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T-Will: We don’t like them, they don’t like us

Terrence Williams was the only Celtics player to address the media this morning:

“No, there are no surprises,” Williams said. “At this point, I don’t think either team likes each other. We’re all for our guys and they’re for their guys. When people wear all black and say it’s a funeral, a lot of us have people that died in our own personal lives. That’s not really something funny. That’s not something to play with. You can say you’re going to end the series in New York but not [call it] a funeral. We know we don’t like them and we know they don’t like us.”

That bad blood was countered when Jordan Crawford verbally attacked Carmelo Anthony at the end of Game 5, giving the Knicks some ammunition in the war of words. Crawford didn’t play in Game 5 but Williams did. It was Williams, along with DJ White and Chris Wilcox, who was at the center of trying to keep Crawford away from Anthony and the Knicks.

“I was there, yeah,” Williams said Friday morning. “I don’t really remember. I put out of my mind. As you guys saw, I was trying to be the peacemaker. I grabbed Felton. I don’t want that to escalate. I don’t really remember.”

Except for Kenyon Martin’s near flagrant foul on KG in Game 5 and the Crawford, Melo, Felton do-si-do immediately following the game, this series hasn’t been overly physical. That could change tonight.

Ken Mauer, Bennett Salvatore and Ed Malloy are the officials. I like having some of David Stern’s top capos officiating this game. If there’s a conspiracy in the works, it’s one that pushes this series to 7 games.

Although, you might remember Malloy’s awful decision to eject Paul Pierce from Game 1 of the 2011 playoff series with Miami.

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  • eddysamson

    I really liked Twill’s reaction to the drama, in the moment, and afterwards. He was one of those players who people thought was a headcase. He just put his arm around Felton which seemed successful in calming him down. Just goes to show what the Celtic influence really does to people (minus Crawford apparently). Twill seems like a different person with us and you gotta give credit to Ainge for picking him up.

    • Roy

      Agree. I don’t know what Crawford was thinking? But this is Crawford so we should not be surprised.Why stoop to the level of the Knicks, because clearly the Knicks have no class, or understanding as to what they did. The Knicks are sure cocky for a bunch of guys with no real individual success except for Kidd.

    • Chulinho

      100% agree. Also, aside from his demeanor, he seems to have the ability to run the offense. I understand Doc doesn’t want to put too much pressure on T-Will right now due to his short amount of time with the C’s, but I think next season he’d be a capable backup to Rondo.

      • eddysamson

        I think Twill should get at least 20 minutes tonight, if not more. If Bradley is going to continue struggling on both sides, might as well give him more minutes.

  • Bledgreen

    Wow looking at that vid reminded me how incredibly biased the series was. It was a legit attempt to make the heat win

  • Bennett Salvatore means the fix is in for New York. I’d rather have Joey Crawford (only ref with the stones to call a charge on Lebron- he’s always fair).

  • I’m a 48 year old die hard green wearing arrogant Celtics fan. I live in the New York area, they are very scared around here!!! The screws get tighter with each win.

  • Brick James

    honey nut chee-rios … clap clap, clapclapclap