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Your Morning Dump… No surgery for Kevin Garnett

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics still don’t know whether Kevin Garnett will be playing basketball next season, but if he does, the veteran is obviously hoping offseason rest will solve the left foot and ankle problems that dogged him for a part of this past season.

President of basketball operations Danny Ainge reports that Garnett will not go under the knife to deal with bone spurs and other issues.

“I think there was some question whether he was going to have surgery on his foot,” said Ainge. “but the last I heard, which was a few days ago, is that he won’t need surgery.”

Ainge reiterated yesterday, as the workout portion of the NBA combine concluded, that the Celts are giving Garnett time to weigh his career options. This follows the club’s own need for time to see what type of roster it may be able to put around the big man, who turns 37 tomorrow.

Herald – Rest assured, no surgery for KG

Great news.

As for my take on KG’s future, I’m stumped. Last year I was convinced he would retire. His comments prior to the All-Star break generated more retirement speculation.

The thing about Garnett is… he’s still extremely effective in spurts. Play him 20 minutes a game and he might win 6th man of the year. But is he willing to accept such a role on a team that isn’t guaranteed to compete for a championship?

Despite Danny Ainge’s assertion that Doc Rivers would return to coach the Celtics next season, the Stephen A. Smith blowhole continues to spew nonsense:

“According to my sources, Doc Rivers has intimated to people he’s close to that (leaving the Celtics) was something that he thought about, in terms of moving forward. As far as I’m concerned, he’s still thinking about it,” Smith said. “But he is under contract with Boston. Boston would have to let him out of his contract and give him permission to talk to somebody else, and I’m not sure he’s that willing. It would have to be a great, great opportunity.”

“Danny Ainge’s words, in this matter, mean nothing to me. Absolutely nothing.”

Let me rework that last line:

Stephen A. Smith’s words, in this matter, mean nothing to me. Absolutely nothing.

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  • zippittyay

    For everyone’s sake, He should agree to a trade with the Clippers for Jordan and whatever else we can get. Trade Pierce too and lets start over. If we get some decent players we wont be any worse than we were this last year and will get better.

    • John Smith

      You want Deandre Jordan’s contract on the Celtics? Jordan is worse than Perkins.

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        DeAndre is not worse than Perkins. They’re both just big bodies at this point in their career, but Jordan is younger and has more upside. With his leaping ability, atleast he should be a better rebounder and shot blocker. But not for Pierce or KG, we would need to get a few guys from them and draft picks for KG and Pierce. But they are our best trade partner, send them to a contender and L.A., I think they’d both go for that.

  • No surgery for KG?

    When someone like Danny Ainge throws in a Mt. Everest sized qualifier such as……”the last I heard, which was a few days ago”…….you are no closer to the truth than you were before he opened his mouth.

  • LA Flake

    Yeah. And let’s watch the Clippers make a deep playoff run, or possibly win it all, next year while we are watching and drooling over guys we may or may not draft. I love having no one to root for in May and June.

  • Danny Ainge has not gotten the help we need for KG and PP. look at the Spurs, they never talk about trading Duncan or Ginalbi, they get them help instead. Outside of Jeff Green we haven’t brought in one player that can score the ball. I’m sick of hearing about Avery Bradley’s defense (which was God awful in the playoffs) how about a shooting guard that can actually shoot the ball. How about a big that can rebound or even jump and run for that matter. You put Rondo and Sully on this team with Green a bunch of guys that can shoot and a big guy that can actually rebound then Suddenly KG and PP look like seasoned vets with tons of experience and drive in the playoffs. Take Rondo KG and PP and put them in place of Duncan, Ginalbi and Parker and the Spurs would still be hosting the Western Conference Finals. KG and PP are not the problem the last 3 seasons. Danny Ainge and Doc Rivera are for making them try to carry a team of guys that have no offensive or rebounding skills. Only Jeff Green is starting to look like he’s willing to lend a hand to help. He’s not the answer but maybe a few more young athletic guys that can actually score would help. Pathetic job by Ainge in the last 3 or 4 years. All he did was put PP and KG on trading blocks instead of helping. That’s class less. The spurs would never trade Duncan, they’re smart and surrounded him with decent players. Not super stars but guys in the price range the celtics could have afforded.

  • greenman777

    Terrible news. It means he’s retiring. Clear cut, period. Pierce is gone and this team is on to the next stage. KG isn’t coming off the bench for a “maybe make the playoffs team.” Move on.

  • greenman777

    On another note, can we make a play for dwight howard if we shed peirce and KG? He is a FA isn’t he? I hate him but rondo, sully, green, bradley, and howard is a lethal starting line up.

    • ShawnCVD

      I hate that guy now. I was for him coming here last Summer when we had a veteran core. No KG or Truth and Howard would be rudderless here.

      I like Doc, why would you let that coach killer aboard ?

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