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Your Morning Dump… Brace yourself for Danny to draft an injured player

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Ainge took Sullinger knowing the forward had chronic back trouble and eventually would need surgery. The Celtics boss probably believes more than ever that Sullinger’s value was worth the risk.

Bradley, who sprained his left ankle during a 2010 pre-draft workout with the Thunder, had surgery before even reaching his rookie season. Though subsequent double shoulder surgery added to Bradley’s reputation as a player whose hard-boiled style produces injuries, Ainge is pleased with the risk he took.

“We also got some great years out of Leon (Powe),” Ainge said yesterday of his 2006 second-round pick, who had two reconstructive knee surgeries by draft night.

Herald – Ainge not afraid to take injury risks

There is so much luck in drafting players, it’s scary. Not only do you have to project talent, but you have to identify a player’s physical, mental and emotional state. Will this guy’s body hold up? See Oden, Greg. Will this guy’s brain hold up? See Green, Gerald. Will this guy ever mature? See Davis, Glen.

Danny’s had more hits than misses on draft night, so  whatever he’s doing is working. I’d rather take a chance on damaged talent, than draft the guy who looks good in a uniform. See Brown, Kedrick and  Giddens, JR. As evidence, here’s my super-positive reaction to the Celtics selection of Jared Sullinger.

We still have about 6 weeks before draft night (June 27) so there’s plenty of time to speculate on potential picks.  If you are a mock-draft junkie, Bleacher Report collected possible Celtics selections from multiple websites.

The rest of the links:

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  • Stephanie McGovern

    I want that kid from Greece Gianni’s adekatumb or whatever his name is but the kid is eighteen six nine athletic can dribble if they were smart they’d get him. Imagine having every player but the point guard being six eight or taller I think that’s the way to go in the future.

    • Bleedgren

      He has the most potential in the draft. Kid is built like durant abd plays like tony parker

  • eddysamson

    So…who exactly are the injury prone players in the draft that you think he might take? Seems like you missed that info in the article?

    • From Murphy’s article:

      “Three lottery-quality players with injury issues will be on the board June 27, though Ainge won’t have a shot at any of them without a trade up from No. 16.”

      It’s kinda hard to speculate on a draft day deal AND the selection.

      • eddysamson

        I was just looking for names. Just seems like important info to this post.

  • LA Flake

    Just based on some Youtube clips I’ve seen, looks like this Dieng kid from Louisville could mesh really well with Sully and Green.

  • pierce Hart

    We are clearly not a piece away from a championship team therefore should draft the best talent available at that spot. This draft class looks like it’ll be pretty deep and you can get a good player at spot 16. Hopefully more than just a role player. I love the whole rebuilding tactics, hate the effect on the performances.

  • zippittyay

    Dennis Schroeder is Rondo 2.0

    • LA Flake

      Well, based on his Youtube clips he looks like a poor man’s Rondo to me. Based on Youtube clips. I could be way off.

      • zippittyay

        I think he is definitely ahead of where Rondo was at that age.