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Your Morning Dump… Revisionist anger, Ryan McDonough and a mock draft

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Another myth that got loud traction during the six-game loss to the Knicks was that the Celtics could have saved their season by getting another point guard after Rondo went down on the last weekend of January.

The short answer is, do you really think Jannero Pargo would have gotten the Celts to the conference finals?

The longer answer is, putting aside for the moment they were trying hard for a deal that would have netted them Bledsoe (see above), there just wasn’t a lot to pick from. And for the first two weeks after Rondo’s injury, the C’s still had Leandro Barbosa, who, while not a pure point guard, had picked up his game significantly with increased minutes.

The Celtics were also in a financial crunch, having butted up against the hard cap they had gotten themselves into. It may also be worthy of note that, while, again, they were trying to get a point guard, they had also won 8-of-11 games from the time Rondo was injured until the trade deadline (they would go on to win 14-of-18).

In other words, there is some revisionist anger going on here.

Herald – Celtics myths miss point

A+ column here by Steve Bulpett. I hope all of the local radio hosts who – despite watching 1 out of 5 Celtics regular season games – expressed a lot of this ‘revisionist anger.’

I encourage you to read the rest of the column as Bulpett gives a bit more insight into the KG to LAC trade rumors and offers a friendly reminder of how ‘fair’ the 2007 deal that netted Garnett was.

In other news, the Celtics lost Assistant GM Ryan McDonough to the Suns:

Overflowing with future draft picks, including six first-round picks over the next three years, the Suns plucked one of the league’s best young talent evaluators. In his decade with the Celtics, McDonough set himself apart with a keen eye for available talent, particularly college and international players in the draft.

McDonough is most notably credited with pushing the Celtics to acquire the pick they used to select Rajon Rondo during the 2006 draft. Coincidentally, it came from his new home in Phoenix.

And for those already thinking about draft, here’s some speculation from ESPN Insider Chad Ford:

Is Rajon Rondo’s future really up in the air? Unless there’s a major setback in his rehab, I’m fairly confident he’ll be in uniform to start the season. What we are seeing in Chicago with Derrick Rose is not the norm. Just look at an Iman Shumpert. If Carter-Williams truly is a top 5 talent, then I guess Ainge should grab him.

The rest of the links:

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  • adam

    Weren’t the Celtics look at some 6-10 point guard in Greece?

    • eddysamson

      the next Kevin Durant if I remember correctly

      • Dick

        lmao I remember a bunch of idiots on here saying that…. Riiiiiight the next KD, that kid started playing basketball like last week

        • lick

          considering the scouts have sid he doesn’t have a shot and has a low release point and no mid range game, I don’t think KD is a proper comparison.

  • dk

    again love the pointless nonsense that these ESPN guys serve “Expect the Nets to make a call to the Celtisc for permission to speak to Doc Rivers.” Ok? and expect to be hung up on. The guy is under contract for 3 more years! I love this crap. This isn’t NCAA football where coaches just leave for better programs after signing deals. Besides the fact that Brooklyn is NOT a better program, they too were tossed in the 1st round, Docs a very loyal guy, and I really don’t see why the Celtics to allow their HC to just goto a division rival–unless it was for Brook Lopez

  • pierce Hart

    Exqwwweeez me but should we not be looking at front court help or a proper scorer! I like Bradley but he’s not guaranteed to become anything special offensively. We need offense badly, draft positions are changing rapidly and I’d take any SF PF or C with scoring potential, KG doc and pierce could teach them a bit of team D. But really we need height and scoring not another PG. I say a SG/SF that’s a natural scorer if they fall if not a C or PF who’s NBA ready with a bit of help. There definitely will be steals available at our spot with constant interchanging in people’s draft boards and at several positions so at 16 I’m sure you could pick up another player with as much potential in a position other than PG!

  • MrCuret

    The Celtics should’ve signed Keyon Dooling instead of keeping DJ White. Dooling’s not Rondo but he’s still a PG who can shoot & was familiar with Doc’s system.

    • Lee in Oregon

      omce he “retired” and was waived, the C’s were the one team that couldn’t re-sign him.

