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Source: Paul Pierce’s family preparing to relocate

The Globe’s Gary Washburn has an “update” on Paul Pierce’s situation:

The Celtics have to decide by June 30 whether to buy out Pierce’s contract at $5 million. Ainge said the sides have not had discussions, but an NBA source said Pierce’s family is already beginning to prepare for relocation from Boston, assuming the Celtics will execute the buyout or trade his expiring contract in the offseason.

Pierce struggled mightily during the playoffs, and Ainge was asked whether the longtime Celtic was injured.

“Paul’s always battling little things,” said Ainge. “I think Paul’s healthy, but he played so hard and carried such a heavy load.

“Paul had a terrific year this year, but in the playoffs, New York did a good job of taking away his strengths and taking advantage of some of our weaknesses. But I thought Paul had a terrific year.”

Add this to the growing number of reports/speculation that Paul Pierce will not be wearing a Celtics uniform next season.

I don’t envision moving boxes and tape strewn across the Pierce home. The Pierce’s can’t truly prepare for relocation until the Truth latches on with another team.

I’m not sure which way this will play out. As John stated previously, waiving Pierce saves $10 million, but the Celtics cannot divert that money to another player. The Celtics will only get real cap space if Pierce is waived AND Kevin Garnett retires.

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  • eddysamson

    how likely do you think any of those trade scenarios are?

    • Chulinho

      The only one that would even have a chance of keeping the C’s afloat is the Suns trade. None of those seem plausible.

      • eddysamson

        I was thinking that is the only one I could really see happening.

    • Chief_00

      Yeah have to agree although sending him to a crap team like that doesn’t seem fair

  • I pray that the Cetic Organization doesn’t do a disservice to Paul Pierce and his family after all the loyalty and dedication he has given this team and organization. #TeamCeltic

    • PierceGoIGo

      there’s no loyalty in sports. Paul said he wants to play one more year with the Celtics then he can retire as a Celtics. But Danny doesn’t want him back. This is so disrespectful to a Celtics legend like Paul Pierce. He has done so much for the Celtics Organization for the past 14 years. What ever team Paul Pierce goes to i’ll be a fan of that team. Danny should be fired for this.

  • Step

    I just think this is normal planning for NBA families (not just PP case), especially when it’s at the end of the players contract. You have to prepare for the worse so you’re not left trying to scramble at the last minute. You have to have a plan A and B when being in the league. Especially when they basically have a month for some clarity.

  • He`s an all-time Top 5 Celtic….but, it`s time.

  • There is no reason to buy him out if we cant use the money. No point. Keep him.

    • Chulinho

      I feel the same way.

  • Brick James

    The headline and the info in this article don’t seem to align all that much. Where’s the details on the source saying Pierce’s family is relocating?

    Either way it will be very sad to see Pierce go, if it comes to that.

  • Chief_00

    Keep him and start the rebuild next season after his contract is up.Now I know how Knicks fans felt when they got rid of Ewing (even though he was done), I still think Peirce has some juice left in the tank. Celtics fans should be thanking their lucky stars that we got to see a great player like him.
    And also Pierce had his chance to leave when we were bad….but stayed, maybe Danny should realize that before he tries to trade him to a bad team for peanuts.

  • forever_green

    I’ll always love the dude…no matter what…Paul is a great inspiration to me beyond basketball.

    I’m not ready to see him go.

  • Double P

    Why are people so emotional about this stuff? You think if Paul was a free agent and another team offered him more $ he wouldn’t go? Paul will most likely be gone and that’s ok, it doesn’t wipe away everything he accomplished here and the team is most likely better off parting with him (preferably in a trade)