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What do we do with… Brandon Bass?

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) May 17, 2013 Brandon Bass, Celtics News 21 Comments on What do we do with… Brandon Bass?

The offseason is here for the Boston Celtics, and in just a couple of months, they will begin the process of putting next year’s team together.  We will take a look at the current Celtics and try to figure out what to do with each of them.  We continue today with Brandon Bass.

You can’t help but look at Brandon Bass and think there things he should be doing out there.

He should be rebounding better.  He should be better on the low post.   He should be more consistent doing the things he does well.

Those comments were made a lot this year, especially when a rookie came in and stole his starting spot.  Bass’s inconsistency made us wonder if we were duped by a contract-year player… that is… until the last couple of months.

Bass suddenly found his game… shooting 56% over his last 27 games.  After a season of averaging single-digits, Bass averaged 14 points a game in April, and he was one of the team’s best performers down the stretch.  In the playoffs, he was considered by many to be perhaps the team’s most valuable player strictly based on his defense on Carmelo Anthony.

Bass has acknowledged his ups and downs, and vows to correct them next season.  But will he be correcting them in Green and White?  The Celtics have a choice to make with Bass.

Trade him

Bass makes $6,450,000 next season and $6,900,000 the following year.  That’s on the high end of the “reasonable” spectrum (you know, they spot where you shrug, and squeak out in a voice an octave higher than normal “yeah, I guess that’s not too bad”).   The problem is that even though he could bring back a player worth $8,162,500 (the maximum 125% + $100,000 for a taxpaying team), Bass alone probably isn’t going to get you one of those guys.  He’d most likely have to be traded in a multiple-player package that would net the Celtics a player a “number 3 guy.”

The question with a package that includes Bass is the same as a package that includes almost any other player:  Is it enough to get back what the Celtics are looking for?  There is no doubt that Bass has value in a trade.  But how much does he really have?

Waive him

Technically possible, but it makes zero sense whatsoever.  Yes, you could use the stretch provision to spread the hit over 5 seasons, but that leaves $2.67 million on the cap just so a productive player can play elsewhere.  Forget it.

Keep him

Let’s just assume that upon his return, Jared Sullinger will win back the starting role next year.  That means Brandon Bass will come off the bench, which could be a very valuable role for him.  The Celtics have lacked a scoring punch off the bench, and pairing Bass with the right combination of players on the second unit could not only leave him more open to shoot his trademark mid-range jumper, it could allow him to face lesser defensive players that are less able to prevent him from driving the lane (and doing things like this).  We know he can start.  We know he can defend.  If he comes back with the right mindset, ready to contribute in a supporting role off the bench, he we could see the Bass of old that earned this contract.

So to recap…

  • The Celtics can explore a trade for him, with the likelihood being he’d be part of a package deal
  • They could waive him (which makes no sense)
  • They could keep him

My Take

The Celtics need to make some changes, so they’d be silly not to look at every possibility out there.  Bass has some trade value, and maybe he’s more valuable to a certain GM than others.  It’s hard to figure that out until you start asking around.  So the Celtics would be smart to gauge Bass’ value to see if they can upgrade anywhere else.

But to be fair, they should be doing that with just about everyone, and Danny Ainge generally does do that anyway.  If he finds the right deal for Bass, then he should pull the trigger.  Bass is by no means untouchable.  But he’s by no means someone the Celtics should jettison at any cost, either.  I’d be perfectly happy to keep Bass, who can be a very valuable contributor.

In short… see what he’s worth, part with him if you can upgrade, but keep him if you can’t get the right value for him.


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  • Bleedgren

    Sign and trade for gortot in the offseason. Then we would only be spending like 1.5 mil on gortot when we get bass off the books

    • naterich

      We’d need to add more pieces than that, but yeah I agree

      • Bleedgren

        Not for a sign and trade

  • wilfreakinred

    trade trade trade! oh yes ive been waiting for this! trade trade trade!

  • wilfreakinred

    for an offensive player, he cant really create his own shot, he cant post up, he cant rebound, he’s bad at defensive rotations, he’s bad at setting screens. and yet he still finds minutes on the court. Only solution so doc doesnt use him is Trade trade trade!

  • LA Flake

    I’ve been bashing Bass for a long time now but I still believe he will be TERRIFIC only if he’s coming off the bench to play no more than 20 mpg. But he seemed unhappy coming off the bench which pissed me off.

    If he’s willing to accept that he’s a one-dimensional player and therefore should come off the bench and fill that role to a T, I’d love to keep him. If not, I’ll fly to Boston and drive his ass out of there.

    • forever_green

      I feel he’s a bench player also…but he thinks he’s more than that…like Big Baby did.

    • he’s contract is too much even for a bench player, he wont even be 6th man in this team! trade trade trade!

  • Guest

    If we’re going to trade Bass it HAS to be for a PF or a C. Lets face it, Sully is still questionable to play a whole year of ball. We’re gunna need some insurance in that case.

  • pierce Hart

    If you can’t win a championship why even try. No matter how good an offseason we have we ain’t a contender I would try and clear bass lee and terry for an expiring contract. 2013 ain’t a good year for us to rebuild

  • Flava Frayz

    I say trade Bass for $50 cents on the dollar and just be done with him. Bass basically took the money and ran which is unforgivable in my book. Did Bass try to redeem himself towards the end of the season? Yes. But at that point, his efforts were too little and too late to make any substantial difference for the Cs. Ainge brought in too many nice guys and the Cs lost their “grit” identity because of it.

  • doritos50

    trade him plzzzzzzzzzz for center

  • Lol I actually really like Bass… But I mean if we can find a good solid big for him then trade him.

  • MrCuret

    I’d say keep Bass, draft Dieng, sign Perkins when he gets amnesty or try trading Terry for a center, sign a backup PG (Maynor, Price, Livingston, etc), & try to trade Lee for Reddick.

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  • joel

    Josh smith sign and trade for bass and lee and a first round n then wait till 14 n have rondo n smith recruit gay n we’ll have our big 3 n tade green for a nice big in 2014-2015

    • ShawnCVD

      Josh Smith + Rondo + Gay does not a big 3 make…

  • ShawnCVD

    There’s really only one outstanding idea of late which is move Bass, Lee Terry to LA for Gasol. Boston aligns everything for both a reload and a salary dump. This isn’t the year to turn everything over . Next year is. Pau/KG/Green/Bradley/Rondo with Sully/Truth/TWilliams/x mid level big/y back up pg gives Boston a punchers chance to get outta the east while retaining the future four AND getting them valuable, WINNING experience. Thanks Papa Irish for bringing this up initially. Dare to dream guys

  • Everyone must have forgotten how well he defended Carmelo.

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