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Your Morning Dump… Where Chris Wilcox wasn’t himself this season

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“I mean, yeah, I would love to come back,” Wilcox said. “I would love to come back and be a part of this, because I just feel like I didn’t. . . . I wasn’t me, you know what I mean? So I want to come back healthy. I want to come back and be healthy right from the start of training camp and get a preseason in and find my way from the beginning.

“I think me being hurt and just rushing everything kind of put a toll on me and had me sitting when I could have been playing. I mean, I’ve just got to go back to the drawing board, get healthy and get ready.”

Herald:  Chris Wilcox knows future in his hands

I legitimately feel bad for Chris Wilcox.  And I’m sure he doesn’t want any pity for the season he just went through, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling bad for a guy that just couldn’t catch a break this season.  The guy spent his entire career wanting to be part of the playoffs, and, depending on what happens down the line, his entire playoff experience might consist of 6 minutes played over 2 games (which really made finding any recent photos of him a problem).

I know, it’s hard to feel THAT bad for a guy who plays a game for a living and has made almost $40 million over his career.  He’s still good enough to play in the NBA, and for that he’ll make at least another $1.4 million next season (or about $17,000 per game, before taxes) .  So I’m not going shed tears for him.  But wipe all that away and you have a hard-working guy who came off the same heart surgery Jeff Green had  (and later in the year) who couldn’t get healthy enough to fight his way out of Doc Rivers’ dog house.

When you look at how little Doc used him at the end of the season, you’d think Wilcox’s days in Boston are numbered.   While it’s most certainly possible that they are, he’s also one of those cheap players with whom the Celtics are familiar.  And as much as he can say in that Herald piece that he needs to be more than just the guy who can run and catch Rondo’s lobs (and he does need to be more than that), he CAN sell himself as the guy who will run and catch Rondo’s lobs.  Before Rondo went down, he’d assisted on 25 of Wilcox’s 45 baskets.

Doc Rivers values veterans who are familiar with his system.  It’s possible he’s done with Wilcox, but would it shock ANYONE if the Celtics brought him back to fill out the roster?  Not only would they get him at minimum wage, but he’d only be on the books for $884,293*.  For a team that is especially conscious of every penny this season, this plays into Wilcox’s favor quite a bit.

I like Wilcox.  I think that at that price, he can provide some value, even in limited minutes.  He’s a guy Rondo is clearly comfortable with, and he’s a guy that, despite the injury setbacks, is truly trying to work hard and be part of the team.

But his run in Boston might be over.  And if it is, he’s going to have to accept it.

 “It’s been a great ride. I just wish I could have helped the team more.”

* The league reimburses NBA teams for older guys on one-year minimum deals.  The Celtics would be on the books for the price of a 2-year veteran minimum contract despite signing an 11-year veteran.  The league does this to encourage signing older vets rather than just going for cheaper, younger talent

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  • Time to move on. Wilcox seems like a great guy who works hard, but the production just isn’t there.

  • zippittyay

    Looking at the photo reminded me…. Isn’t there still a rule against “Stealing the tip”? If so, why is it so blatantly ignored nowadays?

  • Stephanie McGovern

    Another guy that doc rivers wasted didnt play him enough at the end of the season but should have. I liked his chemistry with the second unit. Doc completely ruined that Knicks series no other coach in the league would completely brake up his normal bench and ride two old stars into the ground. Thanks doc there’s a reason we haven’t won anything since thibodeaus been gone.

  • dk

    I think thats the point…he was NEVER healthy. Understood about the heart issue, but then it was his thumb after that–and this is a guy who’s never been healthy his entire career, so I don’t get why another year later, we’re supposed to think he’s just going to get “healthy.” Besides the fact that he can’t rebound or defend to save his life. But yeah if we need a 12th man on the cheap sure whynot.

  • Bleedgren

    It’s not the only reason but one is the inconsistent minutes. He is a decent shorblocker underrated on defense good in transition and can finish. Doc goes small to get offense when we really need to go big to rebound agd block shots to start a fast break. Also maybe to get offensive rebound. But doc doesn’t understand. He really puzzles me at times. He never trusts new guys and gives people inconsistent minutes and then benched them when they are inconsistent. When pp and kg leave. Doc has to go too, he is a great coach is you already have a championship calliber team. But he would suck in a rebiulding

  • eddysamson

    I like Shav, He has a more rounded game than Wilcox. Wilcox is only good for assists by the basket, Shav can do that (perhaps not quite as well) and so much more.

  • He showed flashes of being a contributor…but, damaged goods is damaged goods.

    Injury-wise, what assurances can he offer that next year will be different?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Since we’ll be looking for some vet-min. guys, the old Terp will be considered.

  • forever_green

    His game is a bit limited and his health is a question but I’d bring him back.