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Your Morning Dump… Where Jordan Crawford could get more minutes tonight

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“I thought he was good,” Rivers said. “He stayed in his lane, let’s put it that way. He didn’t go outside of it. Usually guys in their first [playoff] game, they do one or the other. Some guys don’t do anything. I though he did far better than that. Or they try to do too much. I thought he was pretty much under control emotionally.”

CSNNE:  Crawford could see more time in Game 2

 “Play my game, the game I continue to play that got me here that Doc Rivers wants me to play,” Crawford said. “So I’m just trying to help them win any way…Just be precise, don’t second guess nothing, be precise. Whatever you think to do, do it quick. If you make a mistake, do it hard.”

Crawford said he didn’t feel overwhelmed by his first taste of a playoff atmosphere. Instead, he said Game 1 was a nice opportunity to get a feel for the postseason, and his greatest takeaway was the importance of not changing his game, despite the bigger stage.

“More than anything, be yourself, be confident,” Crawford said. “I really wanted to see if it was any different, if the intensity picked up or anything. But it’s pretty much the same, games just matter more.

ESPN Boston:  Crawford ready for more minutes, more shots

I blame Jason Terry for this.  If he could have scored anything… anything at all off the bench… Doc wouldn’t be sitting there selling more Jordan Crawford minutes to us.

Doc has been great over the past two days.  He’s been the perfect head coach.  He has taken all the blame for just about everything.  And he’s pumped up his struggling bench guys who he knows he’s going to need in tonight’s crucial second game.

And let’s face it, this is a must-win game.  There is no way we can expect this Celtics team to beat the Knicks four out of five games.  Hell, I think it’s too much to ask them to win 3 straight, but at least we can expect better performances out of them at home in games 3 and 4.

That mean’s tonight’s game is imperative.  If the Celtics can’t win this, then I don’t think they can win the series.  And that means Jordan Crawford, the Tasmanian Devil, Mr. first place 6th man vote, may play a key role in making that happen.

Actually… if Crawford plays extended minutes, he’s guaranteed to play a key role in tonight’s game.  The problem is, we don’t know if he’ll be the key to the win, or the loss.

Still time for you to wake up and back up your words, Jason Terry.

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  • FUN FACT :

    The 2010 Spurs are the ONLY 7th seed to beat a 2nd seed in a seven game series.

    The Spurs won 50 games that year {55 for Dallas}, but had the better per game point differential {5 PPG vs. 2 PPG}.

  • eddysamson

    Good! Play Jordan more than Terry. He makes his wild shots more often than Terry makes open shots.

  • Stephanie McGovern

    Doc sucks he’s gna leave twill on the bench when he is a better all around player than lee n Crawford combined how can he trust Crawford more it makes no sense

  • garbagebaileykids

    Ahh…so this is what the end of an era looks like. Jordan Crawford. >shakes head in resignation<

  • Rob

    I bet the Jet is really regretting that tattoo on his bicep. Idiot.

  • Doc doesn’t need to sell me on this one. Shouldn’t have to sell anyone really. Crawford is a better option than terry on most nights. He is at least SOMEWHAT of a threat. He’s not shooting particularly well either, but you know he will take the shots, he’s a better passer than terry, and can create a shot better, and is a better defender. The only argument to be made is if Williams should get these minutes, and frankly I’m not sure if anyone knows the answer to this other than a gut feeling because both of these guys are very young and unproven.

    • eddysamson

      If our offense stalls again we’re going to need Twills to play the PG more than we’re going to need Terry or Crawford to jack up shots. We’re also going to need some damn ball movement with perhaps the ball ending in Bass’s hands after like 4 passes to get him his shot.

      • Ideally yes. But 1. Lets not act like Williams is some great point guard at this time and 2. If the ball isn’t moving, it’s usually hecause guys aren’t moving (which they weren’t). I thought that was more an issue with guys becoming tired/lazy/not trusting the offense than not having Williams in the game. But maybe you’re right. Who knows.

  • Ulf

    Oh man, haha, I just can’t get enough of that picture of his. soon we’ll find a picture of him in the dictionary next to the definition of “High”. On a serious note, I thought he gave us some nice minutes in G2, too bad he can’t get a break with the whistles, I saw at least 2 “and 1” situations.