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Rondo seated ringside for Floyd Mayweather fight

Rajon Rondo was spotted (wearing a sparkly t-shirt) in a ringside seat at Floyd Mayweather’s fight last night in Vegas.

I was a bit surprised to learn that Rondo had left Boston on Friday and was not on the bench for Game 6 vs the Knicks. He’s taken a well publicized assistant coach/mentor role in the playoffs.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions and blast Rondo for abandoning the Celtics for those Money Mayweather clowns, because it’s possible the trip was rehab related. Rajon is affiliated with Impact Basketball and they have a training facility in Las Vegas.

At the very least we can poke fun at him for wearing that t-shirt.

(Via Beyond the Buzzer)

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  • Rondo probably was so sure it would be a game 7, I’m sure that’s why he was at the fight instead of the game.

  • Watery Rondo

    Rondoooooooo!!! Miss you a ton, a ton, a ton…

  • Gee

    Would of been nice to see him at game 6, but he had to support his guy Mayweather. Damn, Rondo was missed in the Celtics/Knicks series.

    • rajon rondo lover


  • I dislike that clown Mayweather and everything his obnoxious MoneyTeam stands for. If Rajon did blow-off what was possibly KG & Paul’s last game in green just for that chump, I’d be disappointed. But Paul, KG & Rondo did have s sit-down behind closed doors after the G3 debacle. Could’ve been Rajon asking for their blessing to go down & support Mayweather..who knows. It’s all speculation for now I guess..

  • LA Flake

    The first official “It’s Offseason” post.

  • kobe

    it seems that he would rather see a mexican guy got beat up than to see the CBA Boston Celtics get beat up by the Knicks

    • vitamin d

      Celtics didn’t get beat up though, they fought back

  • DaTruth34_17

    Don’t have a problem w Rondo doing this, at least I’m sure he’ll be playing out there if cleared to play, unlike D. Rose who just goes to clubs weeks after being cleared by docs.

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  • rajon rondo lover

    um no first of all the shirt looks sexy on him so stop being ass holes and making fun of my baby bitches