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Your Morning Dump… Where there are no answers yet on the future of KG and Truth

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“I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest with you. I’m kind of digesting , obviously, the current, and Doc came to me, pulled Paul and I to the side and all three of us agreed to speak later — too emotional,” said Garnett. “Obviously, it was a big game, tough loss, especially at home. But more importantly in the future, it’s a different day for that conversation.”

While Garnett swatted away most inquiries about his future, he spoke strongly about how the organization’s decision on whether to retain Pierce, whose contract is only $5 million guaranteed and could be an amnesty candidate, could play into his status.

“One of the big reasons I came [to Boston] was because of Paul,” said Garnett. “Obviously, you want to be in a situation where it’s better. I want to make sure that I’m able to always help a team. I want to be in positions to where I’m giving something. I demand a lot of myself, both physically and from a skill level. But I’d be lying to y’all if I said Paul didn’t play into that factor. Like I said, it’s too soon of a conversation for me right now.”

Asked if he expected to be back in Boston next season, 35-year-old Pierce said that was a question for the Celtics’ front office.

“That’s up to [Celtics president of basketball operations] Danny [Ainge] and them,” said Pierce. “I have no idea.”

ESPN Boston 

Talked to some close to Paul, they are certain he’s played his last game as a Celtic. Their quote, all good things must come to an end

Greg Dickerson – Twitter

Paul Pierce did say he would return for a 16th season, he’s just unsure what jersey he’ll be wearing. KG says he’s undecided and will be influenced by Paul’s fate. Add Doc Rivers to the mix of uncertainty, too. But I’d be stunned if Doc’s not back next season.

It’s possible ownership bows to sentimentality and refuses to part with Pierce. If that’s true, then I would relegate both Garnett and Pierce to reserve roles. Go full throttle with Rondo, Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger. Starting KG and Pierce, again, would only lead us down this same road. There are two problems with this scenario a) the team will likely be mediocre and b) it leaves Danny Ainge with very little flexibility in adding necessary complimentary pieces (like a starting center).

I think it’s time to rip the band-aid off on Pierce. He’s not a 35 minute a night workhorse anymore and he’s definitely not worth the $15 million. The bad moments far outweigh the good ones. The C’s cannot buy him out for $5 million and bring him back at a reduced number.

I do see value in keeping Garnett, provided he wants to stay sans Pierce. Big men are still at a premium. He could come off the bench, provided a spark for 20 minutes a game while mentoring the young guys.

This is a fluid and complex situation. There are several, intertwined scenarios.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any that lead us to Banner 18 next season.

Amid all the question marks, I can say one thing with confidence: I truly enjoyed watching KG and the Truth lead this team.

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  • KG said he does not want to play without Paul. He also said the team needs more pieces to contend. I think he’s right. So keeping one without the other probably won’t work.

    In hindsight, I think this year’s roster was mediocre. It looked good on paper and the media sold it pretty well. But the team’s performance did not meet expectations. Injuries made this even worse. I think this disappointed KG and Paul profoundly. They don’t want to go through this type of year again where they’re forced to do just about everything to keep this team above water. I don’t blame them. As a fan, I don’t want to go through that either.

    • forever_green

      Well said, I see Paul & KG coming back. Personally I didn’t think the roster looked good on paper, we need quality big men, and scoring off the bench.

  • Stephanie McGovern

    If they get rid of kg no one will no how to be a Celtic the locker room would be a mess because rondo and whoever they bring in is gonna try to take the leadership role it would be a terrible mistake they need kg and pierce to show these young guys how to be professionals we just gotta keep the team together an have them stay healthy now they no how to play together that’s the reason the spurs stay so good they keep the team together so it’s like there all sharing a brain

  • Double P

    This team is now about to enter NBA purgatory.. Not good enough to contend but not bad enough to be in lottery. Pierce and (likely) KG are going to be gone next year in my opinion. Looking at a starting five of Rondo, Bradley, Green, Sully, and a center to be named. So sad to see the kg era end but it has been the most enjoyable period of time for me as a Celtic fan.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      about to enter purgatory? we were in it when Rondo went down, and should have made trades before the deadline THIS season. Rebuilding has to happen this offseason. Miami is a juggernaut, Knicks have good pieces, Indiana is young and tough, the Bulls may be a huge contender. Were not in contention unless we make moves to get better/younger.

