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Did Kendrick Perkins just have the worst playoff performance in NBA history?

Poor Kendrick Perkins. He’s getting blasted for laying a gigantic goose egg in the playoffs. 

Perkins played in all 11 of the Thunder’s playoff games, averaging 19 minutes per game. In those 11 games, Perkins actually finished with a negative player efficiency rating. His -0.7 mark is the worst PER to have ever been posted in the playoffs by a player who saw 200 minutes or more of floor time. That level uselessness is astoundingly hard to achieve. Jason Collins, whose primary skill was his ability to foul people, has the second-worst PER on that list with 1.8. Nobody has ever gone into negative territory before Perk.

And it’s not as if Perkins’s -0.7 is misleading in any way. He was brought to Oklahoma City to be a rebounder, a defensive stopper, and a shot-blocker. He did none of those things. Perkins blocked just five shots, committed 24 turnovers while scoring just 24 points, and finished with two more rebounds (41) than he had personal fouls (39).

The old school crowd unwilling to digest PER can chew on these numbers: 2.2 ppg, 27% FG, 3.7 rpg, 0.5 bpg

Yikes. Unless there’s a hidden injury, there is absolutely no way to spin those numbers.

The kicker in Deadspin’s story:

Perkins’s performance carries even more stink given the fact that Kevin Durant was left to struggle through two series as the team’s only capable scorer. You know who could have helped Durant carry that load? Jeff Green, also known as the guy who was traded away for Perkins before transforming into one of the Boston Celtics’ go-to scorers.

Oh ye fickle blogger.

It’s perfectly acceptable to blast Perk for his subpar performance, but it’s downright absurd to second guess that trade 2+ years later. Sam Presti was universally lauded for acquiring toughness and defense at the expense of scoring, a skillset his team still has an abundance of.

With two years and $17 million on his contract, Perk remains a candidate for amnesty in OKC.

I know a team in desperate need of a center.

(Props to ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh)

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  • LA Flake

    Leave Perk alone!!!
    BTW…anyone watching the NY-IND series? What did I say was crippling the C’s against the Knicks? REBOUNDING! Guess who’s controlling the boards and guess who’s scrambling to combat their rebounding deficiency in this NY-IND series? And guess who’s up 3-1?

    Wake up, Doc! REBOUNDING MATTERS!!! And your obsession with small ball SUCKS!

    (sorry. had to get that out of my system. still fuming about doc’s decision to ignore rebounding)

    • Bleedgren

      If you look at all the other great defensive teams. They have bigs that bang down low for offensive rebounds. That way they hint get so stagnant on offense. What are you thinking doc

      • eddysamson

        thats why I was PISSED with Doc for not playing Shav while their offense was flat lining.

  • Chulinho

    I’d be surprised if OKC doesn’t amnesty Perk, or at least try to trade him (ha!). I’m sure the C’s would welcome him back for the right price.

    An aside: John Hollinger is a tool.

    • LA Flake

      Hollinger is a TOOL. And I’d love to see Perk back in green, too. But I think Shav might be a better fit for us going forward. We could always use an enforcer though…

      • Chulinho

        I wouldn’t mind keeping Shavlicek (lol) over Perk, but I think I’ll wait until training camp and a few preseason games to declare that. I say that because Perk already knows the system and the C’s do miss that nastiness on the inside.

        You know Flake, I just realized that the ’08 starting five could theoretically be reassembled this summer. I don’t want it to happen and it won’t happen, but it’s interesting to think about.

        • Bleedgren

          We could also get posy and powe

          • Chulinho

            Lol. Well, at present, I’m sure you and I could contribute more than those guys.

        • KGino

          You mean the same starting 5 that NEVER lost a playoff series when fully assembled?

          • Chulinho


    • zippittyay

      sell high, buy low

      • Chulinho


  • tvor03

    That knee injury really messed Perkins up. He went from consistently getting a little better each season, to consistently getting a little worse.

    • Chulinho

      He doesn’t fit in OKC’s system either. Perk didn’t score a bunch in Boston, but he did find easier ways to get points and rebounds there than in OKC.

  • yikes.

    love perk and it was still tough to trade him at that time, but Danny looks like a genius. With Green we have budding star and well, Perk is Perk.

