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Mock draft: Gonzaga’s Kelly Olynyk is an impactful big

This latest mock draft comes via Sheridan Hoops. They reference Giannis Adetokunbo, a raw, 6-9 combo wing playing in Greece. We learned of Danny Ainge’s infatuation with him in April. It doesn’t appear he’ll last until pick 16. Here’s the scouting report on Olynk, courtesy

Strengths: Legit 7 footer with a polished, highly effective post skill set … Prolific scorer on the college level averaging 18 ppg on 66 fg% in 25 mpg … Very comfortable operating on the block, using textbook positioning … Shows an excellent understanding of the game and has become one of the most dominant bigs on the college level…

Weaknesses: Not the most athletic guy. Below the rim type of “finesse” player … Foot speed and overall athleticism are below average for the NBA … While he gives solid energy and effort, his lack of foot speed and athleticism decreases his defensive abilities .

I’d love the Celtics to add a polished post player, however, I’m skeptical of any player from Gonzaga.

We’ll do our best to track the mock draft reports. Earlier this week, ESPN had Syracuse PG Michael Carter Williams falling to Boston.

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  • Keith Goroza

    Him or Withey? I saw some mock draft Dieng ending in Boston tho…that will be better…

    • Bledgreen

      I would love to grab dieng I’ve been saying that for over a month. He is basically perk but taller longer more athletic better shot blocker decent midrange shooter abd an underrated post player. He is perk 2.0

      • kg215

        He is much more athletic and not as heavy, how is he like perk other than they are both big men? Perk is not that good of a shotblocker, Dieng should be much better at that though not as good at guarding bruisers like Perk was.

        • Bledgreen

          Well his game is very similar. They are both very strong defensive bigs that can anchor a defense. Both have a very basic post game and both can protect the paont

          • kg215

            Well yeah they both play defense but again the comparison is a stretch. Dieng is not that strong, he weighs 245 lbs and is a quick athletic type of big. Perk weighs 275 lbs and is not athletic at all. Also like you said up there Dieng can shoot the midrange at a decent clip while Perkins can’t shoot any kind of shot at all. Dieng is almost exactly like a lesser Ibaka, would you say Ibaka and Perkins are very similar? Absolutely not.

  • adam

    I thought they weren’t going to draft any woman in the nba?

    • hhaahahahahahahahahahaha well done man. well done.

      • adam

        well this worked out well.

  • Chulinho

    I’ve heard of Olynk and I’m all for a polished offensive post presence. But, the C’s don’t need another slow big that can’t block shots or rebound.

  • CoachAJ

    I am all for KellyO. We need another big that can score. He may not be truly athletic, just rebound when Sully doesn’t and outlet the pass. He will certainly be the offense that Fab isn’t. Then they can be switched as needed.

  • Buddy_Hinton

    They need to do what it takes to get Giannis Adetokunbo. His transition game is by far the best in this draft class. If the C’s want someone to run with Rondo, Green and Bradley than this kid is the answer. I’m sure Danny will find a way.

    • Bledgreen

      He is projected around. 20-25 if we fab trade up for like the 12th pick. Then we can get gougi dieng and Gianni’s adetkunbo in the same draft

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        Wow, I just wrote almost this exact thing in todays blog. Move to get 2 first round picks and get both Dieng and Giannis Adetokoubo. Great minds think alike.

  • as ive said before. Take the best talent they could possibly get in the draft.

    Doc Rivers is very hesitant in playing rookies, so most of them will take 2-3 years before they get a spot in the line up.

    • kg215

      Yeah it took Sullinger 3 years to play…. oh wait no it didn’t. Ainge didn’t give Doc many rookies worth playing. The few times he did Doc played them and trusted them.

      • that is cause Sully is from THEE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY we break all rules

      • Name another rookie who has played great minutes for us aside from him?

        Sully showed high iq and talent but still took many months before he could take Bass’ spot in the starting even if bass was playing so bad,

      • that is why i said get the best talent available regardless of the position. we dont need to draft a bigman, draft the best possible contributor

  • zippittyay

    Take Fabio is he’s available.

  • kg215

    We need someone like Gorgui Deng a lot more than we need Olynk. If KG doesn’t come back we need a new defensive anchor, if he does come back having an athletic shotblocker next to him makes our defense amazing. Also we need a good rebounder and Olynik is not good at that either.

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