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Your Morning Dump… Will the Celtics be focused on the Knicks?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“The (bleep) is crazy,” Garnett said. “Everybody is trying to at least focus in on, obviously our game, the playoffs. But the obvious, everybody’s worried also.”

Said Jason Terry: “We’re still thinking about what’s going on. But still not letting that be a distracting factor from what we came here to do.”

And while Rivers doesn’t deny that it does have the potential to be a distraction, he understands that this tragedy like most things in life, has to be put in its place.

“You have to put things in compartments; you always do,” Rivers said. “This is what everyone is going through, not just basketball players. It’s everybody at work, whatever you do. But then you have to do your job, too. For us getting on the floor is good medicine. It gets you focused on your job.”

CSNNE – Focus on playoffs, but hearts in Boston

I didn’t consider the Celtics vulnerable to distraction. I figured Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce simply wouldn’t let that happen. Guess I forgot that athletes are people too.

Just like you and me, they had family and/or friends who were at the Marathon finish line. They know of someone impacted by Friday’s massive manhunt. Or they found themselves captivated by the news coverage.

I’m hoping that the Celtics benefited by being in New York city the last few days. It’s rare when you can say NYC offers fewer distractions than Boston, but it’s true this time.

There’s a belief that the tragedy in Boston has made the Celtics, “America’s Team.” I’m a believer that the C’s can channel some of the emotions stirred up this week and use to their advantage.

I’m ready for basketball.

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  • Chulinho

    Let’s kick some ass!!!!

  • The tragedy will have distracted them today. But they will rally back at home.