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Speculation about Doc Rivers and the Nets makes me sick

Immediately after their disappointing exit from the 1st round of the playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets fired interim head coach PJ Carlesimo. While the Van Gundy brothers appear to be front runners, another high profile name is surfacing – Doc Rivers:

Rivers is arguably the finest coach in the NBA, and while he could stay in Boston for as long as he would like, the Celtics could be entering a protracted rebuilding phase that would go well beyond the three seasons remaining on his present contract. It is also unclear whether Rivers and Danny Ainge will agree on the direction that the rebuild should take, with Kevin Garnett considering retirement, Paul Pierce in limbo, and Rajon Rondo perpetually in trade rumors.

Moreover, Ainge in recent years hasn’t packed the roster with defensive-minded players that Rivers craves, or found the backup point guard the Celtics needed just to get out of the first round this season. If the Nets sense that Boston’s breakup is imminent, they would at least gauge Rivers’ interest – assuming their owner has heard of him – but reaching a compensation agreement could be problematic.

The other barrier would be personal: Rivers has told friends that if he were to leave the Celtics, he would wait until his youngest son finish high school before pursuing another job. Spencer is a junior.


I have so many problems with this story.

Protracted rebuilding phase? Even if the Celtics severe ties with KG and Paul Pierce, they’ll trot out an athletic and young starting line-up that includes Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger and the Melo-stopper Brandon Bass. Add in whomever they get in return for Pierce/KG. While they’re not going to be a top 4 team, I don’t think the situation is as dire as most think.

There’s also the small fact that Doc Rivers is under contract for three more seasons. Sure, he can walk away from the Celtics but Danny Ainge isn’t going to let him coach another team. And while it’s happened in other sports (Bill Belichick, John Farrell, Jon Gruden), I can’t recall the last time a coach-for-players trade was made in the NBA. The Celtics would need cap space to take back a player of any real worth and I believe Doc Rivers is worth much more than a late 1st rounder.

The notion that Danny Ainge hasn’t stocked the roster with defensive minded players is also laughable. Defense isn’t their problem! Danny continues to search for offensive minded players because that’s what this team needs.

And this just in… I’m hearing reports on Twitter that Stephen A. Smith’s blowhole blurted out a scenario where the Celtics move KG, Pierce and Doc Rivers to the Clippers for Blake Griffin, Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler.

Excuse me while I step away and allow my head to explode.

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  • SJL

    The SAS rumor is actually the most ridiculous trade rumor I’ve ever heard. I would be utterly astounded if anything like that happened.

  • Double P

    That being said, ill drive doc, kg, and pierce to LA tonight if its true

  • eddysamson

    Wow I had to hold myself back from yelling HAH! in the middle of my office when I read that trade suggestion there L O L. Needs more DeAndre Jordan anyways.

    • ShawnCVD

      DeAndre Jordan is brutal.

      Griffin would look good in Green! Trouble is he hasn’t improved over past few seasons.

  • Buddy_Hinton

    The clippers are so desperate to win a championship now that I could see them doing something like that.

    • ShawnCVD

      They kinda should. Besides Clippers are known for giving up their youngest, brightest stars….

  • If LA is dumb enough to do it…it would be beyond ridiculous for Boston not to pull the trigger!

    Then, put together a deal to obtain K-Love. With that frontcourt {Griffin, Love, Sully}, along with a backcourt of two HS sophmores…you`d win 50-55 games by sheer accident!!!

  • LA Flake

    I respect Doc and appreciate what he’s done here but…
    I wouldn’t mind losing him if we could get Thibs back.

  • I would give almost anything for the Celtics not to trade for Blake Griffin. He’s another one of those guys that just isn’t a winner. To move from KG and Pierce to a guy like that would nearly make me want to stop watching a team that I have watched nearly ever game of since I was 7.

    Also, I’m not totally sold on this being a playoff team next year if there is no pierce and no KG. no, they probably won’t be like the bobcats who are stuck at the bottom of the east for as far as the eye can see. However, lets realize a couple of things.

    1. Avery Bradley has proven to be a guy that needs to be used more sparingly as a defensive boost.

    2. Jeff Green still has almost no ability to score in the half court, though he’s proven to be extremely effective on the break. But, a team relying on him as a primary scorer may not be a playoff team. Especially without any PP and KG types as distractions for the defense.

    3. Rondo is coming back from a serious injury. Who knows how things wil be. This also means he hasn’t been able to progress his shooting any further.

    4. They signed white, Randolph, and I think Crawford through next season. All guys who should be considered overpaid as of now.

    5. Sullinger played kind of well for half a season. Last time we went nuts about a guy doing that (Avery Bradley) we were let down by his performance the following year to some extent. Lets give sullinger a full season before we list him as a guy to build around.

    My point is, without pierce and Garnett, I honestly am worried about this team. It is VERY rare to find a guy who can score as easily as pierce was able to. It’s almost just as rare to find a big man half as capable as KG. Note to Danny singe: keep pierce and KG at least into next season. You’ve already made some poor decisions that have filled your roster through next season and don’t have a ton of money to play with anyway. Keep them, cherish what they bring to this team, and take responsibility for the questionable financial decisions you made for next season that made the decision on whether to keep these two greats here that much easier.

  • kobe

    Clippers front office are a joke, if they traded Bledsoe and Jordan before for KG then they should have not gone fishing after the 1st round.

  • kobe

    I heard rumors that Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, and Chris Duhon for Kevin Garnett. It makes sense, Celtics don’t have a Center and they needed ball handlers and PG, with this trade they will clearly address the Center and PG problems.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    The trade won’t happen, but it’s fun to play along. I would be all for it, but when you stop and think about it, who would be our go to guy? Blake and DeAndre are liabilities at the end of the game, Rondo (no), Caron-above average journeyman, Bledsoe has potential, I guess Jeff Green would be the guy who Doc…oops, *insert coaches name here*, designs the last shot play for. With Paul, KG and last season Ray, we could go to any one of them for the clutch shot.
    That trade would need to involve a third team, like Utah or Minnesota. The added team will always allow for more flexibility with extra pieces or draft picks. Doc, KG and Paul to the Clippers, Blake to Utah or Minnesota, Bledsoe DeAndre Butler and Love/Jefferson to Boston. I would rather have a post player coming back over the Blakeshow. We could throw in Bradley and if Utah was involved they could throw in Milsap too.
    Anyway, it’s time to move on from KG, and if they means Paul has to go, so be it. He will still be a Celtic and have his number in the rafters.

  • Reggie35RIP

    There’s no way in hell I see the Clippers offering this. They would essentially be giving up their future for one shot at a title. They would have to be extremely stupid or desperate or both. Plus it’s Stephen A. Smith we’re talking about here.

  • forever_green

    Are we the only team that has a Coach that’s involed in trade rumors and switching teams…its to much for me.

  • I’m starting to hate the end of the season. First I had to deal with Ray Allen now DOC RIVERS?!! Judas Shuttlesworth was bad enough. I wouldnt be able to handle Doc leaving. I would probably just give up being a Cs fan.