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Photo Gallery: Celtics-Knicks G5

Behind a total team effort, the Celtics beat the Knicks 92-86 last night to force a Game 6 back in Boston tomorrow. The Knicks dressed all in black for “Boston’s funeral”, but at the end of the night, the Celtics were still alive! Tip-off at TD Garden tomorrow night is at 7pm.

Enjoy some pics & GIFs from last night via HoopChina…

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  • Looking at these pics and plays reminds me how the Knicks are being allowed to grab, slap, and crash into the Celts without anything from the refs. Look at the images of Pierce on the ground and eraser-head is just YANKING AWAY on his arms! They are being rewarded for flopping all over the damn place too.
    Way to rise above the BS Celtics!

    • Excellent point Robert..

    • justin miller

      spot on. anyone who has DVR, please go back and watch every minute JR Smith was in game last night. watch closely now, this man i believe has a neck made of rubber. Anytime a celtic was within spitting distance of him or laid a FINGER on him, his neck instinctively snaps back in an almost violent fashion. its seriously appalling to watch honestly. watch in 3rd quarter as hes walking up the court, and bradley meets him to square up, and jr starts neck floppin AWAY from the ball with no contact whatsoever. didnt think id ever say this… well done joey crawford. Pathetic the way these knicks play, forcing the refs to win the game for them or bust. BLEED GREEN!!!!!!!!

  • Chulinho

    That pic of Spike Lee is great. The anguish is written all over him…and the Knicks fan to his left.

  • The Celtics have had their good and bad moments. Best of luck for the season.