      We could’ve had JR Smith, Andre Blatche, Birdman, JJ Redick, possibly Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan and even K-mart, but we went with Terry and Lee and Barbosa and Collins and Terrence Williams and Jordan Crawford and DJ White and Shavlik. This may be Ainge’s last year, he pulled the trigger on the wrong guys. Get Josh Smith and start working on a deal / plan to get Kevin Love. If both KG and Paul leave we will have the $$. Starting lineup of Rondo, Bradley, Green, Josh Smith and Kevin Love works for me, with Sully and Terry (or maybe Reddick or Bledsoe) off the bench.

      • ShawnCVD

        IMHO impossible to have Blatche due to legit beef between him and KG. When the $$ is low Blatch had a say where he goes (provided another team offered money which the Nets did).

        KMart is a douche. Birdman was coming off some crazy controversy though Ainge should have tried to get him.

        Barbosa wasn’t a bad choice he got injured. Crawford was a bust. T Will is a fine pick up off the discard pile.

        Terry really needed to bring it from the start of the post season not the final 3 games…

  • Mostly agree with Chuck…although, the Pierce issue facing ownership will focus on “marketability & profitability”, not “sentimentality”.

    Ownership knows who buys the game-day tickets and the licensed jerseys…it is the youngest aspect of the fan-base. Those fans have only seen the Celtics win with KG/PP, and cannot even imagine Boston ever winning again w/o them.

    If Pierce is back it is because Wyc & Co. chose to exploit {for 1 more year} the irrational “fear-of-the-future” that inflicts those fans who make owning the Celtics a lucrative venture…in order to sell more walk-up tickets and gear.

    It will be an easy sell for them.

    • ShawnCVD

      For once I whole heartedly agree with you! PP retiring a Celtic IS good business. Don’t forget that putting a… nostalgic group on the floor is a great sports story and enhances the Celtic mystic. Boston is NOT trying to land the next Melo or Howard. Boston needs the next transcendant superstar. The Cs alligned themselves for that type of player in the past (see Duncan, Durant) and succeeded when the got Ticket.

      I for one wouldn’t mind seeing PP and Garnett move to bench and provide a huge lift with JET . To do that will need a starting Center. Imagine getting 36 points, 16 boards, and 8 assists from the 2nd unit each night plus veteran leadership. I’ve seen worse ideas…

      • Don`t jump to conclusions…you might not agree with me afterall! I`m NOT saying they should bring Pierce back.

        I`m just saying that IF he comes back…it will because ownership believes they can make a handsome monetary profit off of it.

        The Celtic legacy is in their NBA record 17 banners, winning 8 in a row.

        Bob Cousy, Dave Cowens, Jo Jo White, Robert Parish, Paul Silas…are still looked upon as great Celtics, yet none of them retired as Celtics.

        • ShawnCVD

          Ahh! Not so! I was agreeing with your stance that ownership will make a business decision RE PP. It was a shrewd observation by you.

          • Ok, wasn`t sure…I guess the shock of seeing someone actually agreeing with me triggered the confusion!

          • ShawnCVD

            Yeah…sorry for effing up your routine…

  • Chulinho

    On one hand, this team needs change. The core needs to get younger and this team needs a new presence in the middle. On the other hand, I don’t know if I can take KG’s retirement, Pierce’s departure, and a farewell from Doc in the same offseason. That’s too much to take.

  • John Smith

    What would be the point in breaking the team up now, if it’s in an attempt to become greater contenders? They aren’t going to become contenders again through this free agent class. KG is hardly past it, although unjustly, he was an all-star this year. Pierce is still a top 5 small forward as well, he had a great season. They’ve got something left in the tank.

