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Your Morning Dump…where the first piece of the puzzle is in place

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

As expected, Doc Rivers will be back as the Boston Celtics head coach next season. A league source confirmed an earlier report by the Boston Globe that Rivers would in fact return to the sidelines for the Celtics next season.

 CSNNE: Doc Rivers returning as Celtics coach in 2013-14

One of the more crucial pieces to the Celtics puzzle fell into place yesterday with Doc Rivers reportedly agreeing to return as the Head Coach of the Celtics in 2013-14 according to league sources. Rivers, who has been in Boston since 2004, has been a major reason why the Celtics have enjoyed so much success in the new Big Three Era. Not only for his coaching, but the fact that he is widely known as a “players coach”, it makes Boston far more attractive for serious minded players in free agency knowing Rivers is at the helm.

While this is great news, it doesn’t shed any light on the futures of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett given that it was never assumed that Rivers fate rested in the hands of their decisions. The choice may sway the mind of Garnett, but Pierce seems to be out of Boston at this point. With young defensive minded players such as Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, and Jared Sullinger on the squad, having Rivers at the helm is the best case scenario for Boston in hopes to have an expedited rebuilding process with a few successful drafts. Personally I am thrilled to have him stay in Boston, not that there was any doubt that he would leave, but the idea of someone else coaching the Celtics at this point seems a bit off does it not?

With Doc Rivers now agreeing to stay in Boston, and some attractive names being tossed around in Free Agency and in trade talks, do you think that this move will help the Celtics land a key player for next season? Does it make them a better team in the longrun and are you happy that he is returning or do you think they should have cut ties?

The Links:

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  • Bleedgren

    Trade price for Danny granger

    • tvor03

      Danny Granger? The overrated 30-year old small forward who played a total of FIVE games this year? You want to trade Pierce for that?

      • Bleedgren

        How else do we lose his contract and get a star player in return

        • tvor03

          If you want a star player, Danny Granger is not your man. Did I mention he’s only played in five games this year? No way should this team pay him $27 million over two years if he can’t stay on the court.

      • Buddy_Hinton

        The fact that he did play only 5 games this past season because of a knee injury is the only reason we would have any chance at getting him. Any GM with a brain cell would trade PP for Granger right now. Granger is 30 years old PP is 36. If he’s never the same because of the knee oh well at least we took a chance.

  • zippittyay

    How do we get Big Al back?

  • Can we all stop pretending that Rivers has any impact on anything?

    It`s the talent on the floor that determines wins & losses…not the guy in street clothes yelling from the sidelines.

    Rivers has won with talented teams {2008}…lost with untalented teams {2007}…and has turned in average performances with average teams {2013}.

    Also, let`s stop the nonsense that Doc has the ability to sweet-talk top FA`s to sign with Boston. It`s well documented that he cannot. Not one has come here, even following the 2008 title {instead they saw Posey leave town}.