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Greg Oden comeback update: He looks unbelievable

We last discussed Greg Oden back in February, when he visited with Celtics management in Waltham with a plan to return in 2013-14. A few weeks later, we heard reports that Cleveland, Miami and Boston were in the running.

How does Greg look after 5 microfracture knee surgeries? Former Ohio State forward Deshaun Thomas tells the News Herald:

“Man, he looks unbelievable,” he said at the draft combine. “He’s running. He’s lifting weights. You might be seeing a comeback. He looks like he’s ready to go. He’s running, getting in shape. I’ll tell you one thing. For a big 7-footer that’s all he does, running and getting in shape. He’s looking right.”

Thomas said Oden is working out at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Indianapolis.

Interesting. Very interesting.

I want Oden on the Celtics next season… at the right price.

How much is a 25-year-old 7-footer who hasn’t played in 3 years due to horrible knees worth?

When Brandon Roy and his creaky knees came out of retirement to play with Minnesota, he signed a 2 year, $10 million contract with $5 million guaranteed.

But given the derth of quality big men in the NBA, Oden could get much more and fall out of the Celtics range. The Celtics salary cap situation is very tricky and near impossible to predict until a decision is made on Paul Pierce.

Will GMs offer Oden more than $5 million per? Before you laugh, remember height and potential turn the smartest NBA execs into fools.

Oden’s made nearly $24 million in his short career. Will he chase the dollars or bypass some cash to sign with a team that gives him a chance to win?

I’d be comfortable signing Oden to a 2 year deal in the $10 million range that’s partially guaranteed.

File under: Wait and see.

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  • EricKrasnauskas

    Aren’t we old and rickety enough as it is? Plus Oden has the dead eyes of a serial killer, I have to turn away every time he looks in to the camera.

  • IanDemps

    I hate to say it but you guys are becoming way too much of a homer. Greg Oden hasn’t made it through a single season and you are saying sign him for 2 yrs at $5mill per? That is lunacy.

    Not to mention that you think Pierce will accept coming back at a discount if we waive his contract… Time for you guys to wake up and realize the Celtics just aren’t going to be good for a while….

    • LA Flake

      True. We’re not going to be great next year unless Kevin Durant gets waived and we pick him up. Or something like that. Which is EXACTLY WHY we should go after Greg Oden. 2yr/$10 million sounds good to me. I’d even go 2yr/$12 million. If he stays healthy, we instantly become very good with Rondo, Sully, JG, AB, and hopefully KG and PP. That’s a dangerous team right there. If he’s chronically injured, then oh, well. It’s not like we were going to contend anyway.

  • Chulinho

    I feel like Danny could do better putting $5 million somewhere other than Oden. Big men are premiums in the NBA, but he hasn’t played in three years and the game is harder on guys his size. I don’t want the C’s to be in the situation that Minnesota is in with Brandon Roy.

    • You dont want the team to lose $5 million? Why? Roy signed a 2yr/$10 million deal and only $5million guarenteed. Ill take that instead of 4yrs/$24 million due to bass, lee or the $15 million to terry. 2 years with only 1 guarenteed? Sounds good

      • Chulinho

        I mean I don’t want another year of having a center that’s supposed to be a big piece to the puzzle, but can’t stay healthy. I won’t believe Oden is ‘looking right’ until I see it.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Oden? No thanks. If OKC amnesties Perk, let’s get him back. Rondo will be happy, and still try to add a Josh Smith or Kevin Love.

    • wilfreakinred

      Perk coming off the bench would be okay. But i think right now, shavlik is way better Shavlik got some moves, i just hope c’s get an offensive coach who can utilize every player on the roster unlike doc does,

    • Don Juan

      Financially that’s nearly impossible.

  • Get rid of ainge – promote doc – pay cp3 all we have left – no one wants to be around ainge – no one

    • We dont need CP3 when we have rondo. Ill take rondo and gis contract which will be less than half of CP3 while playing same defense and an increaee in rebounding ability and alight decrease in scoring (what lile 6ppg difference?) And an increase in assists per game. Ill take rondo.

  • Bleedgren

    If he comes for under 5mil then go for him. It’s a low risk high reward situation especially if we get rid or peirce and garnett

  • If this were true….wouldn`t we be hearing this from other people, as opposed to one particular guy who also played at Ohio State?

  • wilfreakinred

    greg oden would be a great addition, but he cant be our main target this offseason, we need to target young talented bigs, who plays above the rim. Right now oden is a gamble, we need to secure our roster with a dependable bigman before we can gamble

  • I still want oden and now that he doesn’t need to use trailblazer Dr’s, his knees may be better. Boston has some of the best Dr’s in the world. Bring him in.

  • pierce Hart

    F*ck it we ain’t gonna win a championship next year with our current team give him the 5 mil a year with one guaranteed. He could have a phenomenal comeback turn into an all star and make us a contender for all you know. They’d need to make a Greg Oden award if this happened.

  • Don Juan

    “Will he chase the dollars or bypass some cash to sign with a team that gives him a chance to win?”

    The Celtics are neither of those so he won’t be coming here, that’s for sure.

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