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Your Morning Dump… Could Tony Allen come back to Boston?

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Tony Allen (Memphis Grizzlies)
Summary: Yes, things didn’t end on the best of terms for Tony Allen and the Boston Celtics. But a reunion isn’t totally out of the question. Like most of the deals Boston will consider making, this too would likely have to be a sign-and-trade. T.A. back to Boston for the vet’s minimum? Not happening. If the C’s and Allen both show a willingness to put the past behind them and try to re-connect, look for Boston to once again dangle the contracts of Lee and Terry.

CSNNE – Potential Celtics targets

I don’t see Memphis having any interest in Lee (3 more years at $5 mil+) and little interest in Terry (2 more years at $5 mil). They could let Allen walk and find better value on the free-agent market.

If the Celtics were to move some pieces and acquire Allen, where does he fit? Does Avery Bradley suddenly move to the bench? Allen is an elite defender starting for a championship caliber team. He’s going to want to start here. The desire for more minutes and a bigger role is the reason he left Boston in the first place. At 31, he still has a few prime years left.

Let’s not forget Allen’s character issues. Four years ago, I insisted Allen had to go. And while he’s matured somewhat, Tony is still capable of punching teammates in the face.

I vote no on Tony Allen.

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  • We need high-character guys, serious players with basketball blinders on. Players with personality/off-court issues seldom work out.

    • eddysamson

      Twills has worked out so far, but after reading his life-story I can see why hes come around. JET, having known him for so long, is probably a big reason as well.

  • Step

    I think Allen votes No for the Cs…he’s in a better position in Memphis and they’re making some serious noise in the West. Why would he leave a championship caliber team to come to a potentially rebuilding team?

  • Lee in Oregon

    He prob. should have never left- DA didnt want to give him an extra year at 3 mil/ which ended up being a steal for Memphis. He’s matured & become a solid player in Memphis.

    Neither TA or AB can shoot very well, but AB can handle the ball a little better. If I had a dollar for every time TA dribbled the ball off his knee and out of bounds….(hopefully the days of watching AB turn it over at the end of a fast-break are over when Rondo returns).

    C’s are gonna have a hard time unloading Courtney Lee, if that’s the plan.

  • KGino

    How about someone who can score… Our defense is not the problem

  • Why? He’s a could pierce on a championship team. We need someone that can put the ball in the basket. If we bring Tony back then bring Nate back and lets try it one more time with KG and PP

  • dk

    btw–that shove by Mohammed on LBJ and auto ejection was such BS! Wade does that $hit all the time and doesn’t even get called for a personal foul

  • pierce Hart

    I think Courtney Lee will be easier to offload than you think everyone knows he has good potential and teams were after him at the deadline. One bad playoff series and a poor season in general isn’t going to be that damaging. Tony Allen is a no no for both parties. He’ll be too old when this team is competitive. Again to help a great deal in a championship run and 1) his contract harms us, 2) we need a scorer.

  • He’s become a very solid player, and would help a team that’s already almost there. But I don’t see the point in risking a big deal that he probably wants and locking up salary space during rebuilding.

  • The Celtics have to make a “very big splash” this summer just to get back into the championship discussion.

    Tony Allen barely qualifies as a “small splash”.

  • kg215

    We don’t need Allen, Bradley can fill the role he is playing and Bradley has more upside. Also Bradley isn’t so unpredictable off the court. I do admit Tony is playing well and has the whole time since he left for Memphis but I don’t think he has matured all that much. He also still turns it over just like he did here.

  • Buddy_Hinton

    Unless Danny is trying to make the number one defensive team in the league with the hopes of getting Josh Smith than no we don’t need TA. Lets work on getting scoring and rebounding rather than getting another defensive specialist.

  • verde

    TA is a beast in the playoffs, but not the piece we need. Even if KG and PP retire, rondo-ab-green-sully and a center starts. lee can do what TA does. We need a backup forward and a rebounding big, plus a backup pg.

  • forever_green

    Bring him back.