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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s rehabbing in Vegas

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

When Rondo was spotted in Vegas a couple of nights ago as the Celtics were languishing through most of Game 6, there was a little buzz around the internet about why he’d turn his back on his struggling teammates to fly off to party town.  When he was seen ring-side for the Floyd Mayweather fight, there were some pretty hateful things said about him.

But a source tells me Rondo is, in fact, in town to begin the next phase of his rehab at the famed Impact Basketball Academy.  Impact is frequented by so many NBA stars over the summer, that they were actually able to get a league going during the lockout where many NBA players were able to get some run.

Rondo’s rehab is important, because as these playoffs showed, this team needs him.  Desperately.  That was so obvious, even the loudest of the loudmouths who proclaimed the team was better without Rondo had to admit “I was obviously wrong about it” (2:40 mark of the video)

Yeah, Felger had to come out and admit he was wrong.

As for the rest of that video (if you didn’t watch the whole thing)… the discussion now is turning to (drum roll please)…. blowing up the team.  And this is the beginning of the slow turn from “you gotta trade Rondo because he’s killing us” to “you gotta trade Rondo because he makes us too good to get a lottery pick.”

The video starts with Max declaring that he thinks Pierce, KG, and Doc are all gone next year…. which seems to be his guess at this point.  From there, the debate switches to how keeping Rondo and Green still isn’t good enough because the Celtics would still be a 7th or 8th seed.

Get ready for a lot of silly arguments like this.  A summer full of them, in fact.   And while the Celtics fate next year rests on what happens with Pierce, and then Garnett and Doc Rivers after that decision is made, any rebuilding process should include Rondo, Green, and the other young assets the Celtics have.

In this new collective bargaining agreement landscape, with an emphasis on avoiding taxes, a player of Rondo’s caliber making under $12 million next season is a HUGE help.  Green is locked up at $9 million for next year, and Bradley and Sullinger are still on rookie contracts.

That’s your nucleus right there.  We can debate how Garnett and Pierce fit in there, but that’s a nice little nucleus that doesn’t require tanking for the lottery.  Those are all guys at, or entering, their primes.

One last note about the “you gotta get into the lottery” argument…. how has that worked for the Bobcats, or the Hornets, or all these other teams that have been lottery mainstays?  It’s tough to build through the lottery.  It takes more than that.  The Celtics don’t have to do all that.

It starts with Rondo getting his knee back to 100%, which he’s in the process of doing right now.

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  • Step

    At first I was side-eyed about Rondo not being there, but if he’s going to start the other phase of his rehab, that’s way more important. Besides, if he was there for Game 6 and they won, but he wasn’t there for Game 7 (another elimination game) there would still be complaints about him not supporting the team. His loyalty to the team shouldn’t be questioned.

  • Thanks for clearing things up before the crap-storm of controversy started swirling.

    So if they keep this nucleus and become a perennial 7 or 8 seed, will they be stuck in that no-man’s land that no team wants to be in? How do you feel about wasting two or three more years of RR’s prime on teams that can’t contend? Because I don’t feel so great about it.

    • For one thing Boston has got to start spending some money. Boston has a habit of wanting to just get role players, they let Tony Allen go because of money, they let Perkins go because they didnt want to pay him more so when they got Shaq they thought they didnt need him anymore. I think Jeff, Rondo, Sully and Bradley are a good cheap start, but Boston needs a solid center and a knock down shooters and let J.T and KG come off the bench. You can look for Josh Smith to come to Boston, he and Rondo are best friends and Boston almost got him in a trade this past March, now he is going to be a free agent in the summer. I say with just these players back and healthy Boston is at least a 4 or 5 seed. They needs some knock down shooters. Jeff should be even better next season because then he will be almost 2 years post surgery, I think if he did this good after you can only imagine what he will be 2 years post surgery, and I forgot about Brandon Bass, he’s doing well too.

  • Where does the media get there information from, Doc still has at least 2 more years on his contract, it was already said that he would be with Boston through the rebuilding phase. Doc seems to be as loyal to this franchise as KG and Pierce so I dont see any reason why Doc wouldnt be back next season. I believe KG will be back if promised a lesser role, and Paul knows that if he does come back he will diffinitely be traded. I am so glad that people can see how valuble Rondo is so they can stop trying to trade every time everybody and anybody on the team have a good game. Even Kobe Bryant said the only way you could tell how good Boston would be without Rondo would be in the postseason, so now you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #teamRondo

  • KGino

    Building through the lottery is a mistake / crapshoot… Danny just needs to do better in free agency / trades

  • John Smith

    Ainge has already rebuilt this team. Rondo, Sully and Green are the future.

    Hopefully KG and Truth don’t retire, because with the addition of a true back up PG through a trade and adding Kaman and Dalembert this team can stay in outside contention. Then, when 2015 free agency comes along, Boston will be a team coming of thee back of a playoff run, with TONS of cap room. That’ll be a lot more intriguing to FA’s than the situation this year. With, Brook Lopez and Kevin Love in that class, the Celtics could be contenders for 5+ years after 2015. I’d take two more years of good playoff basketball, development of Green and Sully under hall of famers and a big named FA, over no more years of good playoff basketball, no more development from KG and Truth and a less heralded, older FA. Perhaps KG and Truth could resign in 2015 at vets minimum for one last run.

    Of course, i’m not saying it will go this way, because KG or Paul may decide to retire. However, fans should be hoping it goes this way, and Ainge should be trying to make it this way. I just don’t know why people are calling for the whole thing to be blown up, AGAIN.

  • eddysamson

    Found this link on the yardbarker box on the right of this site:


    • eddysamson

      *If its true*

      • Bledgreen

        Part of me hopes it is since without him we have the cap room to land a big name. But I just don’t want to se him. Go

    • kobe

      you just made up that article dude! lol

  • Red’s Cigar

    Stephen A Smith on ESPN First Take: “Kg, PP and Doc Rivers to clippers for Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe. This is the big rumor floating around NBA execs right now. I believe it will happen” Hope youre right Stephen.

  • Bledgreen

    Sign tyreke Evans and al Jefferson. Them with sully green bradley and rondo will give us a 4th seed at least

    • Nothing says “winning” like Al Jefferson!

      Wherever he goes…losing goes with him. Since becoming a starter in 2006-07, his three teams have gone 203-352 {.366%}, an average of 22 games below .500% per year.

      • Bledgreen

        Look at the players around him. Their best wing scorer is Gordon Hayward. I repeat Gordon Hayward. Also if he comes to Boston with tyreke evens then he won’t be the #1 option. That would be Jeff green. He would be more like the #3 option behind green and evens.

        • Al Jefferson is the “anti-Bill Russell”…he is to losing what Russell is to winning.

          Jazz won 53 games the year before Al arrived…then won 39 the first year with him. He plays with Millsap in Utah, and had played with Kirilenko and Deron Williams there.

          T-Wolves won 15 games in Al`s final season there, with Love and Corey Brewer as teammates.

          Think it over…you SURE you want this guy back???

          • Bledgreen

            Well it’s either him or Demarcus cousins cause we needs a young big and gortot has taken a big step back this year. Idk how we would get cousins without losing Avery though

          • Cousins is too much of a head-case to gamble on. Building a team around him, or Andrew Bynum, will only lead you to a life of misery.

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