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Your Morning Dump…where the Knicks have adjusted and dominated

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Things have been anything but simple for the Celtics, who have shot a combined 14-for-62 (22.6 percent) after halftime through two games. As a result of that horrid offense, the C’s have been outscored, 81-48, after the break

Boston Herald: Knicks well-adjusted

The Knicks have clearly looked like the better team in this series thus far, its just that simple. They look like the more talented, and better coached team than the Celtics in the first two games of the series. The biggest reason for this? The Knicks have made the adjustments to what the Celtics are doing, while the Celtics have been caught flat footed and have done little to counter-punch the Knicks attack, especially in the second half. This is rather surprising given the credentials of Doc Rivers and his nobility across the league for his knack for finding the right adjustments at the right time.

The Knicks have just looked like that team that flat out wants it more in this series. When a team is pinned against a wall; down at halftime, they usually go one of two ways: Crumble and give up or use it as motivation to prove everyone wrong. The Knicks have taken option B in this case. They’ve come out of halftime each game with drive and determination that I’ve yet to see a Celtics opponent have in the Big Three era. All the credit in the world goes to the Knicks for stepping up and playing well, JR Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, and Iman Shumpert have stepped up big. The gameplan going in was most likely not allowing big games out of everyone not named Anthony, and the Celtics have failed to do that in two games now.

So who is to blame right now? Well, first of all, Kevin Garnett has been a ghost. He cannot get into foul trouble, period. When on the court however, he has been slow, tentative at times and displaced. Very surprising to see out of Garnett especially come playoff time when he’s supposed to ramp things up. The biggest shot right now goes to Jeff Green. If Garnett has been a ghost, I can’t even think of a term to describe Green. He has been awful. He is back to tentative Jeff, and quite honestly I’m getting tired of it.  I loved the Jeff Green when Garnett was out, and he knew he had to be a leader. He knows he has to be a leader here but he keeps deferring to the vets. The guy is just sealing his fate as a #2 option on a team at best at this point.  Leaders don’t defer when their team needs them to step up.

So where do we go from here? Well, first of all the Celtics need to withstand the wave that has been coming after halftime from the Knicks and their adjustments. If the Celtics refuse to adjust to the Knicks new plan, they need to actually put up some baskets during the Knicks flurry to kill momentum. 8 points in a quarter in the second half of a playoff game is almost like drinking bleach, nothing good comes of it. Second, the Celtics need to put Bradley on JR Smith full time. Smith is the ring leader for the Knicks momentum train. Bradley is enough of a pest that it will disrupt the well-documented headcase that is JR Smith. Lastly, how about a bench shows up for the playoffs?  Hasn’t the talk of the last 4 playoffs been how awful the bench play has been? We then go out that offseason, rebuild the bench, believe that it is the saving grace of this team and then…..groundhogs day.  Paging Lee, Terry, Crawford…the NBA Playoffs have started, get your crap together and put up or you’ll be on the Marquis Daniel’s train out of town.

So as you go about your day today, don’t fall into the homer crap that other members of the Celtics blogs community will feed you about how the refs are out to get the Celtics, and this is all some conspiracy (which those people are absolute idiots, I’m sure David Stern sits at home thinking of ways to foil the Celtics fans lives, especially after Patriots day…he’s Dr. Evil) .  Theories like this take away from the actual story of the game. The Knicks just were the better team than the Celtics in the first two games, give them credit where credit is due. The Celtics have done nothing to show that they are the better team, they have two games at home to try and prove this, otherwise it is off to an early summer vacation.

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  • Tim

    Maybe you should stop overrating the Celtics. Just saying…….

    80% of Celtics fans have overrated the Celtics team since Rondo went
    down and they did a complete 180 on Rondo after praising him for his
    play in last years playoffs.

    Many of you have expected far too
    much from a team without a true PG, three undersized SG’s (one who has
    been average and one who has been ordinary), a hack at PF (Bass) and a
    crappy big man rotation consisting of an injured KG (didn’t Doc say he
    had spurs?) and a bunch of scrubs.


    Are you going to sit here and tell me that happens with Rondo?

