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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny expects Doc back

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Doc Rivers is off on a golf course somewhere, pondering his future with the Celtics and asking for time to think.

But that hasn’t stopped the Celtics coach from taking regular part in the team’s plans for next year, according to president of basketball operations Danny Ainge.

“I talk to Doc all of the time, and we’re talking about our plans for next year,” said Ainge, who left yesterday for Chicago to attend the NBA’s pre-draft combine.

[…] “I only expect Doc to say something to me if he is not coming back,” Ainge said.

Herald:  Danny Ainge plans on Doc

Let’s wildly and irresponsibly read into that, shall we??


Actually, I never expected Doc to leave.  And while there’s a chance he still might, I still see him coming back.  He’s not Phil Jackson, he’s not afraid to coach a team that’s not immediately regarded as a contender.

The schedule for an NBA coach is a grueling one.  You never sleep, you barely get any time off  during the season, everyone’s bitching at you about something… most people probably couldn’t finish a contract.  So the need for Doc to get away, and do it earlier than usual, is understandable.  So while the season was disappointing, the silver lining is that he gets to go home to his wife and kids and be a real family for a few extra weeks.  All that golf he’s playing probably doesn’t hurt either.

I’m pretty sure if you found a member of the Rivers family, they’ll tell you that he’s sneaking in some Celtics homework there somewhere.

Elsewhere, Brandon Bass is giving himself plenty of homework for the summer:

“I think everybody likes to see highlights of themselves,” said Bass, who made it clear that he plans to pay close attention to what he did not do well this past season. “For me, being that I am a worker, that’s what I do. I dedicate my life to the game in the summer. So I have to watch my mistakes and improve on them.”

The year didn’t start out well for Bass.  He was caught up in the same uncertainty that bogged down the whole team to start the year.  I think this upcoming season will be better simply because Bass knows he might be coming off the bench.   Say what you want, but knowing it ahead of time can really help ease the sting when it actually happens.

I do think some of this is in Bass’ head.  He turned it on down the stretch, finally playing up to his potential in April.  He and Garnett were pretty much the only reasons the Celtics didn’t get swept by the Knicks.  So Bass can definitely play a role here.

IF… he’s still a Celtic next season.  There’s no denying the potential for him to get moved this summer.  We’ll explore that more tomorrow in our “What do we do with…?” series (Avery Bradley is up next later this afternoon).  But assuming he is, the Celtics will need him to play up to the potential they saw in him when they gave him his contract.

No matter who does or doesn’t come back, the Celtics will still need contributions from everyone.  There is no room for error in this team.  There won’t be for a while.

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One last note:  Don’t believe any rumors popping up about Paul Pierce.  Nothing has happened with him.  This is the time of year where fake Twitter and Facebook pages will pop up with false reports.  If you see something and we don’t have it up, it’s not true.

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  • Doc will be back.

  • Union2222

    Pretty sure the Lakers were 34-48 before Phil took over as coach of the Lakers for the second time. But most of you didn’t start watching basketball until 2007 so I’m not surprised you didn’t know that.

    • A team with Kobe is always a 2nd fiddle away from a title. Let’s not pretend he went in there to coach a rebuilding team, which he’d never do

    • Jared

      Dude you are so wrong. Most of the people who visit this site daily cheered for Bird and lived through the couple decades of bottom dwelling. My dad took me to games in the early 80s when I was a kid. Like most of the obsessed who read your BS in the comment section we have blead green for many many years…

    • You’re an idiot, dude. I became obsessed with this team when we drafted Antoine walker and were absolute garbage. We had milt palacio, Doug Overton, orien Greene, as starting point guards while I became obsessed. I know that’s true for many other fans. I truly don’t se what the point is in coming on a site like this and posting something like that. Do you feel like that is tough? Cool? Smart? I just don’t get it.

  • Stephanie McGovern

    Why couldn’t doc quit when Tibs was our assistant we’d probably have another title if he was the coach.

    • Bleedgren

      Would you really trust thibs. He played jimmy butler almost the whole game for 4 strait games. If he was our coach pp and kg would’ve retired long ago as their bodies would deteriorate much faster under thibs

      • tvor03

        Who else should he have played? Kirk Hinrich is out, Deng is out, and Rip was on his last leg two seasons ago.

  • kobe

    nice photo two scrub players now leading the Celtics to irrelevancy

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