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Recap: Not in our house

KWAPT (@KWAPT) April 28, 2013 Gametime 26 Comments on Recap: Not in our house

Behind a huge OT from Jason Terry, some Truth heroics and Brandon Bass’ tough defense on ‘Melo, Celts avoid the sweep today. After watching a double-digit lead vanish (what is else is new), the C’s fought through some awful officiating, terrible offense of their own and beat the Knicks 97-90 in OT. Without JR Smith, the Knicks struggled to find much of an offense, until quarter #3 when Ray Felton got hot. Felton outscored the C’s all by himself in the 3rd, 16-14. It was yet another 12 minutes of stinky bball from Boston that fans have seen over much of this season. Felton’s trey at the end of the 3rd closed the gap and NY was down 68-65. Knicks went on a 7-2 run over the last 4 mins. of regulation, and we were headed to OT. That’s where Jet notched 9 points on 3 of 3 shooting and nailed 2 big free-throws to ice it. Boston now travels back to the Rotten Apple for game 5 on Wednesday night. Despite how atrocious some of the play has been this series, I’m proud of this year’s squad for finding the pride to force a trip back to NYC. If this is indeed “it” for guys like KG and Pierce, a win for the Knicks in our building to complete a sweep would’ve been a dreadful way to go out. But alas…they live to fight another day. Hell yes.

The Green:

  •  Jeff Green continues to show why many think he is a key to the Celtics future. An aggressive Green scored 26 points and was 7 of 8 from the FT line.
  • Paul Pierce’s dunk and big three-pointers down the stretch were key in keeping the Garden rocking and in getting this win. Not too pleased about his 6 turnovers, but we all know that without Truth’s 29 points, NY completes the sweep today.
  • A banged-up KG grabbed 17 boards and was an efficient 5 of 7 for 13 pts.
  • Jason Terry sealed the deal in OT with 9 points, a clutch trey and 2 big FT’s. Jet finished with 18 points
  • Brandon Bass’ numbers may not look pretty, but his tenacious D on ‘Melo helped keep Anthony out of a rhythm. Melo notched 36 points, but on a crazy 10 of 35 from the field. 16 of those 36 points came at the FT line.

The Gross:

  • Celtics could only muster 14 points in the 3rd quarter
  • Knicks won the battle of second-chance points 13-2
  • Avery Bradley looked to be still recovering from a stomach bug as he was 1 of 7 w/3 points in 39 mins. He did however have 4 steals.

The Greenlights:

Pierce Dunk

KG Alley-Oop

Pierce Trey
Jet Big Shots

The Grid: (quick stats)

  • Points in the paint: Celtics 30 Knicks 28
  • Free-throw attempts: Celtics 24 Carmelo Anthony 20
  • This is only the 2nd time Boston has had to force a Game 5 after being down 3-0 in a playoff series

Boxscore|Bonus video: Our friend Dart Adams w/postgame vid on Celts, Knicks fans attendance

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  • Bledgreen

    And to think I spent all last might looking at draft prospects

  • Mike C

    Jason Terry just saved us from what might have been the most embarassing play off loss in Celtics history. How do you let one guy (Felton) erase a 20 point lead. What the hell happens to this team at halftime? Do they take naps? KG made two huge bucktes on OT also. To bad it never should have gone to overtime in the first place. Thank Celtics for grinding out a game for all Boston fans. Well done..

  • Mannie

    Got a little emotional at the end of this game. The team showed a lot of heart and pride, even though they gave up such a big lead. The crown was awesome. Terry is very effective in a pick and roll with kg, like he’d always been with dirk in Dallas. Hopefully doc sees that. It looks like Even T will has passed lee on the rotation.

  • Chulinho

    What was up with JET’s “last impression” remark?

    • JB

      Sounds like Jet giving a hint that KG is retiring at the end of this season. Hope this was not his last game in the TD Garden.

      • Bledgreen

        Before the game the announcers said they heard kg telling himself that this is it and stuff about the now agd winning now. He’s certrntky went balls to the wall with his rebounding and shot blocking so far

        • Chulinho

          I hope they misheard him, but it’s slowly hitting me that KG probably won’t be back next season.

