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Avery Bradley makes second team All Defense

The NBA announced it’s All Defensive first team today.  Tony Allen, Chris Paul, Joakim Noah/Tyson Chandler (tied), Serge Ibaka, and LeBron James were on the first team.

Avery Bradley made the second team.  Here’s how that second team looks:

  Position Player, Team 1st 2nd   Points  
Forward Tim Duncan, San Antonio 3 14 20
Forward Paul George, Indiana 7 13 27
Center Marc Gasol, Memphis 5 2 12
Guard Avery Bradley, Boston 10 5 25
Guard Mike Conley, Memphis 4 11 19

Bradley’s 10 first team votes got him close to Chris Paul (15 1st place votes, 37 points overall), and shows the league is really noticing his defensive impact.

The voting is done by the coaches… and keep in mind, Bradley missed half the year.

Bradley is the only Celtic to get any votes for the All Defensive team.

Congrats, Avery.  Maybe next year with a full season in your actual position, you’ll get that first team All Defensive nod you deserve.


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  • S54321

    tyson chandler is so overrated, the new york hype machine makes me sick

    • Bleedgren

      He is a good defender shot blocker and rebounder. I actually think he’s underrated. But Carmelo JR and Felton are all ovrrrated

      • frickenWaaaltah

        Marc Gasol got defensive player of the year, but didn’t make the 1st all defense team, because both Chandler and Noah beat him. The New York and Chicago areas clearly just ignored Gasol and voted for their guy. Durp.

        Gasol really should have been 1st team, but I can at least see people voting for Noah after the year he has had. Chandler really did not deserve it this year, he just didn’t have that kind of year. The New York voters should be embarrassed.

        • Mannie

          It was coaches that voted. Marc gasoline won because it was the media who voted.

          • frickenWaaaltah

            I knew somebody would point that out for me here today even though I found that out yesterday as you can see in another post below.

            I plead early postseason exit discombobulation. We’re Celtics fans; we’re supposed to not be interested in this stuff because our team is supposed to still be playing now.

          • Mannie

            Haha true true

        • Graham Brunell

          If I am correct (I may be wrong), Chandler won the DPoY last year but still made second team, like Gasol this year.

          • frickenWaaaltah


            I’m rediscovering why I usually ignore these awards. Anything that gets voted on isn’t much better than the all-star team for making sense.

            Heck the fan-vote all stars make the most sense to me these days; it’s the players that the most fans want to see and that’s all so you can’t really argue with them.

  • Bleedgren

    Why didn’t kg get any votes?????? Still can’t belive he was beat out by Marc gasoul an inferior defender and in fact inferior in every way. Chris Paul really isn’t s great defender. He is above average but he is like rondo . He gets steals and it makes him look good but doesn’t stay in front of his man consistently

    • frickenWaaaltah

      I hear you in that I’d still roll the dice with Kev for one game, but Gasol has been very consistent for Memphis this year, and he’s a huge part of why they are close to beating OKC.

      It’s funny though how much better Kevin’s series was vs Chandler’s and yet Chandler got first team and KG doesn’t even get a vote.

    • Chulinho

      Seriously, it’s like torturing yourself when watching the C’s play defense without KG. I’m aware other bigs receive more acclaim (rightfully so), but even at 36 I believe KG is still the smartest big man when playing defense.

  • eddysamson

    I was pissed at first when I saw he beat 2 first teamers in points but then I realized it was position based. Still pretty awesome, hoping next year is big for AB on both sides of the floor.

    I dont watch the Clips at all…is CP3 really that good? I’d think it was a star-based vote if it wasn’t for the coaches doing the voting.

    • Chulinho

      CP3, like Avery, is great at playing the passing lanes. He consistently racks up steals. Unlike AB, however, he is not a lockdown defender.

      I think if AB had played the entire season, he’d be on the first team. I’m confident he’ll be voted onto the first team in the near future.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      I did a double take when I read that. I forgot the coaches vote for this? That’s a bit of a head scratcher but…

      You might think the coaches would just make a basketball decision, but oddly enough they are more aware of the politics than anybody. It’s a different sort of politics than the mass media stuff; it’s all the locker room stuff, all the internal league business stuff.

      The coaches are also biased towards record…it’s supposed to reward guys for making their team a winner, but it often just hands a guy an award because the rest of his team had a good year. So look for a guy like CP to thank his teammates, because it’s in a way an award for the Clippers and the year they had as a team.

      I guess that’d be the only way to explain Chandler too. In his case, maybe it’s also a bit of a ‘you could have won this more times than you did in past year’s, and your team did well this year, so here you go.’

  • Brick James

    How the hell does the DPoY not make the 1st team?

    • KGino

      that is a good question Flop James.

      • Brick James

        Maybe it’s because he shouldn’t have been DPoY.

        • KGino

          Agreed..maybe Noah should have gotten it even tho I’m not big on him

  • forever_green

    All AB needs to work on is that offense, of course Rondo helps him in that area but I still want to see consistency.

  • CP3 is no way a better defender than AB, thats just bullshit