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Your Morning Dump… Where the hated Celtics have become America’s team

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But now the Celtics aren’t only a 7-seed with proud, graying stars hoping that muscle memory carries them into May and beyond. Monday, bloody Monday changed everything for every Boston institution. Just as the nation embraced baseball’s most decorated franchise, the Yankees, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, fans everywhere will be pulling for basketball’s decorated franchise to make the kind of charmed postseason run the Yanks made in 2001.

So the 54-28 Knicks no longer have to beat a 41-40 team. In the wake of the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon, they have to beat America’s Team, too.

Hating the Celtics and their banners and their parquet used to come naturally; they’d taken five consecutive titles in an Atlantic Division the Knicks hadn’t won — until this season — since 1993-94. An incorrigible trash talker, Garnett was one of the least likable stars in the league long before his foul mouth compelled Carmelo Anthony to chase him all the way out to the team bus.

Summoning that same emotion for the opposing team and star might take some extra work this time around. Wearing black stripes on their left shoulders in memory of the dead and injured, the Celtics represent a great city that is hurting badly, and one that could sure use a spiritual boost from an underdog sports team expected to go one-and-done.

ESPN New York

Over the past 5+ years, the Celtics haven’t been the most liked team in the NBA. Add the swagger of Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce, the constant barking of Kevin Garnett and Danny Ainge’s notorious sh*t eating grin, and you have a team everyone loves to hate.

Not any more.

In times of crisis and tragedy, sports teams become extensions of a city. Something tangible that people can channel emotions towards.

Prior to Monday’s attack, I didn’t think the Celtics would win this series. I liked the Knicks in 7. But now, I’m thinking the emotional tidal wide will give the Celtics the necessary boost to pull off the win.

It all starts Saturday. Here’s the schedule:

Game 1: Saturday, April 20 – Celtics at Knicks – 3 p.m. (ABC)
Game 2: Tuesday, April 23 – Celtics at Knicks – 8 p.m. (TNT)
Game 3: Friday, April 26 – Knicks at Celtics – 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Game 4: Sunday, April 28 – Knicks at Celtics – 1 p.m. (ABC)
Game 5*: Wednesday, May 1 – Celtics at Knicks – TBD
Game 6*: Friday, May 3 – Knicks at Celtics – TBD
Game 7*: Sunday, May 5 – Celtics at Knicks – TBD

The Knicks are banged up. Tyson Chandler missed 16 of the Knicks final 20 games due to a neck injury. I’ll venture a guess and say his situation is a bit more serious than KG’s bum ankle. The status of starting guard Pablo Prigioni is in doubt after he suffered a severe ankle sprain Wednesday night.

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  • tim

    celtics have always been america’s team… #CELTICNATION

  • Coobs

    9 days to play 4 games is embarrassing for two cities separated by ~200 miles

    Not saying the extra days between games will only benefit our aging stars, but for the FIRST ROUND of the playoffs to be anything but “Game 1 – Off Day – Game 2 – Off Day – etc.” is completely unnecessary

  • Roy Carey

    The C’s were definetly America’s team during the 2012 ECF. Everyone and there mother wanted to the C’s to beat the Heat. Of course the outcome didn’t turn out the way some of wanted it to. The C’s take blame for that not to so much Miami winning. I kind of disagree with the ESPN New York article. I wouldn’t use bombing tragedy as a label or motivation for the C’s. The Celts are playing the Knicks and the green-team should be more motivated than any thing.

  • Stuckinnh

    Let’s just hope we get a fair shake from the ref’s now. That was the big reason we didn’t win the ECF in 5 last year

  • Jason_Brighton

    I think you’re dead wring about Tyson … that’s 16 of 20 games of rest and post season preparation. He and J Kidd are the only guys I fear on that team … also the only guys with recent championship experience.

  • Go Celtics! win for Boston

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