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Recap: Grit and balls trumps Knicks clown talk

Is there anything better than watching somber Knicks fans walk out of Madison Square Garden on a night they hoped to win their 1st playoff series in 13 years?

The Celtics scratched and clawed their way to a 92-86 win over New York in a game deemed the Celtics’ funeral by Kenyon Martin. Mr. Big Mouth played awfully small – 2 points, 2 rebounds and 5 fouls. The Knicks other yapper, J.R. Smith, was nearly as bad (3-14 FG, -8).

But enough about those clowns. Let’s hail the Celtics for displaying some championship mettle. Okay, that may be a stretch, but at least we know they are still capable of winning some bar fights.

The Green:

Jeff Green’s phenomenal 4th quarter; ten of his team high 18 points came in the final 12 minutes. His back-to-back triples inside three minutes kept the Knicks from creeping too close.

How about old man Garnett? 16 points, 18 rebounds and 5 assists. His 20-footer with 48 seconds remaining was the dagger.

Paul Pierce’s vintage 3rd quarter. The Truth didn’t shoot well tonight (6-19) and he struggled against Iman Shumpert, but his ten point 3rd quarter allowed the Celtics to stretch their 6 point halftime lead to 9.

Jason Terry (17 points, 5-9 3FG) and Brandon Bass (17 points, 5 rebounds) deserve props for solid games.

The Gross:

The Celtics still cannot defend Raymond Felton (21 points, 10-19 FG). He continues to slice apart the Celtics defense on pick-and-rolls. Maybe Avery Bradley has a severe groin injury that’s preventing him from staying in front of Felton.


Jeff Green swooping dunk in the 4th quarter

Terry to Garnett to Bass for some rare ball movement

And KG’s post game comments with Greg Dickerson

The Grid:

  • Carmelo Anthony shot 8-24 in one of the biggest games on his life
  • Doc Rivers went with a 7 man rotation (Terry and T-Will off the bench)
  • Boston outrebounded NY 41-39

Box score

“We dressed like we were going to a funeral. We ended up getting buried.” – JR Smith

We have a subtle message for the Knicks:


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  • KGino

    F YA! That was a bar fight man… kg better not retire

  • Lee in Oregon

    Tonite’s win is what Celtic pride is all about. JR
    Smith did alot of talking and then had a John Starks-like game. Keep talkin
    Smith & Melo….meanwhile the C’s put together their best game of the
    series. Bass impressed me again. The garden is gonna be crazy for game 6!

  • eddysamson

    How about that game out of Bass! I am pretty sure he had 17 without taking a single jumper! THAT is what we needed. When we had 0 in the 1st I was telling my friends…this is when we need Bass, he makes his shots when no one else is and away he went almost on cue!

    • eddysamson

      oh and I forgot to say I really like the minutes Twills got tonight. I dont care if his stats dont stand out, good things happen when he’s out there. I think he had the 3rd best +/- on the team. I wish Doc would use a backup big..Wilcox or Shav…just a bit, but other than that I didnt mind not seeing Lee or Crawford.

      • Bledgreen

        I think doc has his rotatons spot on. We need either peirce. Garnett. Or green. On the floor at all times. Remember last year. We always had 2 of our core 4 on the floor. That matters in the playoffs. I do think peirce needs less mins if we Mage it to round 2 because he starts to rin out of gass st the end

        • eddysamson

          I dunno man, even Stiesma and Hollins got minutes in the playoffs last year and KG was looking perfect. This year KG is looking old and a bit off and we’re playing no one to back him really!

  • Bledgreen

    Was just over at posting and toasting and it seems the Knicks fans are staring to come to the same conclusion about their team that we have. It’s amazing what i will take to knock some sense into them

  • We live to play another day! UBUNTU.

  • Mannie

    Shame on all the fans blasting the team when we were 0-3. You should support your team through thick and thin, no matter what!
    Kg, 3 great rebounding games. If he’s offense comes along, it will be great plus.

    What was that about between Felton and dj white/ Crawford at the end?

    • eddysamson

      I think Crawford said something like “so much for the funeral” or something in reference to the wearing black thing…I’m guessing Melo dissed the fact that he didnt play and Crawford didnt like it? I dunno… but it was pretty hilarious watching Twills with his arm around Felton

      • dk

        complete idiots–they were talking about it on TNT–even Barkley said he’s rooting for the Celtics! he said they need to stop talking and play–they’re supposed to win they’re the 2 seed.

  • dk
  • TommyPoints


  • dk

    Great win–can’t believe how arrogant these Knicks have been who have won nothing their entire careers–especially against a proven team of veterans like the C’s. Right on what Mrs. Grousbeck stated–totally tasteless and tacky that these idiots start running their mouth about how theyre dressing like its a funeral against Boston in light of all the tragedy that happened in Boston. Surprised no one said anything. Even Spike Lee got in on it! It’s one thing when absolute low life idiots like KMart and JR Smith say it, its another thing when a (I thought) a somewhat (intelligent) person like Spike Lee does it. You’d think he’d know better.

    Love the way this team has responded- Real Celticpride!

  • Why the hell did they wait until they were down 3-0 to hold a “Shower Summit”?

    From now on they`re playing with “house money”…all I ever hoped for was for them to win at least 2 games.

    No matter what happens Friday, this is an extremely respectable showing under horrible circumstances {no Sully/RR}.

    • Reggie35RIP

      Hold up. I thought Disqus was meant to put a stop to username hijacking? There must be something wrong because there’s no way the real RLC would post something this reasonable.

      • Hold on…still not predicting a historic series comeback from 0-3 {even though I`d love to see it happen}.

        Just pleased to see them throw a “scare” at NY given their many hardships.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    Jordan Crawford is a littlel hood lmao, I can see him not coming back. And Doc yelling at Fab, that was hilarious. But Felton and Shumpert are really under my skin, so I dont mind having our little thug J Craw yapping while still in warm ups

    • what crawford said was “that motherf****r f****d your wife” ”

  • Tien Trinh

    Look guys, we are only one game away from tying it! Also, 4 more quarters! Then of course, all out in game 7.

  • JB

    KG putting it all on the floor …. Going out in KG style….really going to miss this guy

  • forever_green

    Respect earning win, C’s played with such great chemistry it was fun to watch, TWill’s ball handling really helped out.

    Shout out to Reds Army for letting people be themselves, they’re so up tight at another Blog they can’t handle the smallest things, plus the CEO is a hypocrite. Only took me three years to figure that out.

    • All true…especially the part about Reds Army.

      John & Chuck are the “Titans of Tolerance”.

      • WHAT DID YOU CALL ME??? [[looks for ban button]]

    • thanks for the shout out. I’d prefer not to trash other blogs in the process (well, most other blogs). We all choose to run our sites differently.

      Our rule here is simple. No over the top personal attacks, and no slurs. The rests is case by case basis.

  • LessIsMore

    KG is such a beast!

    • Mannie

      Ryan Leslie, is that you?!

      • LessIsMore


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