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J.R. Smith apparently went clubbing before Game 5

J.R. Smith couldn’t make a shot last night… but he was apparently making a lot of them the night before… at a few NYC hotspots.

However, it looks like Smith may have celebrated too hard the night before as pictures of Smith downing alcohol at a club have surfaced. Smith visited three clubs on Tuesday night, less than 24 hours prior to Game 5; a game the Celtics were NOT playing around in. This is why it was so vital for the Knicks to pickup a veteran like Jason Kidd who will explain to Smith that was probably the dumbest thing he could before a game. It is time for Smith to relax on the trash talk with the Celtics and quit the clubbing before games and get back to driving to the rim which made him so effective. Otherwise, it will be a LONG offseason for Knicks’ fans.

Remember when I said I wouldn’t trust J.R. Smith to handle this situation?  This is the crap I’m talking about.

And the funny thing is, not clubbing all the time was J.R.’s secret to success this season:

I approach every day differently now,” Smith said. “Every day I think of it as a positive [to] get into the gym with these guys, try to get the best work as you can. A lot of times previously in my career I’ve had negative energy coming into the gym. Just not wanting to be there, jumping around, goofing off.

“This year it’s been more serious, understanding every road trip we take is a work trip, not just a play trip. Come here, working hard, understanding and knowing that if I work hard maybe the next guy will see me working hard and it will push him.”

Yeah… not so much.

It started with the elbow…. now it’s the clubbing… what’s going to be next for J.R. “Sixth Man of the Year” Smith in this series?

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  • dk

    what an asshole…good! i dont want him to stop anything…i hope he keeps doing it actually!

  • Well, well, well look at this, so J.R. really had no respect for Boston, he thought that he could party and still go in and roll over the Celtics, well he met Karma last night and i hope she shows up at games 6 and 7 as well, I bet he will grow up after that.

  • KGino

    It all makes sense now, he must’ve been drunk til the 4th quarter!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Wear all black again tomorrow night, beeatch.

  • Lol let him continue drinking like that !

  • Karma….pshhht, you bostonian boneheads. You guys are finished.
    Jordan Crawford should be concerned with who boinked HIS mom, then maybe he wouldn’t be such an asshat. The asshat.

    Over/Under on how many times Paul Pierce looks like he should retire is at 11.

    Oh, also Knicks fans def not panicking, delusional Boston sports world at it again. Reality is that Boston is about to enter a Sports dark-ages. Knicks fans want blood.

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