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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics are old, slow and defensively deficient?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“In the second half, no one did anything for us,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers deadpanned. “They threw a knockout punch. Several.”

Rivers didn’t fail to add: “I thought the fouls on [Garnett] were horrendous. That had a huge effect on us. He never got his rhythm when you could see he was going to have a game. It hurt us.”

Rivers was absolutely right in saying what he said. The fouls were horrendous. They did hinder Boston. But who cares.

As much as we know that Rivers was correct, we also know that doesn’t address the bigger problem plaguing Boston right now.

They are old, slow, defensively deficient and devoid of a floor leader. The combination of it all leaves them ill-equipped to fend off these Knicks, who’ve managed to turn on their motors in the second half in ways the Celtics used to do defensively when they were competing for — and winning — a championship.

As a result, they could very well be on the brink of elimination once Friday night is over.

“We’ve got to play better,” Rivers told reporters. “Plain and simple. We know what we’re capable of.”

Sadly, we’re all starting to wonder what the Celtics are capable of anymore.

Even a victory Friday won’t change the reality.

ESPN New York (Stephen A. Smith)


It pains me greatly to read stinging criticism of my beloved Celtics especially when it originates from the blowhole of Stephen A. Smith.

Smith is accurate on three of his four points. The Celtics are old, slow and devoid of a floor leader.

But defensively deficient?

The Knicks are averaging 86 points in the first two games of this series. That’s 14 points below their regular season average.

The Knicks are shooting about 41% in the series – about 4% lower than their season average. Their 3-point FG % is about 37% which is right at their season average.

This 2-0 hole has very little, okay nothing, to do with the Celtics defense.

It’s all about the Celtics finding an offensive rhythm that has guys attacking the basket and not fading away with jump shots. It’s about Paul Pierce dominating in his ‘giving the game what it needs’ style. It’s about KG draining an open 18-footer after a perfectly executed pick-and-pop. It’s about Jeff Green dropping a thunderous dunk. It’s about Avery Bradley nailing a pair of corner triples to start a Celtics run. It’s about Doc Rivers finding the perfect combination of bench players to generate 20-25 points (we’ll have a post on Doc’s decision to play Crawford over Lee later this morning).

Is that so hard?

In other stating-the-obvious news, the atmosphere at the Garden on Friday night is going to be electric. But Doc won’t play up the events of last week: 

“I don’t use tragedy for sports, I don’t think it’s right,” he said. “We want to win for the city, it would be terrific. It is not anything I am going to use in a press conference or with our players. We should want to win. It would be great for our city, but that is as far as I will go.”

Doc doesn’t have to say or do anything. The crowd will handle that.

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  • I just can’t help myself, sorry…
    Although there’s nothing else I could wish more then to see our Cs at least come to the ECF, it seems less and less likely
    Remembering those who were wishing for the nuclear option already at the start of this season, I must say that after 83 games played I’m more ready to focus on parting ways with Doc and even more with Danny!
    Simply, I don’t get Doc’s rotations and overall misplaced (non)confidence in certain players. Will leave it at that, for now… Danny… Just look at what our (new) bigs are giving us, and then see what’s up with Birdman and K-mart. I am feeling sick with every further word…
    Ahh, go Cs! Play against all odds and all foes! “Domestic and foreign” alike…
    Best to all from Croatia!

    • eddysamson

      all I’ve been saying all week is why the hell is Shav on the bench when Birdman and Kmart are playing for 2 of the best teams in the league? Doc + Danny must have planned to tank this season, how could those 2 be so damn stupid? Shav did everything to prove his post season worth……………………….no Doc is more fond of running KG into the ground apparently. Yeah lets focus our offense through the slowest person on the team who hasnt been good at shooting lately…BRILLIANT COACHING.

