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Recap: Celtics fade away in 2nd half… again

94% of playoff series are won by the team that leads 2-0. Those are some daunting odds facing the Celtics following tonight’s 87-71  loss to the Knicks.


The Celtics scored 23 points in the 2nd half. That’s a franchise playoff low. They shot 19%. They went the final 9 minutes of the game without a field goal.

You can’t blame the turnovers (11) tonight. It was simply wretched offensive execution and awful shooting.

The Green:

Jason Terry is capable of making baskets. He had three treys in the first half. He didn’t score in the 2nd half, but we shouldn’t expect miracles.

The C’s outscored NY 28-16 in the 2nd quarter.

The Gross:

Paul Pierce managed 18 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, but looked horrible doing so. He looked… old, especially on drives to the rim.

Kevin Garnett (12 points, 11 rebounds, 5 fouls in 23 minutes) may be injured. CSNNE had a couple of replays that showed Garnett grabbing his right oblique/abdominal area.

Jeff Green (1o points, 3-11 FG) did a great Invisible Man impression tonight.

Raymond Felton – the league’s chubbiest point guard – continues to penetrate at will. Is anyone in green capable of staying in front of this man?


The Grid:

  • Derrick Stafford called five of the six fouls on Kevin Garnett.
  • Pierce was a minus 28
  • The Celtics are 0-10 when trailing a series 0-2 (since 1969)
  • Kenyon Martin had 11 rebounds and 4 blocks. Too bad he wasn’t good enough for Danny Ainge.

Box score

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  • LA Flake

    Alright I’ll say it.

    FIRE DOC! Tired of this fxcking midget ball. Hey Doc, ever heard of REBOUNDING??? I hear it helps.


    • JB

      No fiire Danny Ainge he’s the one that put this roster together

  • LA Flake

    I don’t understand why Doc won’t use what worked during the regular season. The Lee-Bradley backcourt? Shav’s inside game? What the fxck, Doc!? What the fxck!!!

    • Guest

      you cant really blame doc for this, the celts did what they were supposed to, they were hampered by bad officialating and the leauges best scorer. we tried to esxploit mismatches, played great defense, but with the game being as slow as it is in the playoffs, we have no one who can bne the point guard, that is all well and good in the regular season, but in the postseason, not so much.

      • LA Flake

        The bottom line is this: Doc is being thoroughly outcoached by Woodson.

    • bleedgreen

      you cant really blame doc fpor this, we did what we were suppost to, tried to exploit mismatches and played great defense. we just couldnt make shote

  • bleedgreen

    what about greens aley oop for the greenlights, and i did see KG in pain a couple of times, once i saw him grimacing and JET asked if he was okay and hee looked very pained when he responded that he was alright

  • Roy

    Again they fumbled in the second half. Doc was outcoached by Woodson which isn’t a good sign. Jeff Green was timid again going into the 3rd and 4th. Green is just timid and mentally weak, sorry folks. I found it strange that Bradley sat for most of the 4th? More turnovers I saw again. When the Knicks made their run in 3rd the C’s just stood around took punches and didn’t fight back. Without Rondo I just can’t see the offense running properly. I don’t think KG is healthy in my opinion.

    • LA Flake

      Bradley sat because Doc thinks we’ll outshoot the Knicks with JCraw & JET. But too bad Doc doesn’t believe in rebounding.

  • forever_green

    Officials sucked & so did the C’s in the second half…if we could only end the game at halftime.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    I still believe they could have fought their way to a conference finals matchup with Miami, but it looks like they just don’t want to put themselves through it. They look like they’d all prefer the longer vacation. I wanted to at least see them go out fighting, not rolling over like this.

  • JB

    Afraid the Celtics will be going fishing soon.

    • forever_green

      Hopefully they’ll catch something better than a Bass for next season.

  • Roy

    Look I love Doc just like the next person, but he’s done a subpar job coaching this season. Some of his rotations have been questionable. I get that the C’s lack depth due to injuries and health, but sometimes u got to know ur teams strengths and weakness. But for some reason this team just can’t play consistent for 48 mins and if ur a fan that’s troubling. How is that u can outplay the Knicks two games straight in both first halfs, but then fumble the game in the second? Makes no sense. They’re holding the Knicks, one of the top 5 offensive teams to under 85pts both games, but u can’t squeak out a win?

    I just hate how this team shows no fight or effort it just angers me. When teams make runs the C’s just fumble and crumble mentally, but this has been story with them all season. I get that the C’s lack depth, but at least disguies that lack with energy. Also this is not the defense force it was the previous 5 seasons. Guys like Terry, Bass, Crawford, Green or Wilcox simply can’t defend.

