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Jason Terry: “I’m coming out with something”

Celtics sharp off-the-mark shooter Jason Terry refused to comment on the elbow thrown by punk JR Smith during last night’s game. Terry had this to say about the Celtics “fight:”

“We’ve just got to fight harder than what we’ve been doing,” Terry said. “I mean, they’re outworking us. You can see it on the tape. Their energy is much better than ours. Offensively, their offense is running much more fluid and smooth, and they know what they want to do. They’re very determined. The only way we can deter them is to come out and fight and be aggressive, which I have no doubt in my mind that we’ve got fight in us.”

Terry, who started in place of Brandon Bass on Friday to give the Celtics an extra ball handler beside Avery Bradley, finished with 14 points on 4-of-9 shooting, but was as guilty as the rest of his teammates of missing open looks at the basket. While the point-blank misses have the C’s a bit mystified right now, Terry vowed to shrug off the disappointment of Friday and gear up for Sunday.

“When you get your butt kicked like they’ve been doing to us the last week or so and you’re seeing the same team everyday, you’re going to get tired of it, or you’re going to lay down,” Terry said. “I’m tired of it.

“I’m coming out with something. I’m going to come out with the heart, the passion, the energy that’s needed to get a win. We have to do that collectively. One man’s not going to be able to provide that. It has to be a collective unit and we’ve got to get it done together.”

This Celtics team excels at saying the right thing. It’s too bad their play falls far short of their words. I’m still in shock at the way they are going out; like a bunch of wussies.

FWIW – I’m expecting the Knicks to close out the series on Sunday.

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  • I agree. Show’s over on Sunday. And Terry, at this point, is speaking totally valueless words because he hasn’t come through all season.

    I’m going to say a thing I’ve never said about this team: Blow it up. Encourage KG to retire or accept a trade, trade PP to the Clippers or another contender so he can go out with honor, and focus on the future.

  • eddysamson

    soooooo why did it take a 3 game hole to get Terry to say he was coming out with passion? Last I checked Boston just got rocked and is in need of something to get behind and motivate them and distract them. Why the HELL couldn’t they play with that passion from Game 1 FOR THE PEOPLE OF BOSTON!?!?!?

    • Brick James

      If my game 1 you mean game 1 of the regular reason, I agree with you 100%

      • eddysamson

        No, I am saying they should have stepped it up and played for the City after everything that went down on Patriot’s Day.

  • Brick James

    That;s it, JET. Way to come out with fire. Too bad you waited until you were 48 minutes away from “Gon’ fishing” to bring something out.

  • My problem with him isn’t that he doesn’t play hard. My problem is that he never stops talking and yet isn’t good anymore.

  • If he really wants to help the celtics he should try to see if he can play for the Knicks.

    • LA Flake

      thanks. i needed that.

  • How can anyone take this joker seriously? What’s he coming out with, 14 points on 35% shooting? Ugh. I know the Celts are going to lose this series, but it hurts like hell to see them play this badly!

  • Brian Lynch

    Man Jet shut your sorry ass up!

  • So glad Danny traded Nate Robinson he couldn’t helped huh? Or didn’t resign D. West never could have used him! Letting the Allen boys go great move! Hell Sasha is better then the no names and has beens we have now. Dumb Danny also we didn’t need Kmart or bird man

  • forever_green

    Jet always says the right things, which makes him likable, but he never backs it up, which makes him unlikable.

  • kobe

    coming out? the closet maybe

  • Reggie35RIP

    It’s a bit late for tough talk. Might have been worthwhile after Game 2.