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Avery Bradley ignored on most DPOY ballots

Grizzlies center Marc Gasol is your 2013 NBA Defensive Player of the Year.  According to this tally, Avery Bradley is the 12th best defender in the league.

cough… bull-sh*t… cough

While he did receive 2 first place ballots, Bradley appeared on just 5 of 121 ballots. Maybe he was penalized for missing 32 games this season. Or maybe the writers/analysts value flashy blocks and steals over intense on-the-ball defense. There should be a category for “suffocating defensive pressure that forces opposing players to beg you to stop.”

Bradley gets little respect from NBA officials so it’s not surprising the media would follow suit.

His day will come.

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  • Bleedgreen.

    This is crazy. Mac gasol isn’t a great defender. He can’t jump out and guard pick and rolls like kg. he can’t switch off onto guards like kg. he doesn’t make his teammates much better on defenase like kg. this is bull .seriously. Chris Paul is a better defender than Bradley? Can anyone say that with confidence. Has anyone else been begged to lay off the defense. And Larry sanders is above him? He gets dunked in all the time! And why the hell is ibaka on this list. All he does is block shots from the weak side. Which is easy when you have a guy like perk backing you up. Man the nba sucks. All they look at is blocks and steals. There is more to defense than that. Opp points per play. Bradley is 1st with something amazing like .668. Then it goes quisDavid west

  • eddysamson

    Its really hard to be motivated to watch the NBA in its current state. Immature stars and floppers win games and awards, players like Dwyane Wade can lose NO RESPECT nationally after making tons of dirty plays and people still support him when he calls other players dirty (Rondo), officiating is corrupt, everyone is blinded by stats, my favorite team and the players on it get no respect ever, the Knicks fans chanting KG sucks all night all based on rumors spread by the internet/news that are unproven and most likely fales AND its ONE WEEK removed from a terrorist incident KG’s team’s hometown.

    I could keep going on with things that piss me off about this god damned league.

    • eddysamson

      Oh and this comment was spurred by the fact that AB should be top 3 guaranteed and yet no one votes for him? Game after game the announcers say “If you dont know this kid he is the best on ball defender in the league” apparently that isnt worth enough? We get no god damned respect.

  • Lee in Oregon

    It took TA a while to get the respect of officials too.

    Gasol winning this caught me completely by surprise….I just don’t think of him as an elite defender. Perk was not too happy about his boy Serge getting #3.

  • As Chuck states, his day will come…but, Bradley was NOT disrespected.

    According to the vote tally, AB is the 12th best defensive player out of a maximum of 450 {top 2.66%}. How is that insulting?

    AB is only 22…he missed 40% of the season…his 1.3 steals PG does not rank in the top 20 in the NBA…he had a disappointing year offensively {which shouldn`t matter, but subconsciously does for the voters}.

    Finally, he plays for an irrelevant team. Sorry folks, but when you`re 41-40, you`re basically the Milwaukee Bucks. You really don`t belong in the playoffs…other than to serve as “first round road-kill”.

    • I don’t think team success matters much with DPOY. Tyson Chandler won 2 years ago and the Knicks were barely above 500. Forget the steals, how about these numbers:

      In terms of points allowed per possession, Bradley was No. 1 among all players with at least 250 possessions defended at 0.697 points per play (next closest was old friend Marquis Daniels at 0.707 ppp). What’s more, Bradley was also tops in opponent field goal percentage (30.8) and opponent score percentage (31.8).

      I thought all the new wave stats were taking over the NBA?

      • I absolutely love AB!

        To me, he and Sully are Boston`s two “untouchables”, pertaining to the future construction of their roster. Defensively, I`ll take him hands down over any guard in the league.

        I`m just saying that {through no fault of his own} he missed far too much of the season. Seriously, missing nearly 40% of the season is huge! None of the 11 players ranked above him missed nearly as many games {Noah came closest, and he missed less than half as many games}.

        To me, it speaks volumes as to how highly regarded AB really is. Of the top 12…AB is the youngest player, and the second smallest.

        Like you said, his time will come….in fact, it`s essentially here already!

  • KGino

    All awards are all media hyped… You guys shouldn’t read so much into them.

    Numbers don’t lie, and AB allows the least points per possession in the entire league… Knowing that is good enough for me.