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Someone gave Jordan Crawford a 6th Man vote

‘Tis the season where NBA awards voters make ridiculous decisions, causing the bloggeratti to suffer strokes while screaming for transparency in the voting process.  This happens every year, without fail, in at least some, and very often all awards.

I don’t get AS worked up about it as some people, but I get it. These guys work their asses off all year-long, and they deserve the proper recognition of their efforts.  Today, J.R. Smith won the 6th Man of the Year award.  He certainly deserved it, as did Jamal Crawford (remember that name) who came in second.

But what’s got Twitter all aflutter is the fact that JORDAN Crawford got himself a single first-place vote.

Yup… Jordan.

That means one voter felt one of two things:

(A) there was no single player that came off the bench this NBA season that had more of an impact on his team(s) than Jordan Crawford.. OR

(B) there was no single player that came off the bench this NBA season that had more of an impact on his team than Jamal Crawford, and the voter made an oopsie.

Now, Smith won by a pretty decent margin, so it’s not like the vote screwed anyone over.  Still either of those scenarios is a pretty egregious error for someone who is allegedly held in such high regard as to hold the honor of voting for such awards.  It’s even worse than Luke Babbit getting a third place vote (that actually happened… I’m not just making shit up here).

The first place vote puts Crawford ahead of Manu Ginobili, Carl Landry,  and others.  It’s pretty ridiculous, really, and I can’t WAIT to see how he reacts to this…. unless his reaction is to take 43 shots tomorrow night.  Then I can wait.

Here’s the list (courtesy of the NBA PR department).

Player                       Team               1st Place (5 pts)   2nd Place (3 Pts)     3rd Place (1 Pt)    Total Points

J.R. Smith                 New York                  72                       39                          7                      484

Jamal Crawford          LA Clippers               31                       59                          20                    352

Jarrett Jack                Golden State              14                       15                          55                    170

Kevin Martin             OKC                         2                         3                            12                    31

Ryan Anderson          New Orleans              1                         1                            3                      11

Andre Miller              Denver                      —                         —                            7                      7

Jordan Crawford        Boston                      1                         —                            —                      5

Manu Ginobili           San Antonio              —                         1                            1                      4

Carl Landry               Golden State              —                         1                            1                      4

Nate Robinson           Chicago                     —                         —                            4                      4

Corey Brewer             Denver                      —                         1                            1                      4

Ramon Sessions         Charlotte                   —                         —                            2                      2

Shane Battier             Miami                       —                         —                            2                      2

Luke Babbitt             Portland                    —                         —                            1                      1

Gordon Hayward        Utah                          —                         —                            1                      1

Vince Carter              Dallas                        —                         —                            1                      1

J.J. Redick                 Milwaukee                 —                         —                            1                      1

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  • Chulinho

    It’s debatable that J.R. Smith deserved it. He had one spectacular month out of an entire season and carried the Knicks in a few games, but Jamal Crawford was more consistent.

  • Brick James

    They were probably trying to vote for Jamal Crawford.

  • seth

    The fact that Jeff green didn’t even get a 3rd place vote just blows my blanking mind.

    • eddysamson

      Does it though? I think his stats as a starter like double his bench stats despite playin the same minutes

  • eddysamson

    Okay ill admit it guys it was me

  • zippittyay

    Heck, I thought we signed Jamal Crawford.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    In related news, one member of the panel of voters is Jordan Crawford’s mom.

    ‘That’s my baby!’

  • 4thINFSgt

    I think it was because of his role with Washington. Doesn’t deserve a first place vote, though.

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