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Your Morning Dump… Where I say nice things about Jason “Sunshine” Terry

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Terry was signed with the express purpose of hitting open 3-pointers, adding energy, and hitting significant shots in the postseason. But before Game 4, Terry was best known in this series for getting beat on defense by fellow 30-something Pablo Prigioni and being the recipient of an elbow to the chin by New York’s J.R. Smith in Game 3, causing a one-game suspension.

Sunday was vintage Terry, the one who peppered the Miami Heat with jumpers in the 2011 NBA Finals, the fireball who plays with fearlessness, not anxiety, who approaches the moment with vigor, not hesitancy.

“He was great,” Rivers said. “You know, that’s what he does. He’s made so many big shots in his career. It’s amazing, you know, you guys don’t get to see it, but when you watch all the guys, and not just Jason Terry, but when you watch them practice on the floor on their own, they work on certain shots. And that’s the shot, that transition three is something he works on all the time. And you knew once he got it what he was going to do. I thought it was interesting when you watch the play, I thought Jason Kidd knew it, too. Because you could see him coming from the basket, from them playing with each other. So it was a big shot.”

Globe: It took a while, but Jason Terry shows up to the party with big shots in Celtics overtime win

I”m not going to lie… I almost shit myself when I saw Jason Terry pulling up for that three.

In my head, it was going to be a miss… long rebound to the Knicks… and then some kind of Raymond Felton shot to just kicks us in the baby maker one last time.


It went in.  So did his next one.  And then two more free throws on a…. ahem…. “drawn foul” (when it happens with one of your guys, it’s called “selling the call”.  Why do you think he was smiling so much after the play?).  And then the cherry picking layup to put the game away.

Jason Terry had finally played like….. Jason Terry.

He played 40 minutes, only the fifth time this year that he’s done that.  The Celtics are now 3-2 in those games, and one of those games game Jason Terry his season high 26 points.

We’ve speculated before that more minutes might be what Terry needs to get going.  Maybe he just needed an elbow to the jaw.  Whatever it was, the Celtics will need more of it to bring this city another basketball game before the summer.

“A lot of Knick fans were here tonight, it’s a closeout game and they take over our building? Not our building,” Terry said. “The Jet’s been in the hangar for a while, so I had to let that out tonight.”

The thing about JET’s game yesterday is that it was more of his kind of game, and not him being forced into “three-point specialist” mode.  Yes, JET can hit 3’s, and hit them in bunches.  But he was 6-6 from inside the arc, and it’s those mid-range jumpers and shots in the paint that can get him going from long-range.

Let’s face it, the Celtics need this guy if they’re going to have any chance in Game 5.  They’re going to need him to carry it over to New York and shove some more big shots in the face of the other Garden’s crowd.   They’re going to need him to bring more than sunshine if they’re going to extend this season.

“You know, I didn’t know him until this year and I said it the other day: he’s just one of those guys you want around your team, whether he’s playing or not. He brings sunshine. There’s guys – I would say probably most of you guys, you bring those dark clouds every time I see you – a couple of you don’t. But the sunshine-bringers, that’s who you want. And Jason Terry is one of those guys.”

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  • dk

    This is the difference between a classy, prideful organization like the Celtics and the flashy, no-substance, fair-weather organization like the Lakers. Celtics put a up a fight and have some pride not to be swept in their own house. Unlike the embarassment of the Lakers–who make another early exit and get blown out by 22 points and their best player on the floor is an immature loser and decides he doesn’t want to play anymore so he gets himself tossed and then yells at his own GM while he’s leaving the floor.
    The last 3 years the lakers got swept in the semis by Dallas after another disgraceful act by Bynum and Odem, lose in 5 to OKC in 2012 and get swept in the first round in 2013 all with these wonderful superstars.

  • I hope he gives us these clutch shots in game 5. It’s going to be a tough one for the C’s.

  • Reggie35RIP

    I would’ve been one grumpy f@#$er if we got swept and it was looking like it was going that way for a bit.

    Credit where credit’s due. Jet finally showed up when it mattered.

  • I was shocked with a win, honestly
    And that’s because of yet another 2nd half breakdown
    So glad Cs showed once again their heart, while Fakers took their masks off also
    But, in my book, things remain the same
    All injuries (excuses) aside, DA & Doc have a lot to answer about for this season
    If things are moving towards THE END, I don’t have much confidence left for their talk and bs moves anymore
    Sadly, but true
    If they stay, draft & off-season will soon prove me right/wrong
    Go Cs!