    Things just got a little messy in the playoffs, because they didn’t have Rondo and Paul was forced to do things that Rondo would of been doing. These playoffs are not a representation of the current state of the Celtics and hopefully Ainge knows that.

    I believe they should bring everyone back for the next few seasons, as the cap space comes in 2015, they don’t need to be bogged down by big contracts like Bass’ and Terry’s in a rebuilding effort. They have an outside shot at bringing in a starting centre in Chris Kaman at the mini mid-level. They also have a bunch of guys they could swap around for role players. If they can get a back up point guard, keep Jason Terry and add Kaman/Dalembert, then they have a shot at the conference finals. And once you’re in the conference finals, you’ve got a fighters chance. I’d personally like to see Nate back, add some fire power off the bench.

    • frickenWaaaltah


      People don’t seem to get that ditching Paul and Kevin now probably also means ditching Rondo, Jeff, Bass, and AB one deal at a time over the course of the next two years. Rondo, Jeff, and Bass are in their prime now and AB will be in a few years.

      If they don’t ditch those guys too, the team would be stuck as a borderline playoff team. It would really hurt to let go of Avery in particular, because of his niche and because he’s still a few years before his prime, but his rookie contract is up after next season and he’ll probably cost about as much as Jeff to keep. The timing is really not good.

      To hit the reset button now means ditching a good group of guys, almost too many, but building a certain contender without spending a few years at the bottom seems impossible. Man, this is a tough puzzle of an offseason.

      • John Smith

        Being a certain contender is a luxury that about 90% of the NBA are not afforded. As a fan base, we have to hope that Ainge brings in strong minded players, because the C’s won’t be certain contenders, but they can sign guys who have been and will compete to get back there.

        I’d be happy if Ainge went after guys like Fisher, Stephen Jackson, Billups, Kaman. Too much is made of teams having older guys, but the younger guys often choke when the moment gets big. So what i’m saying is, sign some veterans to the minimum and give it another shot. The worse case scenario is they go out early in the playoffs, i’d rather that than have no hope of contention. I don’t get why the team needs to be broken up because they didn’t win a championship, only one team does each year. The 2011 Mavs are what the C’s should be looking to replicate, a stacked team with veterans who elevate their games in the playoffs.

  • Right now I have a hangover that would make Dean Martin jeoluis. My opinions will have to wait

  • Stephanie McGovern

    Trade kg and pierce for a couple players and draft picks to okc so they can make a championship run with them then we get okcs two first rounders this year an possibly some young talent I think one of okcs first rounders might be a lottery pick from the harden trade maybe. Another good move would to try and get demarcus cousins somehow with the right coach he could be the best center in the league

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      I agree with trading both Paul and KG to a contender, but I think the Clippers would be a better fit. They both want to play in L.A., and Clipps need some All-star talent with Championship experience to get to the next level. I also agree on Cousins, but not sure how to get him. Josh Smith is the free agent worth grabbing, if we lose atleast one of the big contracts with Pierce and KG. Kevin Love is the perfect fit for the Celtics though, make that happen in the next couple years and we would be legit again.

  • Brian Lynch

    Good bye….bring big al Jefferson here and take a gamble on iguodala or oj mayo lets turn the page!!!

  • pearl31

    Funny San Antonio has not won since 06-07 and keep trying to add pieces around Duncan and cast. They choose to keep making runs not drop into mediocrity.

    KG was plus one last night, still a top 20 NBA player. 23 different starting lineups, 12 games with the projected lineup. Good god you need to try one more time. If Rondo was there we would be in the Eastern Conf finals.