          • Bledgreen

            He us still playing st a high level even with a hop pointer. He also has been pretty healthy besides this last month and has over 20 mil on the table. I can see no reason he would retire. But then again. Nobody knows the mind if kg

        • Rhyso

          He was saying that in the locker room last year too, before signing a 3 year deal. I think he goes one more year with Pierce, all depending on off-season moves. It would take a player like Josh Smith or Big Al coming in to come KG motivated for another title run.

      • Chulinho

        You and me both, JB. Even if it means losing the series and the end of his career, I’d prefer for KG’s final game to be at the TD Garden.

  • forever_green

    Great win…Great recap!

  • Lee in Oregon

    As nervewracking as it was, it was nice to see the C’s step up and defend the home-court. Obviously nobody misses Rondo more than Avery Bradley. Great to see Jet come through so big at the end, and Jeff Green was a stud. Unsung hero of the game was Bass- not easy checking Melo….

  • Roy Boy

    C’s fans at TD Garden have been disappointing during the regular and post-season. Especially with the post-season attendence. In games 3 and 4 I thought the C’s fans turn out was disappointing. I don’t know if the low turn out at TD Garden has to do with the disappointing season and post-season by the C’s, but it doesn’t hurt to show Garnett and Pierce support. I guess every fan-base including the Celtics have fair-weather fans too. But there’s no excuse for Knicks fans to be more animated and supportive at TD Garden.

    I was reading tweets from Celtics beat writers and bloggers and they talked how the TD Garden was empty. Really? Really sad. Boston area Celts fans are giving die hard Celts fans a bad name. Good or bad support your team! But at least idiot bandwagon Knicks fans were drowned out by C’s fans at game 4.

    • Al Gee

      From what I’ve read on twitter Celtics fans mailed it in after game 3 loss and basically sold there playoff tickets to Knicks fans. Celtics ticket holders will regret that when KG and PP walk away into the sunset. Not cool u should always support u r team regardless.

      • tt5239

        I was there and it was a little empty at first cuz the security was
        insane but quickly filled up. it doesn’t matter how the celts are doing,
        the season ticket holders always sell their tix to Knicks fans when
        they come to town, I’ve been to more than one Knicks game at the Garden.
        The Knicks fans were obnoxious but they weren’t in the majority. Garden
        was no where near empty and we were all pumped up so don’t hate.

        • KobeWearsAPurpleThong

          Well said..can’t judge all Boston area Celts fans by what you see on tv or read on Twitter. I go to quite a bit of games myself and it’s not fair to judge us due to a handful of pink hats/knuckleheads.

    • cassld

      I heard from a friend there that the place was somewhat empty early on because of security checks but filled in later. There were a lot of Knicks fans but there frequently is when we play NY. It’s so close there’s bound to be. When I was living in NY, same thing happened – tons of Celtics fans at MSG.

  • Roy Boy

    My take away from this game. Again, turnovers, Felton and 3rd quarters. I get the C’s are missing Rondo, but the turnovers are ridiculous! The Celtics keep making sloppy turnovers one after another. Raymond Felton has kiled Bradley on screens throughout this series. Bradley needs to do a better job getting under screens, because Felton is just blowing past him at will. And again, the 3rd quarter collapse and it’s a disturbing trend. It also one of the reasons why the C’s dug themselves into 3-1 hole. If only the C’s played all 48 mins of games 1,2,3 the C’s would be leading in this series.

  • Gorey

    I love AB, but he needs to work on his game this offseason. He’s took a huge step back in this series. Sloppy offensively, can’t shoot, getting abused by Felton. Getting abused by a player like Felton should never happen. Bradley has no crossover. He can’t break anyone down. Kid needs to work on his ball handling skills. Celtics haven’t played 4 straight quarters of basketball. It’s been the story all playoffs.

  • kobe

    Yup, I’m guilty in selling my tickets. I’m a Kobe fan but a big fan of KG! I believe DA and Boston treated KG badly by surrounding him with CBA and Dleague players Danny is a bad GM he’s like a greedy capitalist who is always thinking how to short changed the consumer! I wished KG have gone with a better organization.

    • Bledgreen

      How’s your gm working out. Mr Jodie Meeks sixth man

      • KGino

        He treated KG so poorly that he even won a Championship here!! I feel so short changed….

        Go home Kobe, ur high off your meds

        • kobe

          how many championship?

    • KGino

      Btw Kobe, there is no better organization. The Boston Celtics are the pinnacle of the entire NBA

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