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Why are the Celtics so much better at home?

The Celtics won 13 more games at home than on the road this season. They had the fewest road wins (14) of all the playoff teams. Aside from home cooking, no air travel, and greatest fan base in the history of professional sports, why the large discrepancy in wins?

NBA.com’s John Schumann breaks down some numbers:  

Translation – there’s a sharp increase in their defensive production, but not so much of a change offensively.

That’s not a good sign considering offense was a major the problem in the second halves of Games 1 and 2. As Schumann put it; “They’re really a bad offensive team no matter where they play.”

But… the Celtics do have some players who shoot better at the Garden:

No worries. The future of the season rests with Jason Terry and Jeff Green.


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  • sorry i just dont see us having any more impact on the unstoppable Knicks because we are gonna stand on green wood instead of orange. same outcome… i say a 15pt loss tonight. its rebuild time… no competing for a couple seasons(obviously including this one)

  • eddysamson

    If you ask me the future of the season rests on Doc. The 2 first halves before showed what we should be doing for the whole game, showed that we do have the talent to match up with the Knicks. Now its up to Doc to figure out how to keep it up for a second half, to figure out how to keep fresh legs that can hit shots out there. So far, he hasn’t done a very good job.

    • zippittyay

      We don’t have the talent, depth or athleticism to match up with the Knicks. We do however have smarter players on a whole and ONLY if we play smarter can we beat them.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    I think we all get by now that Danny plans to nuke the roster this summer. They’ve been hinting at it enough. It’s year six of the three year window. It has been awesome. It’s all borrowed time now and has been for two years before this one.

    They don’t need to lose to the Knicks to justify bringing the curtain down on this era. That’s a bunch of crap. Everybody knows it’s over already, pretty much no matter what happens now.

    The end is near! This is it, so make it good. Wake up guys, don’t sleep walk through it! Attack!