  • ShawnCVD

    This pick should be moved with other pieces to get Gortat , Big Al, outside shot Cousins, or another starting big. Celtics will not get anywhere starting Bass alongside KG. Bass needs to be elsewhere or backingup KG.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Gortat is a much easier target at ~7.5 mil. His deal is up next summer though so just offering them a way to save money probably won’t get it done. Al is a FA and probably still going to get 15ish from somebody.

      An even bigger problem for people who want to see Al in Boston again is that Utah is way under the cap now. They only have like ~22 million committed beyond this summer. With a cap of 58 million, they could sign TWO 15 mil guys and a ~6 mil guy.

      So anybody they take back in a sign and trade for Al subtracts from what they can spend on free agents; therefore you have to offer them somebody or somebodies that they would actually prefer to the free agents they can sign.

      They don’t need to save money at all, and they are in no position to win ‘right now’ so their interest in Paul or Kevin would be minimal. It’d probably take Rondo or Jeff to make a deal happen.

      About the only advantage on the sign and trade side of things I can see at the moment is that it’s Utah and sometimes it’s hard for them to convince people to go play there, and trading people there bypasses that issue.

      They can sign Al as a free agent if they amnesty Paul and Kevin retires, but that’s not a great scenario really. They’d only have like ~3 million more under the cap to spend. Whether our HOF guys are here next year or not, this team needs to get a little deeper somehow.

      • ShawnCVD

        That was a very thorough breakdown of Utah’s circumstances. Honestly Big Al is not worth 15. He’s an “almost awesome” guy and I understand some team will pay too much for him. If Al wants to come back then maybe he will ink 1-2 years then Boston can birds right him . We shall see.

  • You’re missing the point with the jannero pargo reference I think. Is he that good? Probably not. Did the celtics not have enough scoring no matter what? Probably. But, having an ACTUAL point guard (and not necessarily rondo–look at the bulls) could have given the celtics a major, major boost in this series. Some people just need to face the fact that Ainge dropped the ball by passing on pargo and Martin. What’d we pass on them for? Guys who didn’t even play a minute. It’s not even an argument really when you look at it that way.

  • Shane

    Michael Carter-Williams is a baller. I’ve watched a ton of his games at Syracuse and can tell you that he would be a steal at 16. Although he’s already the age of a senior, I don’t see that as a drawback when considering his skill level and room for growth. If he learns to shoot, and pairs that with his already refined passing ability and unreal length and athleticism, he could be a deadly PG in the NBA. Think along the lines of Shaun Livingston, pre-freak accident. Long, lean, athletic, sees the floor really well. Great first step too.

    Also complete conjecture here, but I’m getting a sneaking suspicion that Brandon Bass’s name is going to be heard quite a bit over the off-season, especially if the Celtics want to move up in the draft to nab someone specific. His more-than-solid play (both offensive and defensive) in the second half of the season no doubt raised his stock, and turned a few GM’s heads. With Sully expected to make a full recovery, it would only be logical that Bass be considered for trade. Important to note, however, is the Celtics’ lack of any player resembling a center, if KG retires. That could shift the focus of the draft/trades towards someone the Celtics think could contribute immediately, unless Fab Melo has the most pregressive off-season in NBA history

  • Gotta love Chad Ford`s “expert analysis” of Rondo :

    “The Celtics already are accustomed to having a long, athletic point guard who can`t shoot”.

    Long??? Rondo stands all of 6`1″

    • frickenWaaaltah

      …but Rondo’s wingspan is a huge 6’9″ giving him one of the freakiest wingspan to height ratios in the NBA.

      • Bledgreen

        Gourgui deing from Louisville who is in the draft is 6-11 with a 7-6 wingspan. We should get him


    Could y’all please stop talking about needing guards? This team needs size badly and that should by far be the number one focus. It all went downhill starting with the Perkins trade, and since, this team has gotten smaller and smaller, and has become one of the worse rebounding teams. Danny needs one focus: size and rebounding.

    • True

      For the Celtics to be concerned over their guard situation, while they are so lacking in the paint….is like worrying about a baby chimp tossing a cocoanut in your general direction, while a herd of angry elephants is stampeding right towards you!

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