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Jared Sullinger seeks inspiration from the Lion King

CSNNE’s Jess Camerato caught up with Jared Sullinger who continues to rehab from back surgery:

“I had to wait nine weeks after surgery to begin working out,” Sullinger recounted. “I couldn’t even tell you what I did. I was pretty much on bed rest. I could walk around at times, but I pretty much didn’t do anything.”

Sullinger, who turned 21 in early March, passed time by playing Madden and NBA 2K video games on his XBox and PlayStation 3 as well as the word game Ruzzle on his smartphone.

When he wanted to clear his mind, he watched one of his childhood favorite movies.

“I’ve watched ‘The Lion King’ four times (since surgery),” said Sullinger. “Rafiki the monkey makes me laugh. It was a family movie when I was growing up. I like it because it teaches you you can always overcome. I’m like Simba.”

Fortunately, Sullinger is doing much more than playing video games and watching movies. He continued his mentorship with Kevin Garnett and developed a special bond with fellow injured teammate – Rajon Rondo.

He’s on a heavy does of strength and conditioning right now and is on target for training camp.

Sully better be ready. I have him penciled in as the starting power forward next season.


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  • Chulinho

    You think Sullinger starts next season? I’d love to see that, but the only way that happens is if: 1) he outplays Bass enough to convince Doc; 2) Bass gets traded or injured; or 3) KG decides not to return. When Sully was playing great from the end of December through January, he still didn’t start.

    There’s also the chance the C’s pick up a helpful big, but I’m not holding my breath for that.

    • Graham Brunell

      He’s already outplayed Bass. He was about to assume a permanent starting role before going down. Now, he might have to do that all over again, but he’s shown that he can do it.

      • Bleedgren

        And he had to beat out Bradley to make doc go big like the playoffs

      • Chulinho

        That’s what I was implying. Haha