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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo is the new era

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Even if Ainge decides to free up cap space by parting with his two elder stars, he needs something to attract free agents. Rondo would be that lure — the facilitator that players such as Al Jefferson and J.J. Redick dream of playing with. Rondo’s cap-friendly contract ($12 million next season, $13 million in 2014-15) also facilitates the addition of free agent pieces.

Though Rondo is responsible for his mercurial, somewhat petulant public image, the locker room is his. He’s not the same kind of leader as Garnett and Pierce. But he has the attention of players like Jeff Green and Avery Bradley.

Green needs him. As evidenced by the inglorious close to the 2012-13 season, Green isn’t good enough at creating his own offense to thrive without a top flight point guard.

Bradley, once and for all, isn’t a point guard. He was at his best playing off the ball, and cutting to those spots where Rondo, and very few others, could deliver an easy look, or a jumper in the flow.

Over the last three months, as Bradley’s play deteriorated, one of the few things that could bring an unabashed smile to the guard’s face was mention of Rondo.

As stated here before, the Celtics may have temporarily played better without Rondo in the three weeks following his departure, but they are not a better team without him. That counts doubly for the playoffs.

So Ainge, a Rondo admirer since the guard was at Virginia’s Oak Hill Academy, may have to finally put aside his curiosity with the point guard’s trade value.

Rondo, foibles and all, is probably the new era.

Boston Herald – Rajon Rondo the linchpin

We’re all aware of the daunting task that faces Danny Ainge and the Celtics front office this summer and beyond.  After being on such an NBA high these past six years with the Celtics running amongst the elite crowd in the league, C’s fans are going to find the crashing down to Earth part to be a bumpy ride.  Doc, Pierce and KG are the three biggest parts of the machine that need to be re-engineered but as the New Big Three Era comes to a close, Rondo is more than likely going to be the new era.

Now, could he still be traded?  I mean have you learned nothing in the Ainge-as-GM-Era?  Sure it could happen.  Anything is in play with Ainge at the helm and honestly that’ a good thing.  As a fan, I want my GM to be active and to always be looking to what it takes to build a contender, not just a good team.  We witnessed irrelevant mediocrity for nearly 20 years.   That’s not that difficult to do.  What is difficult is finding (and keeping) special players and Rondo is one of them.

As the Herald piece above notes, there are several areas that Rondo’s injury directly and eventually indirectly lead to the team’s gradual deterioration.  Obviously Rondo’s injury is not the only reason why they ultimately were eliminated in round one, but the trickle down effect hit a lot of spots.  Rondo isn’t exactly the most beloved member of the green, some reasons are understandable while others are head scratching.  In a recent Boston Globe poll online, 75% of fans (over 2,000 votes) felt that Rondo is the type of franchise player that the C’s could build around.  While I agree with this, the team obviously would need to fill the eventual massive voids left by Pierce AND KG.

That’s the most difficult thing to do in the NBA but if and when you do it, you’re in the conversation as a contender.  But if you can’t get one of those rare players for Rondo it doesn’t make sense to make a downgrade package for him or a deal that goes sideways where you trade for an equal player at a different position.  If you want a point guard that puts up huge scoring numbers over the full 82, then there are several of players out there for you.  If you want a guy that raises his level in the playoffs like few other players in this league then I’d hold on to Rondo.  To me, I value playoff performance far more than the regular season.  Just read Bill Simmons’ recent Trade Value column, especially the part that focuses on CP3.  Does that exactly sound like a guy whose attitude is THAT much better?

Again, I’ve always placed a huge emphasis on how players play in the playoffs when the stage is the biggest, the lights are the brightest and the pressure is the highest.  More often than not, Rondo has not only proven that he excels on that level but WANTS to not only be there but attack it.  Tell me again why you wouldn’t want a guy like that leading your team? Especially at his cap-friendly deal in this NBA world where it gets more and more complex to build a team.  I’m open to any and all ideas but it’s likely a smart play to keep Rondo for the new, long-term era.

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  • Stephanie McGovern

    If singe ever moved rondo he’d be making a big mistake. The only problem the celtics had this season was that there toughest player was there point guard we need to bring in some fighters like rondo. Not a surprise we were the best when we had guys like powe perk and TA

    • That is just so inaccurate. I’m sorry. Paul pierce and Kevin Garnett are as tough as it gets. You don’t appreciate what toughness really is if you can’t recognize that.

