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Your Morning Dump…where the Knicks keep talking

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

 “Yeah. That’s cool. I thought they wore that last game too,” Jason Terry said yesterday of the Martin comment.

“For us it don’t change whether they wear white, pink, blue, black, green — it’s Game 7 for us. We know what mindset we have to be in. You lose, you’re going home. That’s what it is.”

Boston Herald: Knicks’ trash talk motivates Celtics

The Knicks sure are a confident bunch. They are just the type of team that you could enjoy seeing go through a monumental collapse, ala 2004 New York Yankees. The team talks a good game for a team that is built around Carmelo Anthony and a bunch of role players. It isn’t like they are the Heat or Thunder who were built around two or three superstars. The Knicks have one superstar and complimentary pieces around him. To make matters worse, it isn’t the superstar doing the talking either.

On Tuesday, Knicks’ JR Smith came out and expressed that if he had played Game 4, the Knicks would be golfing right now waiting for Round 2. Kenyon Martin told New York fans to wear black, for a funeral. Smith has been especially vocal throughout the series, but its comments like this that motivate a team. Remember in 2004 when Kevin Millar kept saying “Don’t let us win this one”  during pregame warmups? Well, the Knicks should focus less on the chatter and more on not letting the Celtics win this one. A win here and the Celtics have a home game 6, and anything happens after that. Momentum is a funny thing, and the worst team to give momentum to is a group of veterans that are on their last run.

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  • If any team can do it, it’s this team. And if any team can collapse, it’s these Knicks. Not saying it will happen, but as KG taught us:


  • Reggie35RIP

    Dumbasses don’t realise they’re just adding fuel to the fire. Would be great to win another one in NY.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    Running out of gas. In close-out playoff games, the Celtics blow a lead in the end of the 3rd quarter and lose in game 7 (2010 finals, 2013 ECF) I think that even happened in game 5 in 2011. Someone refresh my memory on the game 7 loss to Orlando in 2009, were we up in that game?

    • No KG and we got blown out

    • Nash

      Nope we got blown out (I think)

    • frickenWaaaltah

      They would have lost game 5 except Stephon Marbury had his one awesome 4th quarter. Game 6 was close until the 4th. They had a 4th quarter power outage and got outscored by 9 points, 22-13, and lost by 8 points. Game 7 was not close; they started out way behind. They did fight back to 5 at the end of the 3rd, but then it ended with a 19 point win for Orlando, outscoring Boston 14 points in the 4th, 35-21.

      That series didn’t feel close at all to me. It felt like Orlando would just step on the gas whenever they needed to. C’s were clearly exhausted, hobbled, etc from the round 1 war with Chicago and a long season without Kevin, and Orlando was in the middle of one of the all time hottest NBA playoff shooting streaks.

    • Jacksen Kelly

      Celtics/Magic game 7 I don’t think that game was close. I think the C’s made a mini push during late 4th quarter, but they couldn’t overcome the deficit.

  • KGino

    New York teams are always so classy… Feel like we’re playing Rex Ryan’s jets tonight.

    Lets go Celts, they’d be shakin in their nikes if we won this one.

  • Let NY talk all they want… won`t change the fact that 2013 will represent the 40th consecutive Spring they go home without a title.

    Makes the 21 consecutive Springs Boston went home empty {`87-`07} seem comparatively painless.

    • Ron

      U had me up until the last sentence, but why am I not suprised by you. LOL

      • You`re welcome…it`s all about the power of negative thinking

        “If a man is a pessimist before he reaches age 30…he knows too much. If he`s an optimist after age 30…he knows too little”.

        • tvor03

          what a sad and miserable life you must have.

  • When Miami with Wade and LeBron beat us in 2011 they cried. When they were up 2-0 on us last year they talked about how tough we would be to beat us in Boston. These Knicks don’t get it, if they beat us they will get their asses handed to them in Miami.

    • Jacksen Kelly

      That’s the difference between the Heat and Celtics. There’s a respect factor between the Celtics and Heat. Despite the two teams hating each other, they respect each other from a competitive stand-point. In 2011, Miami had to learn the hard way, because just being talented, cocky and confident doesn’t guarantee u wins. In 2012, Miami learned the hard way, again facing Boston in the playoffs.

      An older, injured, depleted Celtics pushed the Heat seven games. The Heat had to claw their way through the ECF BOS/MIA series. Where as the Knicks are centered around Melo and a bunch of cast-offs. A bunch of cocky cast-offs with no personal accolades except for Kidd. Carmelo is not a leader or a player that get’s u far. Let the Knicks have their moment, because sooner or later, they will learn the hard way.

    • William

      Garnett, Pierce, James and Wade are about winning. Carmelo is about scoring. Jr.Smith and Kenyon Martin are head-cases along for the ride.

    • Totally accurate. And while the Heat guys certainly made some bonehead moves early on, it’s hard not to respect their work now.

      How you present yourselves is important. If the Heat had lost last year, it would have looked like they understood what they were up against and they couldn’t overcome it. If the Knicks lose (and at this point, even if they win) they just look like a bunch of overconfident clods.

      I’m a big Knicks fan. I grew up watching them because my dad’s a New Yorker, and they’ve been my number 2 team for a long time. But this team is insufferable and not ready for primetime. Melo is proving himself to not be in the same league as people like LBJ, Kobe, KG, or Truth. He’s just not a serious player who can do big time things when it’s necessary. The culture he promotes is an unserious one. If this were STATs team and he could stay healthy, I think you’d see a different attitude, and I think you’d also see a team where Tyson Chandler could reach his full potential. As it stands, you’ve got a team who is on the verge of a major collapse, probably can’t get through the Pacers, and definitely can’t get through the Heat. Bask in the mediocrity, NYC. Bask in it.

  • Ron

    Should anyone be surprise by these Knicks. Look at the personnel on the Knicks roster. It’s full of guys with character issues. Full of guys that are has-bins, knuckle-heads and cast-offs. Some people don’t know how to deal with first-time success. So let them have their moment. The Knicks are the 2 seed by default and if they happen to get far in the playoffs, they will get crushed by Miami.