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Better look: LeBron James or Russell Westbrook?

LeBron James sported this leafy red sweater following the Heat’s 110-87 win over the Bucks last night.

After the Thunder’s 120-91 victory over Houston, Russell Westbrook hit the podium with a sleeveless ensemble and large medallion.

I’m still waiting for one of these guys to show up dressed like this:

This silliness has to end soon, right?

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  • P Funk

    westbrook isn’t faking the funk…but lebron is

  • Terrible attire today!

    In my day…real NBA stars wore pink feather boas and immaculate wedding dresses to press conferences, like Dennis Rodman.

  • Antmat0385

    Westbrook looks ridiculous!!

  • tvor03

    I’d say Lebron wore it better. I’m surprised Westbrook’s attire doesn’t violate the player’s dress code.

  • I actually really like LBJ’s sweater. And it’s Cavaliers colors so it is probably getting Ohio residents all excited now

    • Bleedgreen.

      Yea Brons isn’t that bad but russel looks ridiculous.

  • Chulinho

    I cannot stop laughing at Westbrook! Seriously, how could someone NOT ask, “Russell, what the f*ck are you wearing?”

    As for LeBron, why is he wearing a sweater in Miami?

    • Chulinho

      I take that back, he looks like Mr. T

      • forever_green

        Yeah a deflated Mr. T, I pity both of them.

  • forever_green

    Who cares their both douchbags.