  • Double P

    This team is thin and Doc is doing a very poor job coaching.. Why C. Lee is removed from docs rotation for Crawford is mind boggling. We need stops to get out and run and Crawford is not getting us stops and he’s so sloppy on offense. Team will play better in Boston but going nowhere, we lack any competitive fire without Rondo and with KG hobbled

  • Collins

    Is it that hard for the C’s to play 48 min of basketball? They lacked effort in the second half, again. I hate this team’s effort it’s just a bad brand of basketball that I’m not accustom to see with the C’s. U wonder if they care about winning sometimes. I can see the C’s lack depth due to injuries and health, but how does a Doc Rivers coached team along with Garnett and Pierce can look so discombobulated? This team needs to put their big boy pants on stop playing like punks.


    Guys, this series was lost before it was ever played. In fact, it was lost before Rondo ever got injured. A madman named Dan Ainge runs the Celtics. He is the king of the charlatans. A poor evaluator of talent and a frantic general manager who has no appreciation for team chemistry, Ainge has been living off the reputation of a present donated him by his good buddy Kevin McHale back in 2007. Ever since he destroyed the chemistry and identity of his (then first-place) team halfway through the 2010-2011 season, Ainge has developed (or manifested) a pathological distaste for tall defensive-minded big-men to play alongside KG. As a result, the Celtics have had no interior presence for two seasons and change, absolutely no presence on the glass, and, most importantly, no second line of defense aside from a 36 year-old Kevin Garnett. Until this hack of a GM is sent packing, the Celtics will suffer many more losses, such as these, while we all wait patiently for Jeff Green to become something other than a frontrunning p-ssy.

    • Collins

      Speak the truth! Your words might be harsh and strong, but I completely agree. If some people can’t grasp what ur saying, then they haven’t paid attention to this team the past 2 seasons.

      • KGino

        Why don’t we have Kmart instead of the Knicks? It’s on Danny

      • KGino

        To his credit, he does have a decent eye for talent. Rondo sully Avery Bradley perk al Jefferson. He did panic when he traded perk… and has done terrible in finding a replacement (still doesnt have 1) ..And why he didn’t pick up Kenyon Martin back in November knowing how desperately this team needs solid bigs is beyond me!!

        • Bleedgreen.

          Danny is good at drafting and getting star players. He sucks at building around a good core and finding complementary players

    • You`re preaching to the choir, Bro!!!

    • Chris Laterza

      Ainge is isiah thomas reincarnated- a good drafter who roesn’t understand how to build a team

  • forever_green

    Shame on the Knicks fans for chanting…KG sucks…made me sick.

  • Mickey

    this is such a depressing article, especially when the “Green” is 9 points and a sarcastic remark. Time to rebuild. Keep Green, rondo and bradley and fire sale the rest of this team.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    Why is Terry the first man off the bench?? KG needs a blow and a small shooting guard comes in to replace him. Bass becomes Center, Green slides over to PF, Pierce back the SF… wtf Doc???
    Guys, I’m so glad that Tyson Chandler isn’t a 100% if K-mart looks good against our tiny line up, then Tyson would be beasting.
    We need Courtney Lee on JR Smith and Bradley on Felton, Doc get back to the pitt bull attack!

  • kobe

    the Celtics should not even be in the Playoffs, Pierce and KG needs to retire, the bench players need a plane ticket back to China, Bradley is overrated he can’t even guard Fat Felton, Jeff Green and Bass are overrated they are just average role players. Next year with Rondo if Danny Ainge still insist having this roster then expect the same results.

  • kobe

    Danny Ainge needs to be fired

  • Roy Sanchez

    Game one I felt we lost because of bad execution.. This game was just flat out horrible. We give Crawford more minutes, which is fine, but we bench lee?? That is just plain stupid. To top it off we keep playing small ball! It doesn’t work, nor will it ever for us! Damn it Doc play Wilcox and Randolph.. This team just flat sucks in the second half and we r on the brink of going home early in the playoffs but we deserve it

  • Not sure why Lee barely got any playing time? He came in at the end of the 4th… I would rather have Lee start and Green come off the bench. Idk what’s Doc’s plans are, but it’s not looking so well for us. If we lose game 3, I’m going to lose faith in the Celtics. We need to blow this team up.

  • Not only that, but the C’s just look like they didn’t want to play anymore at the second half. Absolutely flat. The turnovers again were ridiculous. Middle school turnovers that the Knicks took advantage of and converted on the other end. I’m hoping that the home court advantage for us will be somewhat of a factor.

  • kobe

    Danny Ainge is the Isiah Thomas of Boston