  • Rajon Rondo is the most overrated player in Celtic history.

    That wouldn`t be a bad thing if the GM`s of other teams were the ones overestimating him, but unfortunately they`re not.

  • Buddy_Hinton

    Rajon Rondo is the most underrated player in Celtic history.

    That would be a good thing if the GM`s of other teams were the ones underestimating him, but fortunately they are.

    • Rhyso

      I see what you did there

    • Chief_00


  • Graham Brunell

    Keep Rondo, Pierce and Garnett. Trade Bass, Lee, Jordan Crawford, Fab Melo and a future pick for Al Jefferson (not this year’s first rounder — I personally feel that the Jazz would be lucky enough to get the pick considering they’re going to lose him for nothing if not for a sign and trade). Rondo-AB-Green-Sully-Jefferson backed up by Barbosa-JET-T-Will (point forward)-Pierce-Garnett is a contender. Move forward with a low level big man (Wilcox? DJ White? Shav Randolph? Joel Przybilla?), bring back Keyon Dooling for the minimum and reserve a role for this year’s picks and you go into training camp with 14 legitimate players.

    P.S.: It’s a shame that, in an offseason where JJ Hickson and Andray Blatche found whatever they were looking for, we picked the project big man who didn’t work out. Oh well.

    P.P.S.: On a side note, I feel bad for Courtney Lee. He bounces from team to team and then he’s forced out just as he’s understanding his role or before he even gets the opportunity to carve out such a niche. I wish we could keep him, as I really think he’ll be the player we expected him to be this year next year. But there’s no way I’m turning down a chance to pair Jefferson with Sullinger just so we can keep Courtney Lee.

    • pierce Hart

      Those contracts would Hinder the jazz rather than help them. Lee is an asset. Bass has a bad contract although we should be able to offload him elsewhere but Utah would rather Lose Al for nothing than that.

  • Great to attract JJ to Boston – but I’d actually rather make a play for Korver. Partly because he’s a great 3 point shooter at a lower price, partly because I’m sick of watching him drain 3s against us

  • KGino

    2nd Reds Army paragraph, last sentence.. “What is difficult is finding and keeping special players…” KG is maybe the most special player in the NBA (if you ask Doc or Thibs or me).

    So we should keep him, right?

    I am not one of these fans who believe the Knicks would have beaten us even if we were healthy. There is ZERO DOUBT in my mind that with Mr Triple Double and sully eating the glass (and even the blur off the bench) we would have been right in it with the Heat giving them a run for their $. And that’s not just if we were healthy, that’s if EVERYONE were healthy.

    So why not bring back the band plus a couple new pieces? People forget we never saw what this team was capable of with rondo AB Jeff green sully pierce and KG all healthy. That’s a pretty damn good 6 right there, just gotta play pierce and KG less and sully and Jeff green more. Focus on adding sharp shooters to stretch the floor and one more big to rebound/score a little inside and were golden for another run.

    • KGino

      Forgot to mention that after reading articles on the celtics future, and seeing what wed get in return, this option just seems so much better. It’s gonna sting the fan base REAL BAD to lose pierce and KG and not get a contender product in return.

  • thetitleisours mkay

    My guess is KG and PP do not want to leave with a bad year like this. They may wait to see if Ainge fixes the roster and how everyone’s injuries are doing. Just a guess, but I bet everyone will be back

  • I’m watching the spurs and keep thinking how lousy a job Ainge has done since getting KG and Ray Allen. He’s done nothing but consider trading the big three since midway through the 2010 season. Instead of focusing on giving them help like the spurs do he has done nothing but bring a bunch of lousy shooting guards. Not to mention while over loading on guards not one decent back up point guard. It’s pretty sad as I sit hear watching the old guys on the Spurs get one step closer to the conference finals. They remain a contender while we stink and face lottery and not due to age. Due to lack of talent around the age.

    • pierce Hart

      Sure we lack frontcourt depth a pg can be easily arranged in the offseason but Doc isn’t Popovich he doesn’t know how to get the most out of everyone offensively (terry,Lee)

  • kobe

    i don’t think Rondo is good for boston trade him for Nash