    • Chulinho


  • Lee in Oregon

    I still like Perk, he brings rebounding and defense, and gets his weak shot blocked a lot. He gets less minutes in OKC than the 25 he got in Boston. There’s no way in hell I would trade Jeff Green to get him.

  • I still, to this day, believe that the trade hurt both teams.

    • LA Flake

      I agree 1,000%. Jeff is really good now and even at the time he was easily the best player in the trade. But he and Nene added nothing to our team that year and we became incredibly soft. We could’ve won it all that year. We really could have. But as much as I love Danny, he’s been blowing up that championship team since they won it all.

  • id still take him here

  • eddysamson

    I’d rather have Shav. Hell, I’d rather have Fab Melo, hes got the potential for some 10 blocks games for sure.

  • forever_green

    Wow, that’s alot of turnovers…must be part of his plan to come back to Boston.

  • Bleedgren

    I don’t see perk in okc next year.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Contract: 1 year, ~8mil remaining.

    regular season:

    last scored 10 or more points on Feb 22 when he had 10 points
    never had more than 2 10 point games in a month
    had only 7 total games with 10 or more points all season

    last got 10 or more rebounds on March 27 when he got 11
    his first 10+ rebound game was on January 02
    had 9 total 10+ rebound games all season

    Not the best way to judge Perk, but still…youch.

    In Perk’s defense, The Thunder team defense numbers are strong.

  • ShawnCVD

    Remember when the first trade was to be for Harden ? Then Green was sent in his place? Imagine how lopsided THAT deal would have been.

    Ainge was infinitely smarter giving Green $9 million per year then Presti giving Perk $8…

    • paul

      Right. So you don’t mind that Danny blew off a championship and left us with no center for the last three years…

      • scratch

        Im so tired of the overrated Celtics ’11 squad being treated like it was some sort of fait accomplit they were going to win the championship. They lost to that dallas team twice perkins would not have changed that. Marquis daniels was lost for the year, Perk was weak and Shaq was calcifying before our very eyes. dallas would have handled them in 6 games.

        • ShawnCVD

          Thank you. I can see both sides. NOT HAVING DANIELS DUE TO THAT FREAK INJURY KILLED DEPTH BEHIND PP. Just like none of us can determine if Rondo would have gotten injured that year, we cannot say the championship was ours. What we can do is assess talent, and Perk at 8mil/year is terrible. Love the kid and it’s time to call a spade a spade .

          • KGino

            But trading perk killed depth at center for the last 3 years so… How’s that been workin for us

          • ShawnCVD

            Yeah Ainge got a little splashy. The O’Neals really screwed us over that year . IDK if Cs would have gotten a SF waver wire guy.

  • We want a center. But we also just displayed some of the worst offensive execution in recent memory. Add to the fact that if Rondo is feeling tentative in a game, we are already weak offensively, I don’t want it to turn into 5 on 3 basketball. I love Perk – he works hard; he helped bring us a championship; and he’s tough. Having said that, I think he do us more harm than good.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I’m afraid Phil Jackson was right when he said that with KG next to him, Perkins is a kind of player.. without KG around, well…

  • KGino

    I will never forgive Danny for that trade… He basically threw out another decent shot to win a championship mid season. I don’t really care that he looks like he made a good trade NOW, the timing of that trade in the present day was AWFUL

    • ShawnCVD

      That decent shot became a coinflip when Daniels went down. PP had literally no back up. So what would the Cs do when he gets into foul trouble? How about when would you rest him ? How about controlling his minutes during the regular season? Marc Jackson is taking heat for overplaying Curry this post season. The same thing would happen to Boston with PP playing Melo and James that year without depth behind him (if memory serves me correctly). Ainge’s hand was forced a bit and I can understand those against the trade. Just don’t pretend everything was smooth sailing …

      • KGino

        My words were “decent shot”… It wouldn’t have been easy, but doc could have easily adjusted with what he had. Or possibly add a vet mid season to help.

        I would have taken our chances with the starting 5 that never lost a series together.

  • Stephanie McGovern

    Perk couldn’t catch a cold bare ass in Alaska. I thought his hands were better than what he’s been showing he lets offensive boards slip threw his fingers

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