  • Gorey

    Smith has a way with words, but I understand what he’s saying. The reality is the C’s can no longer rely on Pierce and Garnett to carry the load. Both have so many miles on them that stems their early years in Minnesota and Boston. People tend to forget that Pierce and Garnett played on horrible teams and had to shoulder their franchises for 10+ yrs. And when you’re in your mid to late 30’s father-time creeps on up slowly u don’t feel it coming. Fast-forward to the 2013 postseason we’ve seen the same as far as KG and PP shouldering the weight of this team. The role players have been inconsistent all season and have done nothing to help. If it’s wasn’t for KG and PP the C’s wouldn’t be in the playoffs so that tells us how great and important both KG and PP are. But for some reason the C’s can’t play 48 min of consistent basketball.

    I don’t think anyone in the media including Stephen A. Smith believes the Knicks are doing something special or playing spectacular defense. Based on what I’ve read from several media sources throughout NY, BOS and national; the problem is the Celtics not having RONDO! This team as currently constructed is not better without Rondo. People complain about Rondo during the regular season, but come playoffs he steps up big time. Right now the C’s don’t have a PG that can orchestrate the offense. Bradley, Lee and Terry aren’t capable of running an offense. But it’s not the team’s fault so blame needs to go to Danny Ainge. I think Ainge did a poor job constructing this roster. Ainge didn’t put the right personnel around KG, PP and RR.

    Guys like Wilcox, Williams, Crawford, Shalv, Melo and White aren’t rotation players. . And guys like Bass, Green, Terry, Crawford, Williams can’t defend. Defense is the C’s calling card, but Ainge decided to go another route and hasn’t worked. So where do the C’s go from here? Can they win 2 or 3 straight? We’ll see.

    • eddysamson

      If Shav isnt a rotation player than why did we take him over Kmart and Birdman who are playing a LOT for the top 2 teams in the East?

      • Quin

        U need to ask Ainge that question. Why did Ainge pass on Martin and Andersen? Poor judgment on Ainge end. During the offseason the C’s were interested in Matt Barnes, Reggie Evans, Andre Blatche, Carlos Delfino, Lou Williams, Mayo, Kenyon Martin, Chris Andersen, C.J. Watson, Dalembert, Greg Stemsma, Pietrus, Carl Landry, Joel Przybilla, DeShawn Stevenson, Dahntay Jones, but passed on them all. But that’s Ainge for ya!

        • eddysamson

          Yeah I’m with you man. Shav proved he can play a similar role to Sully which is what Kmart and Birdman are doing as well and not having anyone in that Sully role is one of the many things killing us.

  • Quin

    The is defense fine, but it disappears in the second half for some reason. When u hold an efficient Knicks team under 41% shooting in both games, then your defense is something right. It’s not so much the C’s are slow it’s that outside of Garnett, Bradley, Lee and Pierce no else can plays defense. Right now the C’s are too incosistent, but it’s who they’ve been all season. Should we be surprise? But overall this team misses Rondo it’s a fact. Rondo makes this team go and everyone inside and outside of NY and BOS knows this. If Rondo is on the floor the C’s win in 5 or 6, but that’s not the case.

    I think most experts feel the C’s can’t win without Rondo. It’s not that the C’s can’t win, but it’s hard without Rondo and I think is the sentiment around the sports community. But it would be a nice to 48 min of effort instead of 24, because expecting the BOS crowd to help them even the series can’t happen.

  • This whole thing about the Celtics defense not being good enough reminds me of my college basketball coach. We would hold the opposition to like 40 points and lose and he would blame our defense. I don’t get where people get this from! You have to score in order to win, too. Usually the teams that a defensive-minded rely on their defense to get offense. Maybe that’s what these people are saying: we are SO bad offensively that our defense needs to be even BETTER (ie hold teams to below 70 points in the celtics case or below 30 in my college teams case). But the point people are missing is that you could also just get better players offensively.

  • we WILL get swept… pure and simple. just accept it people we are GARBAGE. sign pierce again, start jeff, get rid of the turd in the punch bowl and rid our team of bass, slide KG to the 4 and try white/wilcox/randolph at the 5, trade jordan for some PF help, and sign barbosa again… make another run. then tear this bitch down again after KG and PP retire. some grim days ahead for the boys in green