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Stephen Curry is making me look really, really bad

In case you haven’t noticed, Golden State’s Stephen Curry has elevated his game to a new level in the playoffs. He’s averaging 24. 3 ppg, 45% 3 FG, and 9.3 apg. He’s had TWO 22-point 3rd quarters in the Warriors playoff run, including a 44-point performance vs San Antonio last night. The 6th seeded Warriors upset Denver and threw a Game 1 scare into the Spurs.

Curry has been linked to Rajon Rondo in trade rumors (here and here) throughout the past few seasons. I was never fascinated with Curry’s game. I considered him an often-injured one dimensional player. I believe my exact words were:

Curry does nothing for me. Am I missing something?

I may have been wrong once or twice before.

To be fair, it was last March when we saw Avery Bradley harass Curry  into a 6-22 shooting night in a loss to the Celtics. Yes, the same Avery Bradley who couldn’t stick with Raymond Felton in the Knicks series.


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  • Chulinho

    I’m still not sure if I would trade Rondo for Curry. I know Curry is better, but Rondo’s ability to really control and impact games without scoring is rare.

    Once again, I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it; I just would need more convincing.

    • Bledgreen

      Yea but who is better playoff rondo. 17ppg 11ast 5reb or playoff curry 24.3pts 9.3ast. I just don’t know. Curry plays much better off the ball so he would prob be the best option for us invthe regular season. but in the playoffs it’s a toss up

      • Chulinho

        You can’t really compare their playoff performances because Rondo has played far more playoff games and has been in the postseason more times than Curry. All of that being said, I still think I’d keep Rondo (although the C’s could really use another true scorer on the team).

  • Don`t be too surprised if that victory last night by SA…turns out to be SA`s only victory in this entire series.

    • Bledgreen

      I don’t know about that. I think Tim Duncan and tony Parker will have something to say about that. Maybe a 7 game series though. If David lee plays well don’t be surprised to see GS take this series

    • Reggie35RIP

      I’m picking Spurs experience to take this one. Did you see the way the Warriors played in their last game against Denver?

      • Yeah…they killed Denver on the boards, and held them to 34% from the field.

        Your point?

        • Reggie35RIP

          Go and watch the 4th quarter of game 6. They nearly threw away an 18 point lead in 9:00 minutes and narrowly escaped a game 7. They couldn’t inbound the ball and ended up with 19 turnovers. 10 of those were probably in the 4th quarter.

          My point is they’re green – when a little bit of pressure was applied they cracked and fell apart. And that was against Denver. Imagine what will happen when an experienced and defensive minded team like the Spurs tightens the screws.

          Also Lee’s out – managed 2 minutes against Denver – and Bogut’s banged up. The only thing that might save them is if Curry scores 50 every game. Although they lost game 1 and he dropped 44…

          Who knows what will happen, but that’s my pick.

          • You can have SA`s the experience.

            I`ll gladly take the Warriors young legs over the Spurs old legs….especially when it`s so clear that GS is not in awe of them.

  • After reading the headline I thought David Kahn had joined the RedsArmy team

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Curry MVP in 2 seasons for me.
    Yeah, you probably missed something, but who doesn’t?

    Go Celtics!

  • Astarot

    Listen I’ve been following him since his NCAA season. His been great offensivly in college and nothing has changed really. Ok he’s better in terms of assists but look at him on D. he’s nowhere near Rondo (Rondo on his normal level on D). But he’s a great player though I still consider him as an SG even on NBA level. Remember Rondos is a tripple-double guy, Curry ain’t (at least not yet).

  • frickenWaaaltah

    It’s looking like he’s basically Ray Allen 2.0 although actually Ray is a little bigger.

    Curry and Rondo are both championship quality pieces but different kinds of pieces. I think you don’t trade an apple for an orange unless you’re sure you have an extra apple already. Otherwise, you’re probably just making a sideways move rather than onward and upward. So I still wouldn’t do a trade.

    I guess if Curry shoots his way to a title this year with a bunch of 40ish games then yeah ok he took it to another level; for now he is an elite player but so is Rondo. Curry is in the second round and I’m pretty sure that as close as they got, the C’s would be in the second round right now if Rondo hadn’t gotten injured.

  • Jon

    curry can be contained more easily than rondo imo. i just can’t imagine him putting these numbers against avery bradley or tony allen (granted they are the best on ball defenders in the league for the 1 & 2)

    • Bledgreen

      Rondo is much much more crafty agd a better finisher. Curry can shoot but he can’t take defenders to the hoop and score inside. Cirrus game basically consists of stutter step. Step back 3pt. Swish. Repeat.

  • curry is legit. Not sure what the hell happened with bradley