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Enemy Chatter: Shitty refs making shitty calls

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from New York.

After a splendid start, the Knicks once again fell victim to that season-old temptress: shitty refs making shitty calls – at both ends, really. Tyson got a tech (terrible call), Shump got whistled for a few chippies, and all of a sudden the Celtics had us right where they wanted us – wasting our energy refreshing the box score to check the foul count. Things evened out a bit down the stretch, and the Knicks started to let even the occasional blown call roll harmlessly off shoulder. Still, it’ll be something to monitor as the series extends.


The one thing that was infuriating was the horrific job the referees did in this game. It is one thing to call a game tight, it is another to try to make yourselves the story. The only thing we were missing was the over reactions on the actual calls themselves. I mean if the Celtics are going to get most of the calls on the road, the games in Boston make take four hours. I hate to complain about the refs, even after a win, but they were atrocious.

The Knicks Blog

The Knicks were whistled for 23 fouls, the Celtics for 19.  Boston attempted 19 free throws, four more than New York.

Aside from the touchy calls (11 total) in the 1st quarter, I didn’t have a problem with the officiating. By my count, there were just 6 whistles in the 4th quarter.

What’s your reaction to the officiating?

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  • I question whether the refs were kind of loose with it but that may be in part to the poor broadcasting. There were several times a C’s player drove the lane or was in the paint and supposedly had the ball stripped though the network didn’t show a replay/closeup and the announcers didn’t emphasize it was a clean play. I’m not saying the Knicks were getting away with fouls, but from the camera angles and lack of detail in the commentating, I can’t be 100% sure either way. There was one play though, where Carmelo fouled Green about 5 or 6 times before actually getting called, that was a bit egregious considering it was on the ball with the official in close proximity. *disclaimer: I live in NJ and therefore have to watch the national broadcast 🙁

  • vitamin d

    To summarize what christopher.b said into my own words, I basically think some of the Knicks steals were clean, and a portion were strips/fouls that the refs did not call in the 4th quarter, including Jeff repeatedly mauled in the paint.The Knicks had 15 CLEAN steals? Uh huh, yeah, right.

  • Collin

    I thought the game was called evenly. I did at times feel the momentum of the game was stopped because of the whistles.

  • Graham Brunell

    We got a lot of calls. Pierce, who before this game I would have told you lost his touch with the officials, was being fouled all over the place. Remember game two last year in Miami, where the refs handed Miami the game but they only shot one more free throw than us? Those numbers don’t always tell the story.

  • KGino

    Wah wah wah sorry Knicks that’s what happens when u shoot jumpers all game. No NBA fan of any team should EVER complain about how the refs treat the Celtics of all teams, we NEVER catch breaks from the refs.

    Cry me a freakin river, at least it didn’t cost u a trip to the finals (ie Game 2 ECF last year)

    • KGino

      Also, what about that random foul on Jet when he grabbed the offensive board? No replay so I rewound it… he didn’t do anything!! That was a major call in the game.

      It seemed like the Celts were getting the better end of the reffing, but mostly deservedly so.. when the fans started getting on the refs they tried playing catch up by calling ghost fouls/touch fouls on the celts

  • eddysamson

    I was just going to say I thought the officiating was mostly fine, although there was a short period of time where it seemed Celtic-sided. BUT then I read the twitter feed on the right and remembered the Terry Rebound foul.

    JET got called for the foul with a clean well-executed box out rebound on Kidd. Kidd had a classic behind the back reach over foul and yet JET gets called for it? That was some horse-shit right there and like the Twitter post suggested it may very well have been a momentum turner.

  • LA Flake

    the refs are like big government. they think they’re keeping order but they just make everything worse. but that is what you get when you have a guy like stern at the helm.

    • That’s a great post Flake. Great comparison to refs and government. David stern is a dictator and shows it when u complain about a ref with heavy fines

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Lol I guess the NY media wants the refs to gift wrap this series. They know they really could lose this so they are reaching. Neither team played particularly, consistently great and Boston was right there in crunch time and that scares them.

    Chandler did throw an extra, unnecessary push in there. The refs could have ignored it, but calling him for a tech right away was good in that it said to me that the refs were establishing a low tolerance for cheap shots for the series and it wasn’t only going to be the C’s who had to deal with that.

    They also could have t’d Melo up for that play where he grabbed a defensive rebound and hit, I think it was AB, with an unnecessary and bizarre ass bump attack. I think it was such a WTF move that even the refs just wanted to pretend it didn’t happen for the sake of the dignity of the NBA.

    I didn’t feel like either team was getting the screws turned on them from the refs. We got some judgement calls, they got some judgement calls, and that’s how a fair basketball game generally goes. We maybe got an early makeup call even; there was an early blocking foul that we should have gotten a charge on, and then just a little later they missed or gave us a makeup call on one where Pierce had a foot on the line.

    Melo did get a few gifts and each time it seemed to lift the Knicks spirits a bit. Melo loves getting a call he shouldn’t have and is quick to pout when he doesn’t get a call he wanted, whether he deserved it or not. But the stuff that went their way down the stretch felt like judgement call stuff, and the Knicks were playing much better at the time, which does help you get judgement calls in the NBA. Down the stretch the C’s were tired, a step slow, and I felt like you could see in their body language that they almost expected not to win. The calls that can go either way won’t go your way if you look like you are done for the night already. Hopefully, they are just choosing their opportunities, pacing themselves for the series, and will make their move in game 2.

    I’d like to see a clean series, so NYK won’t be able to cry about losing
    because of Mean Old Kevin Garnett or whatever, but it’s funny to see
    the NY media howling about it because the refs are doing the Knicks a
    favor by keeping a tight lid on things. It’s the Knicks who are mentally
    iffy enough that things boiling over would probably not work out in
    their favor.