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Recap: Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers

The Celtics just gave away a game because they couldn’t make routine passes. I refuse to give the Knicks one ounce of credit for their defensive intensity because that would minimize the Celtics ineptitude to make basic plays.

You can’t win road playoff games with 20 turnovers. You just can’t. You also can’t win games when your turnover output (8) matches your point total in the 4th quarter.

The New York Knicks beat the Celtics 85-78 in Game 1 of their playoff series. This was a classic ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’ game.

The Green:

The Celtics lead 53-49 at halftime. Jeff Green had 20 points. Paul Pierce had 6 assists. They led by 4 points when it felt like they should have been down by 8. But instead of stepping up their play in the 2nd half, they collapsed.

The Celtics did a decent job on the boards because Tyson Chandler is nowhere near 100%. He 0 points, 0 FGs, 0 blocks and 5 rebounds in 20 minutes. Props to Brandon Bass for his 10 rebounds.

The Gross:

Jason Terry (0 points, 0-5 FG) is done. Finished. Cooked. Rotted. Over the hill. He offered absolutely nothing today. Bench him for the rest of the playoffs and play Terrence Williams. I’m serious.

Green and Paul Pierce (21 ponts, 6-15 FG, 1-7 3 FG) had 6 turnovers each. Avery Bradley’s 15 points were overshadowed by his 4 turnovers, most of which came on basic entry passes.

Kevin Garnett needs to better than 4-12.

The Greenlights:

Kenyon Martin swats away Jason Terry

Jeff Green with one of his smooth drives in the 1st half. Does anyone know who wore his jersey in the 2nd half?

The Grid:

  • Carmelo Anthony had 36 points on 13-29 FG
  • The Celtics were 19-19 from the free throw line
  • Chris Wilcox and Shavlik Randolph did not play

Box score

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  • KDB

    Have to agree about Jason Terry. He may turn it around and make me regret doubting him but all season he’s shown no consistency or leadership. Just trash talk.

  • JB

    Same problems as regular season ….window for this team is closing ….it’s going to take a miracle to get to second round… Jason Terry continues to suck

  • zippittyay

    Very disappointed with the jet. He didn’t look comfortable. Would someone tell Jordan Crawford that they put him in the game to SHOOT?

  • Roy Sanchez

    We gave this game away but I’d be more worried if we had lost this game at home. We only need one in new York and I feel like we can regroup for game 2

  • eddysamson

    Got Jason Terry STINKS! Crawford should have taken the 5 shots Terry attempted…instead he did nothing really. If only Terry wouldnt play Crawford might step it up…

  • Red’s Cigar

    Why is jason kidd continuously allowed to maul people? easily committed no less than 37 fouls and got called for like 4.

  • zippittyay

    Another thought….. Let’s have KG shoot the 3 pointer. He’s proven he can hit it. No way on God’s green earth is Chandler going to come out and contest it. Put Shav in the game with KG and maybe we even get the rebound if he misses.

  • celtics333

    Pathetic offense from the Celtics – 25 2nd half points is inexcusable!!!

    Jason Terry with another awful game going 0-5 from the field

    Is this the type of game Terry meant when he promised everyone to “be ready for the playoffs” ?

  • forever_green

    I still believe in the C’s beating the Knicks, but the bench needs to step up.

  • zippittyay

    What irks me the most after that game is the national media slobbering all over Melo for chucking up 30 shots…. He was a minus 3 for the game on the +-!

  • frickenWaaaltah

    I think the crazy short rotation is what ruined the second half offense. The bad decision making, being a step late, missing good shots, etc…that’s fatigue stuff. I’m sure most of them could go run a few miles after the game, but that’s not what it’s about; it’s about not making those bad passes, not being a step late, etc.

    The good news is that even with key guys playing too many minutes, they got pretty close to getting over the top in New York in game one, and this team is experienced and has a good learning curve. The Knicks still look like a very beatable team, a team built for the regular season, to me.

  • Don Juan

    Why wasn’t Jordan Crawford put in the game when our offense went stagnant in the 4th quarter? We’ve heard it from Doc himself all year how Crawford is instant offense and how they love when he attacks the basket. When we need it the most he doesn’t get the minutes… makes no sense.

    Oh and JET is outta fuel, get that clown a seat next to Tyronn Lue in the back row.