 as 44th by Utah Jazz (from Philadelphia) – Cs drafted J.R. Giddens (#30) & Semih Erdan (#60)

    Position: Center, Height/Weight: 7-1 / 225, Birthdate: 17 February 1987 (Croatia)

    2012-13 ALL-EUROLEAGUE 1st TEAM (;;; and

    Bojan Bogdanović – drafted in 2011 as 31st by Brooklyn Nets (initailly Miami Heat, then traded to Minnesota Timberwolves) – Cs drafted MarShon Brooks (#25) & E’Twaun Moore (#55)

    Position: Forward, Height/Weight: 6-8 / 216, Birthdate: 18 April 1989 (Croatia, born in BiH)

    To help you search, here is the web-page of the Euroleague (statistics):

  • thetitleisours mkay

    If TONY MITCHELL is there I would take him in a heartbeat

    He has KG passion that we need for the next generation of Celtics! i am also intrigued by Giannis Adetokoubo and would not mind one of the 7-footers but I will be ecstatic if it is TM.