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Mike Conley wore a wooden bow tie

I like the outfit (for him, not me) but wearing a wooden bow tie is the epitome of trying too hard.

As John said to me this morning, “When did the NBA playoffs turn into an experimental Milan runway?”

On the bright side, at least Conley isn’t wearing capri suit pants.

To think, I used to admire Dwyane Wade, before he became a punk and a fashion icon wannabe.

(Conley pics courtesy More than Stats)

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  • TropicalGreen

    It looks like a dog bone.

  • Semi-related, Memphis vs. Miami? Is that going to happen? I’m adopting the Spurs because I like their organization and the way they play, but I feel like Memphis matches up really well against them. I also don’t feel like Golden State could deal with them either.

    • Chulinho

      What I’d like to see is an NBA Finals featuring Indiana vs. Memphis. I’m 100% sure that match-up would make David Stern’s head explode.

      • Roy Sanchez

        I love it!

      • Yes Yes Yes!

        • Chulinho

          Ya’ know, with Dwyane Wade’s injury this could actually happen. Lol. But I’m not counting out the Heat or Spurs.

          • Don Juan

            Nah they’ll be fine.. The NBA/David Stern give the Heat about a week off between series so they can rest up and get healthy.

  • vitamin d

    Rondo always dresses nice in his own way in the playoffs. True fashion sense in him 🙂

  • forever_green

    I think Wade put Gabrielle’s pants on…seriously though, that’s rediculous.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    They’re all ridiculous. They all look like clowns with no clue about being able to wear that stuff, from Westbrook to Wade, from Rondo to James: just pick a name.
    I have no idea why that happens, but it’s hilarious.
    Oh, and by the way: once I saw Paul Pierce in an embarrassing outfit John Gotti style.. oh my goodness..

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