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Your Morning Dump… Where it’s damn near criminal to blame Paul Pierce

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

He’s averaging 18.7 points, 6.0 assists and 5.0 rebounds – so again, he’s done a lot more than nothing. But he’s also 2-16 from 3-point range with 16 turnovers, some coming when Iman Shumpert apparently decides: Well, I think it’d be cool to just take the basketball straight out of Pierce’s hands right now.

Pierce can’t slow down Carmelo Anthony, can’t take advantage of Raymond Felton, and can’t help the Boston Celtics as they stagger toward completing one of the worst offensive series of all-time. The Celtics are down 3-0, one loss away from broomsticks, which would be the team’s initial first-round exit of the Kevin Garnett era. The last time Boston was swept, by the Indiana Pacers in 2003-04, Pierce started alongside Jiri Welsch, Walter McCarty, Chucky Atkins and Mark Blount.

“Definitely surprised,” he said Friday night after posting 17 points, five assists, four rebounds and five turnovers in a 90-76 Game 3 loss. “I thought we were a team that matched up well with the Knicks, I thought we played them pretty good throughout the season. We lost a couple close ones, but I didn’t expect us – coming in, I knew this would probably be a long series, being that the way we matched up. I really am surprised that we are down 0-3 right now.”


It’s damn near criminal to blame the Celtics’ disastrous performance vs the Knicks on Paul Pierce, but… he’s been so mediocre (and that’s a kind adjective) in this series.

To be fair, the Knicks are attacking Pierce with reckless abandon because they have little fear or respect for anyone else wearing green and white (Kevin Garnett excluded).

What we’re seeing is the perfect storm of the Knicks being a better team and the Celtics playing at their nadir. Pierce is simply the poster child for this mess.

I’m not ready to speculate about next season. And it’s not because I think this team can pull off the greatest comeback in the history of the NBA playoffs. However, I am curious about the postgame conversation the Big 3 had in the showers:

Let’s be honest, there’s no getting out of it. Anyone who’s watched even part of this series knows it. Pierce, Kevin Garnett and rehabbing Rondo probably know it, too. That’s why the trio huddled up for a long powwow in the showers inside the team’s locker room after Friday’s game.

Do you think it had anything to do with next season?

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  • It’s time to dismantle the big 3, maybe pierce and k.g would be willing to come off the bench, I say Rajon Rondo is officially Boston new team Captain!!!

    • Chulinho

      Nobody is ready for that. I don’t believe Rondo is even ready for that.

  • I don’t think it’s criminal to blame Pierce. I’m feeling very torn about him though because he’ll turn the ball over in the most ridiculous way, but then run down on D and take a charge. He’s probably playing harder than anyone else…but you nailed with the poster child thing. He turns the ball over with alarming regularity: he can’t pass nor can he catch one. He’s the captain and we love him, but we’re all guilty of glossing over his shortcomings while pointing fingers elsewhere, and that should cease.

    • Reggie35RIP

      I don’t think you can single out PP for this one, the whole team played crap. There were a lot of bad turnovers by a bunch of different players and that wasn’t the only reason we lost anyway.

  • SJL

    Hopefully Pierce and Garnett were talking to Rondo about how the team was going to be
    his next year and they were both going to retire / take a break from basketball for a while. Seems to be what’s best for everybody involved.

  • Chulinho

    Of course Pierce has slowed down and looked sloppy, but he’s playing harder than everyone not named Kevin Garnett. I more upset with the new additions to the team than I am Pierce. None of them have played well.

  • Jon

    I think everyone takes the share of blame not just Pierce. Blame should go to the role players, coaching staff and General Manager. The role players have been abysmal all season. Clearly Lee, Terry, Bass, Green, Wilcox, Crawford, Randolph or White don’t mesh well with Garnett, Rondo and Pierce. All season Doc Rivers coaching has been incosistent along with the questionable line-ups. And last Ainge should take blame for surround KG, PP and RR with inconsistent role players.

    But as far as Pierce, his turnovers have been completely alarming. And his shot selection has been alarming too, but he’s 35, Pierce can no longer carry the load and I feel like Rivers as well as the role players haven’t realize this yet.

    • eddysamson

      take Shav’s name out of there…he played great to end the season and then Doc decided he wasnt good enough for the playoffs apparently…yet another reason we are in a 0-3 hole.

  • JB

    “The huddle” ….long time Band of Brothers acknowledging the moment as the end of their run together and an end to an era? It’s over. They will not get another Championship ring together. So Letting each friend know what their next future step is? KG and PP have both stated they will not be the last One standing. KG hangs up the Celtics uniform for good to head into HOF so PP will retire too from the Celtics but to reappear as a Clipper vet role player to end his career?
    Rondo now the lone man standing from the Big 3 Big 4 era transiting into a new Celtics era. Rondo is in contract negotiations next year and half. What are KG and PP advising him to do as he approaches his mid career on a team that is rebuilding. Both have been there and done that.
    The biggest sadness is Ray will get that second ring the celtics have fought so hard to attain. I hope it is a sour hollow feeling for Ray.

  • kobe

    Diva Pierce career is over no team will take him, just look at all his Turnovers heck I wouldn’t take him on my team

    • Bleedgreen.

      Ummm last time I checked Kobe’s shot selection is even worse. His carrer % Is like 40

      • kobe

        kobe is injured pierce is not