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Doc still making excuses for Terry’s poor play

Jason Terry dropped a giant goose egg (0 points, 0-5 FG) in Saturday’s loss to NY.

As usual, Doc Rivers took the blame:

Even after 35-year-old Terry went scoreless on Saturday — the first time he’s been held without points in a playoff appearance — Rivers offered a vote of confidence for the veteran guard. “We didn’t do a good job with [getting Terry going] last night,” Rivers said. “Especially in the second half, there were so many [isolations] that Jason has nothing to do with. In the first half, Jason didn’t score, but we ran that play with the pick-and-roll with him and Paul. We scored five times in a row because of Jason Terry’s involvement, so I don’t actually look at if he scored. I look at the points he created, and in the first half he created 12 points. In the second half, it was all isos. I mean, it’s not us. We’re not built that way.”

Points created is a great stat, Doc. But in addition to that, this team needs Jason Terry to make jumpers. The reason Terry was brought here is because of his ability to create shots for himself off the dribble, especially when plays breakdown.

I can’t dumb it down any more than this – if Jason Terry doesn’t score 10-15 points per game in the playoffs, the Celtics won’t win.

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  • celts4life

    i agree that he needs to score 10-15 but doc is right. Most of Terry’s shots in the second half yesterday were just launching contested shots from deep, we’re not using him the right way. Run pnr with him, run him off some screens, do something to get him going. Giving him the ball so he can dribble once and launch a 3 isn’t going to get anything done.

  • Bleedgreen.

    Doc just basically said that jet is washed up and can’t create off the dribble anymore. But that’s not the issue. He is getting open shots he’s just not making them

  • Good thing we made this guy a priority in the offseason. I wish there was a better aging 3 point shooter available this offseason that we could have focused on…

    • Bleedgreen.

      If you haven’t noticed that aging three point shooter hates us and hates rondo and his ego is to big to play with rr pp and kg. plus I’m friends with his father in law and apparently ray has been talking shot about the celts for a LONG time

    • I mean, you’re right. Ray Allen clearly would have been better. I’ve agreed with that since day 1. But, no one could have predicted Terry would have been THIS bad. No way.

      • Bleedgreen,

        i agree, but if remeber right, about halfway through the seasont ray was an overall -21 on a team when lebron and wade were something crazy like +450. it shows that rayray’s defense is more bad than his offense is good, there is no way that JET can replace his clutch shots though

        • Eh, I’m not one to look at stats as telling the full story. I see your point though. I guess what I mean is that the +/- stat doesn’t take into account that he doesn’t start, so not all of his minutes are with the starters. The -21 could have been partly due to him being in lineups with guys off the bench sometimes. I don’t know this to be true, just playing devils advocate to show why I don’t always trust stats. There’s no question he’s not a great defender, but there’s also no question he was better in the celtics defense than terry is.

          • Bleedgreen.

            Totally agree he is better than terry. We shoulda coulda woulda got oj mayo.

          • That would have been big for sure.

  • There is also a great stat called “points given up because of…” And terry probably leads the celtics in that one too Doc.

  • yeah, no one can fill in terry’s role as space maker. He is one of the few that can break down the defense of the opposing team.

    Jet’s dribble penetration is like rondo who can penetrate and dribble in the middle of the floor unlike AB and Clee who can only go straight to basket with an easily contested lay up

    • You’re thinking of Jason Terry before he came to the Celtics, man. This has not been remotely close to that player for an entire season.

  • forever_green

    Well game two is on the road also, so Jet will still be lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

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