    Deandre Jordan, Josh Smith and Bledsoe are out today also

  • JB

    KG and PP have done their run as starters. KG has said his decision rests with Paul’s. Paul is not looking to retire which means the best option for the Celtics is to trade him which means KG not coming back as the lone “elder” vet on a rebuild team.
    The Big 3 Big 4 and Doc have been a tight knit grp. If KG and PP gone Rajon Rondo will not be in a hurry to return from injury but will take his time to recoup and decide if he wants to remain on a rebuild and in essence repeat Paul Pierce’s journey with the Celtic Organization. Rajon may welcome a trade that Danny has been playing with for last few yrs . A RR trade may bring in some new young players that Danny seeks.
    Rajon at mid career may just want to be on a team with a solid core that has championship opportunities than sitting on a rebuild team that doesn’t. Rajon is 27 and is in his prime does he want to wait like PP did?
    With KG, PP gone and Rajon looking at options or Danny looking to trade RR I do not agree with you I think Doc will decide to move on. Doc has a grt post celtic career as a commentator and his name has been mentioned as part of the Olympics. Couple yrs as a top commentator/analyst then he will be able to choose a team with a solid core like he had in Boston for another run as a coach and a ring.

    These guys have been part of the Celtic family but they are also people with emotions, strong ties with one another, business people and have families, and their own future to think of.
    This Celtic core team has been a very special run that cannot be repeated. After 9 yrs would Doc want to try it all over again with a new grp of young players.

    Danny Ainge …. needs to be evaluated… last 4 /5 yrs same chronic problems, constant roster changes for last 5 yrs that continue to be unsuccessful.
    The most sad thing is Danny has not been able to find that support grp for KG, Paul Rajon and Ray over the yrs. There were so many opportunities.

  • Nobody mentions San Antonio’s age, nobody mentioned Boston’s age last year in the ECF through the first 5 games. Rondo , Sully and Barbosa would have us in the ECF again this year if not injured, I truly believe that. Anyway we could do a sign and trade for Josh Smith or Al Jefferson? Even if Bradley is in the deal. All this team needs is one big that can allow KG to play 20-25 minutes a night. and shooters all around them. Green could score to allow Pierce to play less minutes.

    • John Smith

      Chris Kaman and Samuel Dalembert are both starting centre’s stuck on teams that don’t use them. The Celtics could use the mini mid-level to sign one of those guys.

      • Bledgreen

        What about gortot. Maybe sign and trade with bass or lee

  • Here’s a trade that works. Lee Bradley and Bass for Al Horford. That’s a line up of Rondo Sully Green Horford need a free agent shooting guard. Bench is KG PP and Terry.

    • John Smith

      Here’s a trade that works, Pierce and Terry for Lebron James.

      • kobe

        why not Jordan Crawford for Lebron James straight up

  • MrCuret

    The Celtics don’t need to rebuild, they just need to reload. I’d say amnesty PP (another team is going to pick him up so the C’s would only pay a portion of his contract) & use the 15 mil to sign Jefferson, KG will mostly likely retire if Pierce’s gone so they can buy him out. I’d say trade Terry & Lee for a back up PG (Bayless, Maynor, Livingston, etc) & a SF (Cory Brewer, Webster, etc). They have a good young core in Rondo, Bradley, Sullinger & Green. I’d say keep Bass (he played pretty good in the playoffs), Randolph (can play as a backup center, good hustler & rebounder), Williams, Crawford as role players. Besides, whoever doesn’t work out trade him at the deadline.

  • kobe

    the Clippers should have traded Bledsoe and Deandre for KG, look at the mighty loaded clippers, first round exit.

    • Bledgreen

      I think this is the first time you have said soneyhing woth reading on this site

  • Bledgreen

    Now if kg and peirce retire we will have $$$. That would be a great time for Danny to prove his worth and construct a new big 3. Maybe add jsmoove and trade for another big name like dcuz or sign tyreke. Then add complementary prices like gortot jarret jack dalembert and keep people like twills rondo sully

    • frickenWaaaltah

      They’d have about 18ish million if both retire or were otherwise gotten off the books somehow without taking any salary on. That’s like one major guy and one decent bench player. But if they buy out Paul, it would partially count against the cap and so it’d be less.

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