    • KGino

      80% of fans def did not turn on rondo… That’s a little much. Especially playoff rondo, you’d have to be an idiot to not want him playing for us in the playoffs

    • kaiserny

      Thank you Tim for saying this. I have been waiting for the anti-Rondo crowd to be called out. Our offense is so much better?? It is so much more dynamic?? Rondo was holding Jeff Green back?? Bradley can take Rondo’s place?? Face it Rondo made the team what it was. Maximized Garnett offense despite his declining athleticism and when it came to the playoffs was a top 5 nba performer.

  • MidwestCelt

    Never mind the coaching, the adjustments, and how much they want it. Just look who is on the floor. Garnett is not well and can’t play effectively in big minutes. Pierce will have a big game – probably next game – but guys his age can’t do it every night. Those are the centerpieces, and the rest of the team, other than the tentative Jeff Green, are just limited in what they can do. They can play their hearts out with solid “D” but who’s going to score points? And can anyone expect an efficient playoff-type half court offense without even a mediocre point guard?

    Last year was fun. Let’s hope for maybe a couple games to remember how much fun we had in the Garnett era. But it’s over.

  • Bailey

    What’s up with C Lee not getting off the bench last night???? Weren’t him and Bradley nicknamed The Pitbulls for a reason??? I don’t get it, he plays D

    • KGino

      Doc is messin up. Danny messed up by not grabbing k mart or bird man. I put a lot of blame on both their shoulders right now.

      • dk

        Totally agree! I posted that yesterday but I guess since I was dropping F bombs in my post it wasnt “accepted” and did not appear. Horrible to see these two guys contributing a ton to their respective teams that were basically picked up as throw-ins for Miami and NY–when we desperately needed guys like them on our team which we could have had for min cost and min risk–but of course we go the other route and pick up stiffs that dont play at all.

        • eddysamson

          you should email Kwapt about your ‘waiting for approval’ thing with your comment

    • eddysamson

      Someone’s gotta sit on the bench for Lee. Bass or Green. If that doesn’t happen I don’t see us winning more than 1 game and knowing Doc, its not going to happen. Nothing is going to change. He’s not going to adjust a damn thing. I spent a long time loving Doc but I’m finally sick of his stubbornness. Not playing rotations that were working before post season is idiotic. Heat + Knicks are both leaning heavily on their late season sketchy pickups (kmart, birdman) why cant we do the same thing with Shav or Twill? Doc is pissing me right off.

      What a genius plan, lets center our entire offense…an offense that is built on BALANCE (as in no huge threats like Melo, but they have to guard everyone because everyone is a near equal threat)…on the oldest dude on the team who has done NOTHING the past 2 months to show that he can handle it. God it just seems so dumb, is doc throwing the series?!

  • We simply can’t keep up with these guys in the second half. It’s really sad to watch.

  • Jaedre

    Horrible coaching that is all i gotta say.

  • KGino

    I’ve yet to see this Celtics group play to their potential in the playoffs… We know its in them, and it’s frustrating to watch when it doesn’t come out. No one has overrated the team, we just expect more grit and balls & toughness from a team personified by KG & Ps leadership… There’s no doubt in my mind we beat the Knicks w rondo. No need to be mad and declare the end of an era after 2 games without 2 of our starters on the road against a 2 seed. We weren’t winning a championship this year anyways, it would just be nice to see them go down in a blaze of glory like we’ve come to expect.

    • dk

      I agree as well. However, the fact is this team has been steadily declining since really that last Miami game that Green scored 40+. I looked it up, since March 10th the Cs have lost like 18 of their last 22 games including the 2 playoff games. Absolutely crazy! This team was like this all year, they never put it together and the pieces just didn’t fit despite expectations and potential. They have been streaky and unproductive all year.

  • Stephanie McGovern

    Terrence Williams is the best player to run the offense doc needs to play the usual bench players so his starters can finish out the game with energy this really just shows you ocs philosophy isn’t working I mean the guy doesn’t even think players should go for off rebounds cuz he thnks it stops fast breaks even though the kniks do not run so all u see is long jump shots nd no one crashing the boards